A profound performance?

Sorry the pictures are blurry; she’s sewing chicken skin to her breasts and genitals if it’s not clear. I do not know the context or meaning so if please feel free to add that to the comments if you know!

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167 thoughts on “A profound performance?

  1. That just doesn’t seem like a great idea……. I mean I suppose it makes for an interesting performance, I’m just wondering what kind of terrible things can happen to a wound filled with raw chicken juice.

  2. JP – I know that, but how common is it for people to pick up infections PREPARING chicken? Because it’s certainly not uncommon for chicken/chicken juice to get into fresh cuts in those situations.

  3. Sharron: my argument is, people preparing chicken for consumption generally don’t have open wounds on their hands.

    I hope that bird is fresh. Judging from the buckets to catch fluids, it probably is.

    Maybe it’s really an attempted message about women being treated as meat?

  4. salmonella is sooooo bad
    are u serious
    u can defffff get that from having raw chicken near wounds..or your mouth.

  5. odds of getting salmonella typically aren’t really high when preparing chicken. most people do good not to cut themselves and if they do hopefully they wash it out fairly good. puncturing yourself over and over (not just surface cut but actual punctures through the tissue layers) multiple times to actually sew it on just increases that risk much higher. hopefully the skins were at least washed well and they could have been washed in something fairly strong since they weren’t being consumed (unlike most chicken when it’s being handled for use.)

  6. raw chicken, do not put in mouth or rectum. But I guess it’s cool to sew it to your hooha and titties.

    I would love to know the significance of this.

    I hope she sewed the skin from the chicken breasts to her tatas, otherwise it just wouldn’t be right.

  7. 26 – I doubt shannon had any say in who did that performance…Also if you found a not ‘Skin-ny girl’ doing the same thing i’m sure he would post it.

  8. Strange that people are getting creeped out and saying ‘this is just plain weird’ when there are people that enjoy slicing in-between their toes and hanging from their penis… That toe thing made me wince and was just plain weird; this is nothing.

    And maybe she just likes chicken breasts.

  9. I think it has something to do with the female body as an object of consumption, or just objectifcation and not a being or individual, especially if the chicken is being applied to the breasts and genitals… Kinda like the pornagraphy of meat, the pornagraphy and exploitation of women’s bodies for their bodies and not seing the women underneath the skin… like not seeing the animals underneath their skin as living, worthy beings….

  10. Yes, people handle raw chicken every day without any ill effect. Both those people also wash their hands right after handling it, and those people aren’t puncturing themselves numerous times and letting raw chicken juice sit in their wounds.

  11. mmm mmm mmm…Finger Lickin’ Good….

    I don’t get it. Most people who comment here have no problem with a human hanging from hooks, a guy shoving spears through his chest cavity, or intense testicle play, but you take issue with a dead chicken? Now that’s just plain weird…

  12. PotownAl, a lot of people would probably argue that those who participate in body modification do it willingly, while you can’t judge how an animal feels, thus making it unfair.

    I personally wouldn’t harm an animal for this reason (or any reason), but If I were a chicken, I’d love to be killed and sewn to a gorgeous woman’s cooter :D

  13. haha i cant help but to laugh at all the comments on this.. some comments are goofy :p..i wish the pictures were more clear.. oh well about getting salmonella, if she does, i hope she has health insurance and/or likes vomiting and crapping a whole lot

  14. a guy hanging from his penis is choosing to do so, the chicken is NOT choosing.
    DO not use animals to state your convinctions or do art.

  15. The chicken is DEAD… christ, what issues can you take with using a DEAD chicken? Performance art is full of people doing weird/”gross” things, but seriously, getting offended about using a dead chicken is ridiculous. Unless she slaughtered it on stage… This chicken was probably raised to be fried and eaten, so it’s actually a priviledge for it to be used as art instead. This way people may think about it a lot more, where it came from and why it’s being “consumed” in this way instead of blended into chicken nuggets.

  16. This reminds me of a porn I saw once. A couple was on a picnic table and they were rubbing chicken all over their naughty bits and eating it. Looked like it had been boiled. Later on, he was hitting it from behind and shoved her face into a bowl of peas. It was slightly disturbing yet highly amusing. Just thought I’d share.

  17. First salmonella is housed in the intestinal tract of chicken, not the skin. Chicken only becomes contaminated through processing when the outsides touch the insides. Secondly, salmonella is intestinal, not blood borne, so she is not going to contract it through her blood.

    P.S. Eggshells have salmonella from touching the cloaca

  18. That’s just gross.

    I have worked with ‘fresh raw meats’ in a section of my biology class that covered parasites and diseases passed on from animals to humans.

    That chicken would have over a 50% chance of having Campylobacter jejuni present, and even washed it still is present under the skin till it’s finaly killed of in the cooking process.
    Salmonella would also be a big problem, as it is a very common bacteria that can only be killed off totaly by cooking.
    Even cooked chicken can contain Listeria monocytogenes because of poor personal hygiene, so just washing a raw chicken would have no hope of destroying it.

