Business Banker Covers Up Nipple On His Tattoo!

Aaron B. was recently promoted to the title of RBC Business Banker and felt that it would be inappropriate for a nipple on a previous tattoo he had done before getting this promotion, to pop out of his golf shirt during an afternoon game of golf with his clients. So he recently went into Dragon FX and had Katherine Rewus come up with a creative way to cover up one of her nipples without ruining the shape of her breast. Oddly enough he asked to preserve the other nipple as exposed. Aaron felt that the side angle wouldn’t attract much attention. I hope he’s right.

48 thoughts on “Business Banker Covers Up Nipple On His Tattoo!

  1. That’s sad, I really hate america’s puritanism… (I suppose that this happened there)

  2. Lane’s shop is in Edmonton, so I assume it happened in Alberta, but Alberta is a fairly conservative province compared to the rest of Canada I think?

  3. I dunno how I feel about this one, she did an amazing job so at first I commend her for the “cover up.” You can still see the other nipple, but what’s even less professional is you can see most of the groin area. If I was him, and doing the cover up for those reasons (which I wouldn’t to begin with) I’d get “underwear” but on her before getting a nipple covered.

  4. Yeah I don’t know, I am not going to say it’s a bad job because it’s not, but, I just think it sort of interrupted the “flow” of the tattoo for me. But that’s just me. And I agree with Pugatch, I would have put some fabric around her, maybe just like a cloth wrapping around her, and worried about the nipple later on. I don’t know, still looks nice however.

  5. 5 – so far as I can gather, the tattooist was only asked to cover that one nipple!

    6 – I suspect it’s obvious because it’s a different colour? It’s fresh – the skin is red and the ink isn’t settled yet. I’m sure it’ll match in fine once it’s healed.

    See what you mean about covering the whole breast, though, you do lose the shading a bit. Say it’s a mastectomy tattoo? ;)

  6. Boobs. Everyone’s got them to some extent. If you don’t have them you’re at least sucked on one when you were a kid. I dont see what the big deal is. Out of all genetalia I think boobs are probably the LEAST offensive (and the most beautiful!).

  7. I personally think the tattoo is absolutely lovely. I’d like to see a healed version, because the new ink looks completely out of place at the moment. I almost think that the coverup is unnecessary just because 1. it’s an angel, not a devil-woman or something evil 2. it’s not really sexualized, it’s angelic, and naked angels are on the Sistene Chapel and 3. the nipple was small and grey, and all the dark lines and well-placed hair almost draw more attention to the fact that she’s naked; all the black draws your eye there, instead of up to her face or out to her wings.

  8. I tend to agree with Melissa on this.

    I found it a little odd personally because I figure if someone — remember Ashcroft and the statue? — is going to be offended by the first one version, they’ll probably be offended by the second as well? I mean, it’s obviously a naked girl either way.

    That said, it’s of course also a reflection of how the client saw themselves and the change in their life, and I think that Melissa did a good job accommodating that without taking away from the original tattoo.

  9. whoa, i never noticed people besides shannon posting on modblog.

    but anywho.. this tattoo is so gorgeous. it’s a pity she had to be censored, but at least the tattoo is still as lovely as before.

  10. I agree about the cover-up drawing you more to her being naked. In the first one, you’re drawn to her eyes, but with the big black lines you’re drawn to the lines, leading swiftly to you realising that she’s naked. It’s a shame the shading was lost as well, lost the shape of the curves.

  11. Whimp I say. Never let work interfer with your art on YOUR body.
    Work is money, money isn’t everything.
    Screw work.

  12. how are nipples innapropriate? they are a body part that most humans have regardless of sex.

    thats so confusing to me.

    and that tattoo is so nice! the coverup is so obvious! (i imagined it when healed….as i assume it’s fresh)

  13. “without ruining the shape of her breast”.. yeah right, you can’t even see it now. & it’s pretty obvious that the little chunk of hair right there is a coverup, but of only one tit. this whole thing is bizaar.

    aside from that, idk about this new modblog server, everything has been loading ex-treme-ly slow for me on here, and in this textbox when I tried to hit shift+’ for the double-quote it kept making the @, and when i hit shift+2 it makes double-quotes. wtf?

  14. regardless of nipples.. anyone that would be “offended” or appalled by that is going to be just as “offended” or angry about him having a naked chick on his arm in the first place. nipples or not it’s a naked chick. i just don’t get it.
    (oh, nevermind about the “/@ thing, must’ve been my keyboard, i just button-smashed the whole thing a few times and it stopped.)

  15. It’s still a naked woman, surely that’s the “offensive” part if anything?

    I think getting this specific cover-up is lame; this is why you CONSIDER what you’re getting done before you get it, moron.

  16. Does anyone else think that the touched-up tattoo is MORE provocative and incompatible with the “professional banker” look, than it was before?

    When it was just a pretty naked lady, it wasn’t particularly sexual. When you cover up part of her breast, it becomes suggestive and provocative – I’m sure most men would agree that a provocatively-dressed woman is sexier than a naked woman.

    On a separate note, the cover-up is painfully obvious.

