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  1. i like how everything lane posts must be from dfx for him to find it interesting. its shameless self promotion and i think its pathetic.

  2. It did turn out amazing, but it was a long road to get it done, the original artist I had talked to about splitting my tongue was let go, and they wouldn’t tell me how to get in contact with him to still go ahead with the procedure. Lane split my tongue with Charles assisting, but also forgot to mention it was his first tongue split. Luckily everything went smooth, although I believe he should have had the decency to inform me he had never done this procedure.

  3. i agree with you Zar, you should have seen his magazine he produced, there was always at least 2 of his artists in that magazine.

  4. I love split tongues. I hope I’m able to get one someday.

    The girl’s got gorgeous eyes, also; and crooked circular barbells in septum piercings make me smile. Hee. :)

  5. Valon – really? if you want to see something even funnier than Lane’s self promotion, visit advancedprofessionalpiercing.com, that guy’s site is hilarious. make sure to read his descriptions of how to pierce and do scarification!

  6. how about a shop that was starting to be more professional with the greatest quality of jewelry then after they fired some top notch piercers they went right back to piece of shit jewelry to make more money because they don’t give a shit about clients even though they know better?? i will check the website.

  7. oh shit that is funny because his work has been in savage a shitload of times. hahahah. i will read it right away.

  8. I wouldn’t get pierced by anyone whose spelling was that bad. Didn’t read any of the site… too much mental pain…

    Which is better – a shaved head or a tongue split? ‘Cause they’re two of my favourite things…

  9. Charmayne (or anyone else), can you recommend an effective way of keeping the halves from healing back together inside the mouth? I had a second split, no sutures, and although I pulled it apart a lot more often than the first time around, it has since quickly grown back to its original split depth.

    Not disappointed, but it would be useful to know of something to try for another resplit.

  10. viscioN when i got my tongue first done, I was pulling it apart like every two hours for the first week, and it still had regrowth, I also used dental floss and almost “recut” through some regrowth a few times a day. when I was pulling it apart, even when it looked like it couldn’t be pulled apart any more I still yanked on the damn thing., but there is always regrowth, I’ve had mine done 3 times so far, and I’m going to be getting it done a 4th time with sutures. So far I have not found an extremely effective way of keeping it from regrowing after the split.

  11. Yeah, sounds a lot like my experience regarding the pulling. It’s a little demoralising I think; my intention is to get the next resplit with sutures also.

    Your tongue looks pretty excellent in the photos anyway ^^

  12. a good trick that was told to me was to wet down some gauze and fold it in half and slip it between your tongue. you have to change it about every 3 to 4 hours and you can actaully sleep with it in. it will not prevent regrowth completely but will help a lot.

  13. Valon, I totally tried that, you have to be super careful my tongue actually tried to regrow through the gauze, make sure its not just a couple layers if you do that, and make sure you keep it wet…it sucks ass trying to pull that outta your mouth after you pass out for 6 hours and forget about it….

  14. oh yeah i totally put in a new one before sleeping and had it soaked well and had no issues. but at least you are bringing this up for anyone wanting to try it in the future

  15. Some 14 year old kid who is my brothers friend split his tounge with scizzors over the march break…i imagine it will grow back, at least a bit. My brother was pretty impressed. Apperntly the kid’s mom hasn’t found out yet…..

  16. very cool, not sure I’d get it done though. Then again, a few years ago I said I’d never in a million years get any genital mods or suspend :P

  17. I would be insanely upset if I had found out after a procedure like this that it was the first time the practitioner had done something like this =/. If you were aware of it and okay with it, that’s fine, but not letting the customer know seems wrong.

    Despite this, the split looks great and it’s awesome you’re so happy with it. I love this mod, I think it looks so sexy especially on women.

  18. I’ve seen really good results when tongues were split and then sutured.

    The few that I’ve seen first hand and then the resulting healing yielded very little if almost no regrowth!

    My opinion!

  19. Based on the statement in #6 by Charmayne…My only dislike for this is that she was not informed before hand that this was the FIRST tongue split either of these two had performed….To me, that is VERY Unethical, especially due to this being an actual surgical modification.

    Personally I’d really like to hear from Lane and Charles on this matter and find out why they felt they were qualified to perform this procedure unsupervised by someone more qualified by them

    I’m glad it turned out well and that Charmayne is happy with it, but this could have easily been one of the horror stories we read about often on here.

    Personally I think we as artists need to really re-evaluate things and not just rush into these procedures and hope/pray for the almighty “luck” to help us along the way.

    Also Charmayne just out of curiosity what made you choose to allow them to do the procedure, without asking them questions/seeing portfolio/procedural photos,etc?