    Yes, people handle raw chicken all the time, but for the most part they wash their hands straight after and if they cut themselves then they also wash straight away. That said there is even still a chance that the person handling the chicken will get sick just by a bit of ‘juice’ entering a open wond.

    The difference between a cook and the person in the picture above is the fact that the cook is not puncturing their own skin over and over again while letting the ‘juice’ seep under and through.

    This might be ‘pretty’ and have ‘meaning’ but over all its just plain stupid.

  19. ok, she’s sewing dead chicken flesh to hers, i’m sure she’s aware of whatever risks there are in doing so. so get over that……..
    i’d still like to know the significance behind it, if there is any. and if it’s the whole “women being treated like meat” thing, the first question that pops into my head (i think 35 said it too)
    why is she wearing “fuck me” shoes??? or maybe the irony adds to it.
    food for though ; )~

  20. Haha Melissa. Sounds like an awesome porno.

    Anyway yeah this is lame. But the chick is definitely fuckable. Dead chicken and all.

    ‘If the chicken didn’t like it, it would bite her’

    ^^^ Funniest comment ever!

  21. oh she might not know or have thought through the consequences. I h ave a friend who did a performance art piece featuring an ice dildo.

    And yes, it was just like that scene in A Christmas Story with the kid having his tongue stuck to the pole.

    And it was NOT intended.

  22. 51^^ow. just… ow.

    and i think the thing that is squicking people out (including me) is that she is sewing skin onto her skin. it wouldn’t matter if it was chicken skin, human skin, pig skin… there are all sorts of bacterial wonders on there that make me cringe.

  23. Salmonella absolutely is a risk, and certainly can be blood-borne, Aaron (47). When it leaves the intestine and gets into other fun places like the liver is when people (or animals) get the most sick from it. When doing necropsies on calves, we’ve cultured salmonella from just about everywhere, including the lungs.
    (Credentials for saying such things, and for necropsying calves? I’m a veterinarian.)

    Since I presume she’s not planning on eating the chicken afterwards, I would guess that she cleaned it rather differently than for cooking–perhaps by soaking in bleach. This would help decrease the infection risk, anyway.

    I don’t know for sure, but I’d agree that the most likely interpretation would be along the “women as meat” lines. The “hooker shoes” made perfect sense to me in that theory–adds to the porn imagery and the irony.

    As for using the chicken in the performance; the bird is dead. I sincerely doubt that it had any cares beyond that point, and while one may argue that it’s a waste of food, I don’t understand the “poor chicken” comments. The chicken is certainly experiencing less pain from the whole thing than the girl is. (And before anyone flames me on that point, yes, I realize the girl chose it and the bird didn’t.)

    I do like Jeanne’s comment (32) about combining the message of objectification of women with not seeing the worth of animals.

  24. hahaha people bitching about animal rights about a piece of dead meat. thats kinda funny but not as funny as the comments about the chicken enjoying it and so on. I wonder if i stapled flowers to me if the same people would bitch about the rights of dead plants bein used as art

  25. Wow, there are a lot of comments on here!

    Coupla points-
    -the dead chicken does nothing for me. At all. That having been said, the picture on the left is ohmygod hot. Does this matter to any one else? Nah, but if you’re the chic sewing the birdmeat on her naughty bits- ye’re hot.

    -People do stupid stuff all the time, sometimes knowingly and sometimes not. Hell, I just got back from a 4.5 hour tattoos session (that’s 4.5 under the needle, 6+ in studio) with a nasty cold just barely on the way out. Stupid? Yeah. Am I gonna live? Yeah, probably, and so will she.

    -I think it’s awesome how people care about animals. I really do. But if you really cared, why aren’t you out there protesting at a hog farm or cattle feed lot? Just, y’know, saying.

    -”if the chicken didn’t like it it would bite her”- this comment wins any and all existing or non-existing awards for Best Commentary on ModBlog. Ever.

    -the last point I was going to make was very deep and insightful and all that, but I just got back from getting tattooed (6000 pokes a minute X 60 minutes X 4.5 hours, you do the math), and it’s after midnight, so I’m going to sign off now.

    Nice going chicken lady. You certainly inspired conversation! I hope you intended that, and that you recieve as much happiness and satisfaction from this action as you had hoped.

    Oh, and I hope you don’t get sick and keep on doing lots of things that require you to be naked.

  26. Totally agree with 45.
    what’s the big deal with the dead chicken?
    its been probably bought at the supermarket, so it was:
    1. already dead
    2. would have been eaten by the next person in line

  27. Hah yeah, the chicken is clearly having a marvelous time. I know even if I was dead I’d enjoy being close to (what appears to be) a pretty hot girl. Fo’sho.

  28. this thread is educational..
    i learnt alot about meat germs.

    i dont see any issue why people would wanna argue about her using a dead chicken, unless u are a vegan of course..
    it is unhygienic but its her choice and this is probably some sort of performing art.

