Skeleton Feet

No, these do not belong to Quebec’s skullboy — these were done by Rocky at Mandala in the Prangin Mall in Penang, Malasia.

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38 thoughts on “Skeleton Feet

  1. I like it, I just wonder if the last bones are accurate, or if it’d be better tattooed after toenail removal. Too bad I’m not a biology student.

    Regardless of the wonderment above, very nicely done.

  2. Oh God if skullboy see’s these I know what his next project will be lol

  3. I assumed these belonged to skullboy as well. He should just get an entire skeleton body suit tattooed. He already wrecked his face/life.

    I like the feet alot.

  4. This reminds me of the skeleton hand tattoos I saw a while back. I love this idea although, the last segments don’t look quite right, awesome tattoo though.

  5. It looks to me like the last segments on the toes are supposed to be claws not bones.
    I could be wrong, either way it looks great. I love bone and skeleton tattoos.

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  7. That must have hurt like fuck… I just got my foot tattooed and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever done – no way could I have stood it for this much work!

  8. Great work. Now all he has to do is wear absolutely nothing on his feet and he’s good to go :) Seriously, with such awesome work I would definatly not want to take any chances.

  9. Exceptionally well done, that would have taken hours to do, and a lot of pain as well.

    @10, i’m curious to see some skeleton style hand tattoos, especially if their similar to this in quality.

  10. Ugh, numbers change. As soon as I hit post I knew I should have said Kaylee instead of 23.

    And I reaffirm my original sentiment upon hearing that they are indeed supposed to be claws: would have been a touch better (in my opinion) to put the claws on top of removed nails. But that’s a fair bit further than most people would go for a tattoo, I think.

  11. Middle toe on the left almost looks like a claw as it is! So thin. Just an interesting quirk.

    Nice tattoo. IIRC the skull face guy is in fact planning a body skeleton, already, but this might be inspirational.

  12. ive been thinking about doing something very similar to this for a long time. nice to see a visualization of it.

    i think they went a little heavy with the bones though, bones tend to be alot smaller/thinner than you think they are, you have all that other tissue around them.

    and i actually teach a college level anatomy lab, so i can tell you the bones are pretty anatomically correct, with the exception of the claws of course. in an actual human there would be a series of very short bones for the toes.

    i just noticed that on the right foot the bones seem to overlap each other like when you hold a hand of cards but on the right, the second toe is above and dominant to the rest….interesting.

  13. WOW!!
    I have been wanting to tattoo my foot like an x-ray of a foot for ages, never seen it done before though!
    On one hand i’m a wee bit gutted that someone else has it, but also delighted that its possible, not one i’d get laughed out of the tattoo shop for!!

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

  14. much more socially acceptable…

    but i still prefer skullboy’s face. Its more biologically correct.

  15. had a tattoo done at mandala whaen i was last in peneng, they did a great job,just like these skeleton feet!

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