Girls will be girls

c/o Artsy McSquiggles

25 thoughts on “Girls will be girls

  1. Ah Kirsten and Jill, or KILL as they’re affectionately refered to. Very nice.

  2. And those aren’t implants, those are just microdermals. I should know, I did them. Did that surface piercing too.

  3. my favorite people always being hot together… Squiggles, Hurry up and get your sleeves done so we can all take naked group pictures for Jason!!!!!!

  4. Wow Max Brand… I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about. Could you be a little more blatent please?

    Thanks everyone :)

  5. Actually Anne (#22), maybe you’re an idiot or maybe you have never been to either squiggles or offs pages, but they love each other dearly, are the best of friends and yes, are intimate emotionally and physically. Faking an attraction… yes, I think you must be an idiot. Don’t talk about what you don’t know about, it makes you a bitch.

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