  29. I have seen some fucked up things on here, at this point I must add each to their own.

    But to pierce the skin with a needle and saw raw chicken to herself, now thats totally fucked up.

    Im sure salmonella would not be the only problem she would have, the dead chicken would carry all kinds of bacteria, which isnt killed until thoroughly cooked !

    My advice would be, put one of those nice white coats on her which ties at the back. And get her to see a shrink pretty damm quick before she dies of some nasty disease. I suspect some of the dumb shit she may already have done has resulted in her catching some kinda disease thats eating at her brain causing the strange outbreaks in her behaviour.

    I’m not going to even go off on one about the chicken, because im sure the next one in the supermarket would have bought it for dinner. However what type of heartless bastard abuses an animal in public for their own personal gratification.

  30. You can get an infection from handling raw meat. I had a deep cut on the side of my nail from a hangnail that ripped out and I prepared a chicken dish and even after washing my hands, it managed to develop into a paronychia. Of course, that is assuming it didn’t come from somewhere else but it was close correlation.
    That said, she could very well have irradiated the meat, which when used at high enough levels, can clinically sterilize things.
    And yeah, I’d have to say she’s doing a whole piece on the idea of women being “a piece of meat.” aka objectified. Which is pretty fucking funny considering how many people said who cares what she’s sowing, she’s hot! So I guess in the end she may have proved her point but defeated the purpose.
    And Empress and anyone else that calls her crazy, body art often involves crazy and radical acts but that doesn’t mean those people should be locked up. This was clearly a rational and intentional choice and I’m pretty sure she didn’t just sow raw chicken into her skin without treating it first somehow and even if she did, maybe that in itself is part of the art, the idea that treating women like pieces of meat is a societal infection. I’m sick and tired of people being called crazy for what they choose to do with their bodies. Do we lock up people that eat raw meat, which can be a delicacy and also potentially infectious? Do we lock up people that have DIY piercings and tattooes because they’re risking infection? Was Chris Burden put away because he had himself shot for art? Just because we don’t understand things doesn’t mean they’re insane. Sometimes it seems like the members of the modified community are driving on the interstate: anyone going slower drives like Grandma, anyone going faster is a crazy bastard but we are going exactly the right speed and everyone should drive just like us.

  31. To PotownAl:

    Humans can decide if they want to shove needles/ink into their bodies. Animals don’t say, “Put me in a factory farm for my whole life in horrendous conditions while you force feed me and finally slaughter me!”

  32. Empress (62)– There are all kinds of heartless bastards in the world, but I rather think using an already dead animal in a performance doesn’t qualify. Especially since there’s every chance, as pointed out by Jeanne in comment 32 that part of the statement she’s making involves animal’s worth.

    If you want to take issue with the whole poultry and beef industry (as Brian/64) seems to, well, good on ya. But there is no logical way to consider what this woman is doing as cruelty.

  33. the funny part is that everyone is like “LOL THE CHICKEN IS DEAD SO WHY IS IT WRONG?” maybe you didn’t get the memo, but generally, dead things were ALIVE at some point. that is the problem. i don’t care either way, i just thought i would illustrate a simple point that seems to have been missed…

  34. We all realize the chicken is dead. Whether killing chickens in general is wrong was not the question being addressed. Using an already dead chicken as part of a performance was.

  35. Comment 65 for J…
    I already stated if she had not bought the chicken to use in this spectacle someone else would have for dinner.

    Simple question for you..Supposing your mother or father had died would you be happy for this woman to carve flesh off them and sewn onto herself for entertainment??

    We all know chickens are in the food chain, I eat them myself, but would never dream of doing this to one in the name of entertainment!

  36. At 68:

    You cannot assume that this is for entertainment, Empress. It might be – however, it might well be a political or an artistic statement. In the latter case, I think what she is doing is far more defensible than simply eating a chicken, because either the art community or the political debate will be stimulated as a result of it. Again, we don’t know why she does this, but it is a bit premature to assume that it is simply for entertainment value.

  37. who gives a fuck if the chicken was ever alive. its whole purpose from birth was to be food. if not like the girl was sewin a live chicken on her. christ you crybaby vegan/ animal rights people really gotta know when to stop whining. any more from you and ill go slaughter a goat on stage for my next show

  38. oh yeah…btw did anyone notice that shannon posted a picture of a skinny dead chicken to the girl. how come the dead chicken wasnt “curvy” hmmmmm shame on you

  39. It is funny how many people are freaking out about the idea of infection when other posts such as the guy with the “glasses pouch” don’t get the same reaction. I’m sure this woman understands the risk and as such I don’t think it is anyone’s position to judge her. If she gets sick, it is not your problem, it’s hers, so live and let live.

    As for the chicken thing. So its ok to eat a dead animal but not to use one in a piece of art? I’m pretty sure that the chicken isn’t too worried about its dignity (what with it being dead and all.) Empress, I think your last comment smacks of hypocrisy.

