BVI Suspensions

Feast your watering eyes (well, I wept) on this gorgeous suspension video courtesy of Gillian and Clive (who spend most of
their time K.I.S.S.I.N.G whilst s.u.s.p.e.n.d.i.n.g. from trees).

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Filmed when they were living amongst The British Virgin Islands.

The suspension Cory Jenkins (a piercer of nearly twelve years experience from Vancouver, BC) is enjoying is based upon Seiza, the traditional form of sitting in Japan.

90% of the editing by – I just rearranged things slightly.

42 thoughts on “BVI Suspensions

  1. that is one of the most beautiful suspension videos (experiences) that I have seen.


  2. @derkaiser: the music is “breathe” from Telepopmusic.
    See the video here.

    I had this on my suspension playlist, too :)

  3. I got teary-eyed, too. And I cry about as much as Chuck Norris.

    The more I see of peaceful suspensions or even the more performance-geared ones, the more I know that I fucking NEED one. I guess I need to start searching my area again.

  4. might be a bad place to bring this up, but i hope the movie whos trailer is featured a few posts down has at least some of this sort of stuff, the beauty and enjoyment that this sortof experience provides, done by a group of friends smiling and stuff, vey cool video.

  5. For the record, I just wanted to say that I gave Roo the go-ahead to do what he wanted with my videos (they were initially in two separate videos because we used two video cameras with much different quality which would make editing them together messy looking) and I’m happy to say he kept their integrity, mood and soundtracks that I’d originally chosen. It’s nice to see them made public again because I don’t think our experience got as much publicity as I hoped they would.

    Great job, Roo!! Thanks again!

  6. Beautiful. Moving.
    This captures the ESSENCE of what suspension is for me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. this video is gorgeous and really makes me want to go up even more than i have been wanting to recently. who are the majority of the people throwing the hooks here? does everyone take a turn? just curious, because there is one that just looks effortless. im really intrigued.

    okay, so right now, im super interested in suspending sometime. im a bit worried about the weight aspect, because i know ill have to have more hooks thrown, but i would love to do a suicide or a superman. i have a ton of questions for anyone interested in chatting. get at me on iam or by email.


  8. The first song was perfect for the video. Absolutely perfect. And the ends where they are kissing is beautiful.

  9. That was really beautiful. It makes me want to suspend. The music was perfect for the footage. I love it when suspension and any body modification is portrayed positively and beautiful like in this video. I like it when body modification is seen as a natural and beautiful thing instead of being portayed as shock value.

  10. lore: Clive and Cory pierced me. Clive pierced Cory by himself. Clive’s the best piercer I’ve ever seen (and I’m not just saying that because I’m carrying his child)! Cory pierced Clive, and because of the amount of scar tissue he has in his back from all of his suspensions (he’s been suspending for many years), it was tough for him to get the needles through.

    Cory and Clive did the aftercare on me, and I did the aftercare on both of them.

  11. that was a very beautiful video i hope one day i get to do an outside suspension it has to be the best feeling ever.

  12. this is so amazing, considering that it is raining outside und freezing cold in the part of the world i live in. the music, the blue sky and water…the pain :)
    thank you.

  13. Outside my window it’s raining. Lucky bastards ;)
    So romantic though, I was in tears…

  14. This video makes me want to suspend even more. It just looks so beautiful. I’m dying to suspend on an island off the West coast in Scotland, some beautiful , still day. I think it’ll be a while before I’m ready for it, though.

  15. that first song thats played is let go – frou frou. and it is imogen heap. this is an absolutly amazing video.i think music enhances it. but even without the music its an absolutly georgous suspension vid.

  16. i’ve watched this video so many times. i love it….especially the ending

    very beautiful

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