  17. Shannon, I too found Alberta to be more conservative than my native province. I used to work for a major grocery chain there where applicants were regularly turned away for having ‘extreme’ hair colours (read: dyed black on a caucasian male) and anyone with visible piercings had to remove them for the duration of their shift or be sent home without pay. I once had to tap dance my way out of a formal written reprimand for complaint about me having a tattoo…which was covered by a white button-down shirt at the time and happens to be on my chest. I countered with sexual harassment. After all, why would anyone who didn’t know me be looking at my chest long enough to recognize a mostly yellow and light green tattoo UNDERNEATH a shirt? I feel for you Aaron, it’s tough to sport beautiful art then be forced by your own conscience to minimize it for the sake of what other people think. It sucks people cant separate the person from the job they do. I sometimes wish we could diss some people in authority jobs based on the styles of clothing they wear. TOO GEEK! TOO 70′s! TOO…. PAISLEY! You’re outta here!
    (yeah, like that will ever happen..omitting too sexy)

  18. forced by your own conscience….

    yeah exactly…no one at this dudes office even said anything (as far as we know) and for all we know, they ALL have naked girl tattoos, or other tattoos, or like tattoos, or dont discriminate against people with tattoos…no one threatened this dudes job or anything…i mean they gave him a promotion! that’s a good thing!

    this is just confusing to me for so many reasons – why exactly is in innapropriate for someone once they get a promotion to have tattoos? are only people in a certain income bracket allowed to have sexy girl tattoos?

    if he could just represent as the awesome RBC banker guy that has a really nice tattoo, than peoples attitides might change….you know, one by one. that bankers can be good bankers AND have tattoos….

    sorry. i stop now. have to go to school.

  19. i didn’t even notice that it was supposed to be her hair… at first glance it looked like a ribbon or sash or something. i’d be interested to see it healed.

  20. That’s too bad he felt he needed to do that. The original was beautiful, not taking anything away from the “cover-up”, but I think the original was great.

  21. I’m not sure that it works well. The original has all the hair sweeping back, but the coverup has just a few locks coming forward. It kinda disrupts the feel of the tattoo.

    That said, it’s his body, and if he felt like this was something that he needed to do for himself and his career, it’s his call. I don’t know that there would have been a good way to completely alter the movement of the hair without breaking the style of the original.

  22. I got a half naked chick tattoed on me, I say half naked ’cause she got a bra on… you know with age and stuff it might droppy etc.. well anyways.

  23. you know, i think just swathing her in some cloth would’ve looked better and more professional. the hair covering up one breast brings the eyes down to her body, including her barely concealed va jay jay, and since this is a more angelic portrait some gauzy fabric may have come out better.

  24. i don’t really know what i think about this. i mean,the cover-up is well down but painfully obvious. i would think that if you are in a job like that, where you know the potential of you getting promoted then that would make you think even harder on what you get done and where it is placed,but like everything unplanned situation occur.

  25. i think the original, and touched up tattoo look great. it’ll look even better once the new bits are healed. they’ll blend quite well.
    as for conservatism in Alberta: it’s here but it really isn’t that bad. it says the guy got the addition done becasue he felt that he should, not because someone asked him to. these days in Alberta, working people are hard to come by. i don’t think they would complain too much about the tattoo even if it did pop out, but kudos to him for taking the time to think about it’s possible impact in his future, and doing something to prevent what could happen in leaner times.

  26. a little piece of my heart died when i saw this. i really prefer the tattoo in it’s original NIPPLY form. damn.

  27. what about the lower parts like her who who that has a little feather over it. i think that would make a person more upset then a nipple but then again

  28. I theoretically understand why he covered it up, but it feels weird to me. Many famous centuries-old paintings worth millions and appreciated with cultural pride show similar detail… how weird that our culture wants us to be so secret about the we we are…

  29. The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel was censored with conveniently placed drapery, so there is certainly a precedent for this man’s cover-up.

  30. yep, hannah, that was exactly what i was thinking about! anyway in SOME cases a nicely drawn and arranged bit of fabric brings out the talent of the artist and classes up the tattoo/painting/drawing. or maybe that’s just my “american prude” talking.

  31. I really like the before picture best and think the cover-up is a shame, but in all honesty if I never saw the before picture I would think it is a very nice tattoo because it is still a very nice tattoo. Yes, she looks like she’s missing something and the shape is completely gone, but it is still a very well done beautiful tattoo.

  32. It’s good though I’m not crazy about it being some hair — I liked it more when I thought it was some ribbons. Maybe of a couple of lengths of ribbon woven in-and-out of her hair could have dealt with the swept back/swept forward problem by showing that the coverup is a couple of ribbons?

  33. THIS IS SOOOO RETARDED!…..First of all, the tattoo is amazing!…..but i don’t know what’s up with the idiot wearing it. There is still a totally visible nipple, there is still a full crotch area showing, and the tattoo is probably covered with his clothes all the time anyway. What a tool!!……I hope when your dead and don’t have to worry about your dignity anymore that your enjoying all that extra money you got with your promotion!…..HAHA!…..(and it says he already got the promotion before the cover up…)

  34. Nope, I have to say it was ruined with the “cover-up”, not only does it ruin a brilliant tattoo, it also looks plain old BAD.

  35. Hmmmm I think some real cool clouds could have been used as a cover form while at the same time adding to the artwork I feel that this one takes away from it …

  36. I’m midly amused by the thought that his concern as a business banker meeting professional clients was that they might be offended by the cartoon nipple. If I was him, I would be concerned that they might lose confidence in his level of competence and maturity, seeing as how he has a Disney/Anime style cartoon tattooed on his arm.

    Seriously, he could inspire just as much credibility with corporate executives by carrying a Speed Racer lunch box!

  37. I like the style of this tattoo. The face is beautiful. I find the choice to leave the side boob exposed strange. I would think a side nipple would be just as “offensive” as a straight on nipple. And I think the third thicker strand of hair on the bottom is too much. I think it would have kept the shape of the breast better with just the top two or thinner pieces.

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