    And I would love to hear from the woman in question about the meaning behind this – but until then I am just going to assume it is a statement about the “pornography of meat”

  40. Empress–supposing my mother or father had died, I honestly don’t think I’d be all that attached to the body. My parents and I have already had several discussions about what to do with our bodies after we die, and come to the conclusion that none of us really care what happens to our shell. If there’s some useful thing to do with it, then so much the better.

    But I will grant you that my emotional stance may be different than most people’s.

    I will also suppose that most people don’t regard chickens on the same level they regard their parents. I furthermore think that the chicken doesn’t care, and neither do the rest of the chickens out there. Anthropomorphising serves no helpful purpose here; it certainly doesn’t help other people understand chickens better. And as several people have pointed out, this is rather more likely to be a statement about pornography, women’s worth, and animals’ worth than it is “in the name of entertainment”.

    I surround myself day in and day out with broken animals–my life is all about improving their lives. And I’m not saying that lightly. My job is to patch up the broken ones and keep the healthy ones healthy. I rescue unwanted animals on a regular basis.
    And I repeat myself–how is this possibly cruel to the chicken? Nobody has answered that yet.

  41. hey if i was there that day i would cook the chicken up and still eat it. who knows maybe someone else did for all we know the chicken might have been used to its FULL potential.

  42. and if anything she was saving a person’s life by just using the skin of the chicken and leaving the rest of the chicken to be eaten. sounds good to me.

  43. and if anything she was doing a good thing by just taking the skin of the chicken and leaving the rest of the chicken to be eaten. sounds good to me.

  44. @ 69
    It may well be political or artistic, but judging by the mircophone and stage lighting, she certainly didnt do this at home, so it was for some kind of entertainment whatever label it was branded under.

    @ 70 Stiggie
    Now it was only within the last couple of days you were telling us what a nice guy you really are, and you expect us to believe you, now your off slaughtering goats just for a stage act. Or you playing professional agitator again shame on you lol :)

    @ 71 Stiggie yet again :)
    For gods sake man *tongue in cheek* please dont beat shannon up over not posting curvy chickens, you little devils advocate you ;)

    @ 72 Amanda
    How am I a hypocrite, I openly admitted to eating chicken?

    @ 73
    My compliments to you for providing care for sick animals its a very worth while occupation.
    When I made the comment about you parents it was totally off the wall, said to cause a reaction. I agree we all view things differently.

    Now you friggin lot I know my nick sticks out an all, go read all the other comments above and give them all some grief :)

  45. Empress–

    I know you were trying to get a reaction with the parents question. But attempting to back up a point with shock tactics is much more likely to make me disregard your entire argument than it is to make me think about what you’re saying. Which, I trust, is not the reaction you were trying to get from me.

    And still, you haven’t answered my question. It’s an honest one, not a sarcastic or rhetorical one: What, truely, is the basis for your objection to using the dead chicken? I don’t get it.

  46. no i was bein serious…i love plump beefy chickens. they taste better. i just dont like my women that way. ÈMþRꧧ you need tio send me your addy and ill be sure to get you an autogrpahed head shot of me to hang up when i am not on modblog bein silly. ill even sign it hugs and kisses xoxo

  47. Empress

    I don’t think my point came across.
    Art or politics goed beyond entertainment: it provokes, it incites, it gives us something to reflect on. We don’t know for sure, but IF she is making an artistic or political point here, I would say that is a whole lot better than simply having consumed the chicken.
    You are outraged over the use of the chicken here – yet you would have gladly eaten it? I would think that eating meat is closer to just ‘entertainment’ than an artistic or political statement would! You could easily get your nutrients from vegetables, seeds etc. I am not judging your decision to eat meat – but you’re in no position to judge the performer here.

  48. @ 78
    Well J, It seems we to have different opinions on treatment of a being, you said once we are gone its just a body what does it matter. To me when a creature has lived just because its dead I would not treat it any differently for art. Any dead birds I find in my garden gets buried I would not throw them in the trash can. Yeah yeah I know im a weirdo :)

    @ 79 Stiggie
    Im sure by now you know im just teasing you, and I know you are just being silly here.
    Hugz x
    ps about that head shot I could do with that to pin on my dart board, may make me into a crack shot with my arrows :)

  49. *sigh* I’m not trying to call you weird or insult you, Empress.
    I’m honestly trying to understand why you (and other people) object to using animals, especially dead ones, in the making of political or artistic statements. I was hoping you could explain it. The difference, I guess, is that I don’t see it as shockingly disrespectful, and you apparently do. But I still don’t understand _why_ you find it so disrespectful.

  50. J,
    You didnt call me weird, I called myself weird:)
    To be honest I just love animals. I consider myself a hypocrite consuming meat, I could no more kill an animal myself than fly in the air. I have tried on numerous occasional to become vegetarian.

    Im struggling to find the right words to make you understand my feelings on how this person is using a chicken. I guess its the same as animals being used for clothing (leather shoes & handbags) yet I get so angry when I see fur coats.

    To me the chicken died to become food, but got used in an alternative manner. It just seems so senseless to me using a chicken like this. I know someone said above ‘who said it didnt get cooked afterwards’, but I seriously doubt that happened, im sure it ended up in the trash can, hence to me a worthless act.

