Hand Web Tunnel

Melissa says she was just “playing around” here (as well as saying, “ouch, I did not make good decision”, haha), so I won’t worry about how a silicone plug would do in a fresh piercing, but I have to admit that seeing this, if I was going to get a handweb piercing again (it was one of my first piercings), I’d consider a punched one with a titanium plug (no ring though for me). It looks pretty neat…

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28 thoughts on “Hand Web Tunnel

  1. Wouldn’t the ring just get caught really easily?

    I do like them though, they’re fun. Tend to freak people out a bit to.

  2. this shit is crazy… a friend of mine did his hand web with a curved barbell… he has succesfully had it in since the beginning of jan… i wouldnt mind this since i am a lil ocd on stretching shit… a fresh stretch always makes for a better piercing…

  3. aww damit my piercer said he would not do this one golly gosh darn. i would love to see what one would look like with some Anatometal bling in it

  4. It looks really cool but that would wreak havoc on my guitar’s neck and shit (not to mention it would make wanking a bit different).

  5. I always found this area difficult to keep clean and dry whilst healing (due to excess wanking) but am sure on a woman this would be less of a problem.

    Unless she’s a squirter !!

  6. I did mine at 3mm a few weeks back as a mini experiment to see how it would pan out. I took it out cuz it were in the way though…

    I have pics on my page for anyone interestest though =D

  7. I think done with a titanium plug, this would be a really nifty idea. Surely it would get caught on stuff less than a CBR or barbell too?

  8. I think this is really cute. As for using the silicone eyelet, was that maybe done because it is a little more forgiving than metal as far as movement in that area?

    Also, can’t you kids wank with your other hand?

  9. i want one really bad. i dont care if i have to drive 5 hours to austin to find an artist who will do it, ill have it by the end of spring break.

  10. I had friends back in gradeschool that pierced the same spot themselves using piercing earrings. Needless to say they didn’t stay in long!

  11. wanking with the other hand is like having a stranger do it, a bored stranger, who doesnt like you.

  12. I did it for fun. Not to keep, but more of an experiment. It hurt like hell but was very awesome when I was done. I like my silicone plug and tacky circular barbell. Thank you to all who left positive remarks. My hand is all healed and there is no scarring. – Melissa

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