Analog Girl

Truant‘s Pentax outline, by Heath at Electric Tattooing in Topeka, Kansas. If ModBlog has been any indication, there are definitely still lots of people who appreciate film.

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29 thoughts on “Analog Girl

  1. The Pentax K-1000, that is the camera that started photography for almost every professional i know. These where the cameras that you used to get in your highschool photo class. Somthing in photography has been lost with DSLRs, this tattoo makes me happy!

  2. K1000s, best cameras ever. I still prefer mine over my fancy Canon SLR. sick tattoo subject.

  3. I work in an art gallery, and all of the photographs in there are digital prints. theyre legitimately artful and all that jazz, but it does piss me off that those artists call themselves photographers without knowing how to use a camera that has film inside it.

  4. i wish my pentax k1000 wasn’t stolen from me years back. definitely was my favorite camera and will get on back one day.

  5. Goddamnit.

    That should have been:

    *heart* film

    *don’t heart* pretentious film zealots..

    But using less-than-threes.



  6. ooh i love it! ooh yes. being a photographer ooh that is hot and i wish i had had an idea for ink like myself!

    but that idea is taken so now i need to think of something else *ponders*

  7. It would have been better if it was centered, and if the lines were done evenly and with more care. It looks like someone quickly drew it on her with a thin sharpie. Cute idea though.

  8. i feel obligated to defend the quality, because i probably shouldn’t have been taking pictures of it the day after getting it done, and with such a shitty fucking lens. come see me in real life, though!

  9. It may just be my opinion, but I think she should leave it just an outline. It’s way cute like that.

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