  51. What I don’t understand is what makes you people think that she is puncturing herself to get salmonella anyways? Maybe she is simply hanging chicken skin on herself to make some sort of a statement.

  52. I can understand the waste of food point.
    So I suppose then that it comes down the the statement she was trying to make…which we probably won’t know for sure, unless she shows up here to tell us. If the worth and effect of the statement outweighs the use of a single chicken as food, is the performance worthy? Certainly caused a lot more discussion and thought here than seeing a fried chicken.

    So does fur really upset you more than leather? how odd. that’s probably not a conversation for here, though. If you want to continue it elsewhere, let me know; I use most of the major instant messengers, or I can give you my email address.

  53. XinX–the caption with the pictures, in which we’re told “she’s sewing chicken skin to her breasts”. Sewing generally involving puncturing, thus the risk of infection.

  54. J,
    Without me going over to top and boring people senseless, so I apologise upfront :)
    When leather is used its normally a secondary product for which the animal is killed for (steak etc).

    But with fur, some of the animals are farmed in not very nice conditions, usually kept in small cages.

  55. Thank you. You’re the first person I’ve asked that question of who’s come back with a reasonable answer :)

  56. Empress – you asked me why I called you a hypocrite and then went on to call yourself one! ;-)

    The reason I said it is because the animal still had the same quality of life, was still killed, still went on to be put in packaging (or on a butchers shelf or whatever) so it doesn’t seem to matter what the end result was. And yet you think eating the chicken is valid yet art/ a political statement isn’t. Maybe hypocrisy wasn’t the correct word.

    As no.83 said, surely eating it is more of a form of entertainment than this.

    And while I agree about fur, often animal which are going to be eaten are kept in just as bad conditions!

    But I bury birds in my garden too.

  57. Amanda,
    I’m fully aware of how other animals are kept, I use to work on a poultry farm. It certainly wasnt pleasant looking at the chickens where they had pecked lumps of each other to simply get space in the over crowded cages. This incidently was in Australia, and these open wounds soon became maggot infested. Not to mention their feet cut to ribbons having to contiunally stand in wire cages, so the excrement could fall through.

    I’m not going to open a whole debate on animal welfare.
    And yes im a hypocrite, I only lasted a couple of days in that job, and still I eat chicken. The only excuse I have is that I only eat free range and hope its at least had some sort of a decent life.

    Oh hell god knows what that will have opened up now!!

  58. Well.
    I don’t have a problem with most of the stuff on here.
    But being vegan and a member of PETA this just doesn’t seem right.
    I am totally for people messing with their own bodies.
    But when you bring animals into it I just don’t think that it’s right.
    But that’s just my oppinion.

  59. i love that everyone is getting defensive over the chicken being used in a way it can’t protest against. i’m sure it simply loves being eaten. peta/vegan types have a slightly better argument.

    and if i would her, i’d do it just to freak people out. and make them ruminate over how women are meat and being used by mass media as animals. when really? i just did it to weird you out.

  60. “yes, there are people that handle chicken, but they wash there hands right after”


    anyone ever work in a kitchen? give me a break!

    and IMHO – this is pretty unethical – but not as unethical/contradictory as all the meateaters that think it’s aweful, or all the people that are wearing leather shoes thinking it’s aweful (tho i side with the health stance, raw meat is dangerous)

    saying that

    if i was dead, i would fully rather be all over that hot chicks naked sweaty body than covering any of your smelly ass feet with my hide.

  61. Toser: I’ve worked in many kitchens. Every time after handling raw chicken we washed our hands. Is it really that hard to imagine?

  62. _Stigmata_, the difference between animals and plants is that animals have pain receptors and a central nervous system, plants do not. The ‘what about the plants’ joke is tired, old, and stupid.

    That said, a dead chicken is a dead chicken. If it’s being eaten or used for art it makes no difference to me, but sewing decomposing flesh (and i’ts not living, so it is decomposing) onto your body is just gross and unsanitary. I don’t understand how anyone could see this as a good idea.

  63. A couple of thoughts.

    1. I suspect I’m liable to get flamed for this but if the chicken was just slaughtered, chop chop, over and dead, nice and quick, I don’t give a rip.

    2. #44, I agree with those who’ve mentioned your post: You win.

    3. #46, if by “priviledge (sic) for it to be used as art instead” you’re implying that you hold art to be somehow “higher” or “nobler” than sustaining life, I have to disagree. I’m not bothered by what she’s doing with the skin but it looks like the entire chicken is hanging there in the one pic — if she didn’t eat it later that’s wasted food and that bothers me.

    4. #55, whether or not you’d get complaints depends on whether or not the individual in question has read up to 1998 in the applicable literature. See my next point.

    5. #102, you haven’t kept up with the literature. Go to google and do a search using the string, “journal biological chemistry aspirin plant suffering”. Plants can not only feel pain, some of them — such as the acacia tree — can warn others of their species when they feel pain.

