Arms race

Warren may not have made a scene during this scarification piece by Tom Brazda..

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His scene points, however, have skyrocketed!

34 thoughts on “Arms race

  1. the look on his face at the beginning was priceless,,, it was almost a,,, “alright this show’s boring, what else is on”

  2. heheh yeh, i like the “so what now?” look
    i fell asleep during my flesh removal :P

    i love the sleeve though. it looks great

  3. oh god the scene points conversation hahahahah

    that conversations that are had when you’re just sitting around getting cut…hahaha

    ps: I LOVE the song that goes along with this…It’s just as good as: “Don’t Call Me White” song on my last video haha!

    Now we just gotta find a way to do the implanted chip programmed to tally scene points 24/7 365 days a year lol

  4. If it was included in the video…I’m glad it was THAT in the video and not the discussion of breast feeding till someone was 12 years old lol

  5. This is the exact same video that was posted in the one that was supposed to have acupuncture and skewering in it… what’s with this? Why do I see the same little 59-second video of some guy getting his arm scalpeled in both of these posts?

  6. sidenote: my boyfriend was in the middle of playing that song on our stereo when i read this post… ‘arms race’ at the EXACT second falloutboy said it…

    random, yes.

  7. First time I’ve seen a scarification being done….. I was thinking about it, but that video has scared me too mch now! It looks so painful

  8. Lori: For the most part I was just sitting there, except I will say after roughly like 2 years of having my arm cut….The wrist region was a tad bit of an ouch, not nearly as bad as my inner bicep though.

    But for the most part I think if it wasn’t for that music, it’d be a pretty boring video to watch lmao

  9. #26 Gillian Gamine: Should of seen the morning after from having my elbow region cut.

    I was a goof because I had to travel a two hour bus ride so I made them pack me up good an tight with dry-loc…Which acted as a wick and I bled and bled and bled and bled and bled.

    Like 6 bed sheets, a couple shirts, the bandaging,etc and a few hours later…I awoke COVERED in blood…Made my way to the bathroom to use it and then clean up my arm…Only to wake up crumpled up in the corner of it lookin like I was half dead.

    Crawled into the shower and sat down with the water running down on me for quite some time…Got out and thankfully the bleeding had stopped…So I made some food and went back to bed.

    Scary story…But definately a WORTHY story to tell all that this isn’t just all sunshines and gumdrops at times.

  10. gillian- it’s funny you mention that because I was wondering why there wasn’t more.
    Warren- do you have a roomate? Interesting to know how s/he reacted to waking up to blood everywhere.

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