  64. “I am totally for people messing with their own bodies.
    But when you bring animals into it I just don’t think that it’s right.
    But that’s just my oppinion. ”

    That’s exactly what I was gonna say, Rachael. This to me is the same as seeing this woman wearing a fur coat. Both are useless waste of animals and unnecessary deaths. I’ve never really had a negative impression for anything in modblog, but I really can’t see something positive in this.

  65. 104. katie you are an idiot. for one the chicken was dead so it had no pain involved in becoming this art piece. it was dead. who cares. and if you ever watched tv they had a special on where they did tests and proved the plants knew when they were picked and felt it. comparing a dead chicken to a dead human is just fucked up too. the human was not intended to be eaten. when they start sellin people for food you better believe ill have all kinds of classic pictures taken with them. and who is to say this was not just a way for the girl to prepare her chicken before she ate it. does anyone know what became of this poor beheaded dead chicken. i mean christ …put a nice sweater on it cause it looks cold. dont want that chicken to get sick afterall

  66. Oops! My point #5 (giving a Google search string that brings up information on research results indicating that some species of plants can warn others of their kind when they feel pain) was posted in response to post #104 (Katie), OBVIOUSLY not in response to #102 (Max Brand). Sloppy typing on my part…

  67. This is worse than killing animals for consumption. At least when animals are eaten they are being used for a very valid reason: sustenance. Using dead animals for “art” just seems wrong.

    Animals are also dead when we use them for fur, and I find that equally as disgusting as this.

  68. For all the people that are saying that this is stupid, dangerous, and that she should be committed for doing this… Please note the case of Chris Burden, a performance/visual artist. In 1971 he had a friend shoot him with a handgun at a distance of approximately 15′, in front of spectators, as a work of performance art. What if his accomplice had accidentally missed his arm (the target), and hit him in the torso? Hell, what if the bullet had shattered his humerus, or his scapula?
    The point is, he knew that it was very risky, and that he could be crippled or killed, but that he would certainly be badly injured. (Okay, it was only a .22LR, but those can still be quite fatal.)
    Why assume that she didn’t know the potential consequences of her actions before she took them? As a work of performance art, it makes a very interesting statement, and the potential of serious injury or death to the artist makes it, in some ways, more profound.
    And finally, to the vegans out there… You have your choice, and I respect it. If you don’t want to eat meat, wear leather, use products or medication tested on animals, wonderful. But it’s like religion: DON’T FUCKING PUSH IT ON OTHER PEOPLE! Seriously. Get over yourselves, and quit acting morally superior because you made a choice that you felt was right for you. (Hint: the world isn’t black and white, and what works for you doesn’t work for everyone else on the world. Yes, Virginia, there is moral ambiguity.) You made your choice, I made mine, quit trying to change everyone’s mind, and I’ll quit sneaking bacon into your salads.

  69. Performer:
    NO NO NO! I simply *cannot* work without my red chicken buckets, my stilettos and who hid my goddamn hair bleach!? Seriously! I don’t have time for this! I have to work on my blanket stitch! Oh Dammit, where did I put the needles?!

  70. i looked at this and saw 114 comments and i was like shit someone is fighting again! LOL and when i got on here and saw all the long comments i was like yup! sorry thought it was kinda funny…

    oh and
    chicken breasts?? sorry … made me laugh

  71. ….lets just say the pervious post was spoken with all the wit and wisdom of a giant cup who once won a free lobotomy… because it was….

    …. Its more along the lines of “fuck preformance art, because its too fuckin wierd and generally pretentious if it means anything at all.” That is, if we’re going to be fucking things.

  72. ….lets just say the post 117 was spoken with all the wit and wisdom of a giant cup who once won a free lobotomy… … mostly because it kinda was….

    …. Its more along the lines of “fuck preformance art, because its too fuckin wierd and generally pretentious if it means anything at all.” That is, if we’re going to be fucking things.

  73. Go 113 for telling it like it is…..and for those how can’t understand her willingness to preform: To each there own.

    Dead chickens really really don’t have emotions….it is the truth
    I looked it up on google.

  74. this piece is a tongue and cheek commentary on the phrase “piece of meat”. im also assuming that there is a highly femminist motivation behind the work. it expands on the concept that woman will alter their body to the most disturbing degree to make themselves more desirable. i think there is an interesting didactic between power relations she creates between her and the animal and her and the audience as well as animal and audience. i would actually assume that this artist would be a vegetarian of some degree.

  75. I’m sat here laughing.

    Firstly, how people can think sewing raw chicken to the body is an art form – the people who think this need to get a life, and may I suggest a visit to a shrink. Perhaps if you all go together he may consider a group discount.

    Secondly, If this female is so stupid to sew pieces of raw chcken to herself, then any disease she gets is well deserved. And I hope she pays for her own medical care out of her performing fee, why should the rest of us tax payers pick up the bill.

    Thirdly, Is she so desperate to get attention she needs to do this, she needs to get out more, and join the party going to see the shrink.

    Fourthly, Has the woman got her head rammed up her ass and has not seen all the reports of bird flu on the news. What does she want to do contract it and start an outbreak.

    Please for her own sake and sanity someone drag her off to the shrink by force if necessary, its for her own good.

    God in heavens knows what she will come up with next in the name of performing art *shudders*.

  76. Empress, I have a feeling this lady would be as likely to catch SARS as she is the bird flu.

    The only thing that disturbs me about this photo is the likelihood of her breaking her ankles with those massive shoes.

  77. Says a lot about the state of the world today that everyone is ranting about animal rights… but very few people are considering the message of the performance – that women are so often treated like pieces of meat.
    Frankly, while a prominent Muslim cleric describes millions of oppressed women as “meat”, I don’t care about one dead chicken.

  78. Em,
    I’m sure a lot of people could appreciate the message females are treated like pieces of meat. I count myself extremely lucky to live in a society where females are mostly treated well, bar some acceptions of course, which is just ‘life’ as some would say.

    Ok, she wants to make a public statement that protests about females being treated like meat. But really actually piercing her own skin with a needle and risking that level of infection. Come on, do you handle raw chicken then carry on without washing your hands, I think not bud!
    Make the statement, using friggin blu-tack if you gotta stick dead animal flesh on yourself.

    Im being serious do you consider this the act of someone whos got all their marbles in place?

  79. Empress, I hardly think anyone deserves to get sick just because they do something you don’t like. God forbid someone uses an animal in a way that hasn’t been approved by you.

  80. Jenny,
    Breaking her ankles in those shoes would be a minor inconvience compared with the level of infection she’s risking.

    Tell me Jenny, like I said to Em, do you prepare raw chicken and put your fingers into your mouth without washing them?

  81. Hannah,
    To be perfectly honest with you I could not careless whether she gets sick or not, she’s not part of my life.

    She gets sick thats her business, I just hope she dosnt go trying to get health care free off us tax payers to reverse her own stupid behaviour!

  82. Ant,
    If you need any help with that give me a shout, I have a lovely heavy hammer and a 6 inch nail, rusty at that – it would be my pleasure to be of service to you :)

  83. Would be my pleasure shannon, I’m all posied here with the hammer strangly enough Ant seems to have disappeared !
    *whistle* Hey Ant come out where ever you are :)

  84. I was replying to the comment “If this female is so stupid to sew pieces of raw chcken to herself, then any disease she gets is well deserved.” We also don’t know what country this lady lives in – she could very easily live somewhere like South Africa, where she would have to pay for any medical bills herself. I also don’t think “my taxes could pay for her health care” is a very good argument. I can think of lots of things people do that could just as easily lead to a nasty infection, and I doubt many people would deny them NHS treatment because of it.

    The bottom line seems to be that you don’t like what this woman has done, so you feel justified to call her stupid and mentally unstable. I don’t see why “I don’t like it” wouldn’t have been enough.

  85. yes i have worked in many kitchens too. and i sincerely doubt that every single time you, and all of your coworkers touched raw chicken they practised safe handwashing guidelines. you can speak for yourself, but not everyone else.

    i was the best handwasher at every restraunt i worked at. i observed anyways. i know how important it is, but yes it is hard to imagine that every single person working with raw chicken in every restaurant washed their hands properly every single time they touched raw chicken.

    just sayin’

  86. Shannon, you should defently post some of his stuff.
    I remember the first time I came across his work it was of a crucifixion and then the next picture was him slaughtering a goat(I’m assuming that’s what it was I really couldn’t tell) then ripping it apart at the ribcage.

    Hermann Nitsch is the man.
    No dout.

  87. I eat meat that’s enjoyed a happy life before it became meat. The animal wouldn’t have been alive to enjoy that life without a market for meat, anyway. I don’t eat meat from badly treated animals.
    Gods, I thought we’d got past the “modders who I don’t approve of must be mentally unstable” phase. Yes, it might be dangerous. But we DRIVE CARS.

  88. I am saddened to live in a world where a picture of a naked woman sewing chicken skin onto her naughty bits generates 141 comments. BARKEEP, CHILL PILLS ALL AROUND!

  89. Em, referring to your comment in #124, what ‘prominent’ Muslim cleric referred to women as meat? Not that I don’t believe you – but it shouldn’t be the cleric you’re accussing, but the whole Arabian Muslim view of women.

  90. #143 – It was Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali.
    He’s an Australian cleric and was actually condemned by a number of Australian Islamic groups, so you can’t say his views are particularly shared by all in that in religion.

  91. See the performance ‘Meat Joy’ by Carolee Schneeman.
    I reccomend Wikipedia/googling her. A very interesting and provocative artist.

  92. i give a fuck about the chicken. i just don’t get it.

    i understand that art is subjective but some of this “art” apears as if its done by people who simply have no solid ideas.

    hmmm.. i’ll sew chicken skin to my chest and crotch and i’ll think of some really abstract reasoning behind it to give it some semblance of meaning.

    i guess there’s a niche crowd that thinks this crud is genious and enjoys it. i really wish one of them would help explain it to me because i don’t like thinking im outside, looking in, not knowing what the fuck is going on

    untill then i guess i’ll just think this person is retarded and may aswell be shoving fajita meat up her cunt and then shooting it back out onto tortillas… actually i think that would be way cooler than sewing chicken skin onto yourself and people could eat the fajita afterwards

  93. As long as we continue to demonstrate violence towards those weaker than us, we are all unruly savages.
    If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us and because we are backing our own side in the struggle for existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons.

  94. Honestly.
    I don’t think that there is any “bigger point” or meaning behind this. I think it was done for only one purpose, to entertain.

  95. that’s soooooo not vegan.

    “performance art” doesn’t exactly have to have some deep personal meaning behind it. I mean… I could sneeze in a cup on stage and charge people $10 to see it. Don’t steal my idea people, I have a sinus infection and I plan on bringing home the bacon.

    art is art is art is art.

  96. #145,
    actually that’s awesome. i wanted to say something about how it’s not .. necessarily a muslim thing or w.e. but starting online arguments is annoying, and with islam – nowadays people will argue endlessly without knowing shit. so i’d rather just keep it short & sweet.

    but, if you notice – it was australian muslims. the Qur’an is … i would say, abused, in the Gulf (aka Arabian peninsula – hence my term Arab ..) where they barely allow women the rights granted to them IN islam. but w.e.

    thanks for the name :)

  97. I’m sure she knows a hell of a lot more about the risks than any of us.
    I doubt she woke up one morning and thaught, “you know what? I think i’ll sew a chicken to myself today.”

  98. Re: #149, FLEE: This would violate the categorical imperative on two levels. First, brutalizing humans that we disapprove of cannot be universalized. Secondly, it would treat humans as means, and not as ends in and of themselves. Finally, on a different level, it is contrary to laws of nature because it reduces the perpetrator of the violence from rationality to impulsivity. Please see Immanuel Kant: “Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals“.
    (Aside to The Lizardman: if I am paraphrasing Kant incorrectly, please feel free to correct me. I think that it’s going to take a few more reads through before I really grasp the concepts completely.)

  99. If you all have read this thread down to here — go back and re-read #49. Danielle is ABSOLUTELY right on the money about everything she posted.

    Several years ago, I tasted (a very minute portion) of undercooked seafood (scallops to me exact). I developed a 106 degree fever and severe diarrhea and vomitting. I ended up in the hospital for 11 days with IV drips in both arms (simultaneously) of a combo of 3 types of antibiotics. Doctors said I was very lucky to be alive! The culprite was the bacteria Campylobacter jejun — just like Danielle said in her post. My guts took another 3 years to get fully recovered.

    I was totally healthy before getting this nasty infection. Anyone with compromised immunity (as many are who repeatedly puncture their bodies) would not be able to recover quickly and might even die from any of the bacteria that Danielle sited in her post.

    This young woman was extremely foolish to do what she did — no matter the reason or artistic statement she was trying to make. I hope she did not suffer the consequences of her actions.

    I just thought I would share this cautionary tale.

  100. Eating bacteria is very different to getting them in a cut.

    Campylobacter jejuni is found mainly in the gastrointestinal tract of chickens, it is mis-preparation of chicken carcasses that introduces the bacteria in to the rest of the meat. The disease it causes that affects humans, ampylobacteriosis, is among THE most common bacterial infections. It is generally not a serious infection:


  101. Una polla unida a los genitales es buena idea en todo momento siempre y cuando hables español.

  102. First, let me say that I *think* that she’s trying to make a statement about females being treated as pieces of meat.

    But a number of people have posted as if *that*IS* the statement she’s trying to make. But does anyone here really know for sure, does anyone know who this is and has seen/heard statements from her and/or talked to her?

    Sure, it’s the obvious interpretation, but maybe it’s not the correct one. In the middle of all these assumptions, is there actual knowledge? ‘Cause about assumptions, well…

  103. What is the difference of a girl sitting in an restaurant and sticking grilled chicken in his mouth and a girl seaming it at her skin. For the chicken its just the same. After being headless and hanging around it really didn`t care. But the “headless” girl will see the difference after massive infektion or even death. Be shure she wont do this often without this happening. So I see only two headless chicks at this pictures. No fun, no sence no nothing. Next time she should just try to use the chickens brain . Maybe this makes her mind grow and she would get an idea of what silly shit she s doing. Mike

  104. All the people who were posting their concerns of germs and such are silly. Who cares. Yeah, it’s kind of gross, but whatever. Ya’ll think she didn’t shower afterwards? …at least i hope she did anyway : )

  105. Im a trainee chef and i know that chicken carrys salmonella, but it needs to be in the danger zone (between 5degrees c and 63 degrees c) for 10-20 mins for the bacteira to start multiplying, im sure they did all they needed to make sure she didnt catch anything and im sure she knew the risks when she did it so i dont see the problem aslong as shes happy with it.

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