    Instead of searching out for the artist you had originally booked the appointment with, why did you settle with them?

    Not trying to stir shit/start a flame war…But this is something I’ve been trying to grasp since I first heard about this happening, back when the procedure actually happened.

  20. i’ve heard that getting a split tongue after stretching a center tongue ring to a fairly large gauge aids in preventing regrowth because there’s already all that surface area of healed fistula there. truth, or myth?

  21. #39: I’ve heard the exact same thing Ryan…Although I’ve heard some even cauterize the tongue instead….Although I think the cauterizing/branding of the tongue might just trigger a full on healing response where as the sutures would prevent the tongue from regrowing back together, at least most of it anyways.

  22. #41: Many practioners suggest that yes…Although not many people are willing to wait…Always about the quick fix mod, regardless of the risks/problems,etc.

  23. I hate to be the Naggy Mc’Nagger on the side of caution,etc.

    But everyone just really needs to realize that Tongue Splits, Implants and other modifications as such, are NOT simply easy things like most piercings & tattoos.

    These procedures have a SERIOUS risk factor that you MUST realize and accept…Done by the wrong person, or heck even the RIGHT person, you might be required to make a wonderfully bloody visit to a Emergency Room…

    Where you’ll have the glorious ability of trying to EXPLAIN to the Triage nurse and doctors, what exactly IS the problem going on with you.

    This of course speaking from experience after my visit to an ER seeking Anti-Biotics after some trouble with my sutures after having my Transdermals removed. When I explained everything that was going on I got looks like I had a million heads and all were wearing big oversized novelty sunglasses with mustaches on them.


  24. To prevent regrowth, the best way I’ve found is having a very healed tongue piercing, preferably at a larger gauge, 6ga+, for several months, at least 3-6 months. When they are done that way, they have very minimal regrowth.

  25. The split looks great, but why on earth is everyone sleeping with gauze in their mouth? You’re all really fucking lucky you never choked in your sleep!

  26. It was explained to Charmayne that it was my first full split but I had previously re-split Charles’s tongue. After brought Phish out for a guest spot to learn about tongue splitting, implants and new procedures I then decided to go one step further and bring out Brian Decker to make sure I knew the procedure well before I attempted any tongue split. She was told this well in advance. I informed her in the presence of Charles that the previous piercer had been fired for making tongue splitting deals through my shop without my knowledge. He also was negotiating prices without my consent and I had fired him and that I did not know of any place he was working out of. I agree to split her tongue for free because of the inconvenience it had caused her and the mistrust she had in the company after he burnt her. She was pissed about being so excited and then being let down, no fault to her. Month and a half later I believe I split it again because of the re-growth and it had free’d up her tongue nicely. Soon after that she brought in her art portfolio and asked if I would apprentice her as a tattoo artists, I look through her portfolio which seem to be a great fine art portfolio but not geared towards tattoo art. I asked her to work more on tattoo geared art and bring back in what she had in a few weeks so I could see if she had progressed. I guess she took offense to me not liking her art work because soon after she stopped coming in, and through the grapevine I was told that she felt I miss treated her and I was rude to her when she stopped by to see me. She now hangs out with and has had her tongue re-split again by the employee I had fired originally. He is more than capable of looking after her and has had experience first through our shop and since after working at our studio. As far as using crappy jewelry being the reason I fired the two of them for better sales. I order through Industrial Strength every two weeks as well as Infinite once in a while and both will verify those facts. I also carry some externally threaded .316L jewelry as well and provide the custom with information about both and allow them to make the choice just as I did when the two former employees work for me and I was ordering from Anantometal and various other companies and I still stand behind saying Anatometal is a great company that produces some of the best jewelry in the world. I think they just feel their friends need a sounding board to lash back at me in one way or another. It doesn’t bother me and it won’t stop me from continuing to produce Tattoo & Piercing Magazine either.

  27. #47: Thank you Lane for inputing your two cents.

    I knew you brought Phish out as well as Brian Decker…I wasn’t sure when exactly these two individuals had come out to the shop…I know Brian has been out there a couple times, but I can only recall him coming out AFTER you did this procedure.

    Just keeps sounding like we hear one side and never hear the other side.

  28. Lane, please don’t lie. When I got my navel pierced at DFX some externally threaded shit was put in without ANYTHING being told to me about the jewelry quality. Not only that, my piercer didn’t even tell me his name, or bother to mark the piercing straight. Your counter people are rude, uninformed, and very holier than thou. The verbal aftercare I received was to clean with ‘contact lens solution’ and not saline. You have about a million ignorant apprentices and pretty much prey on kids at the mall who impulsively want a piercing.

  29. I choose not to get involved in petty arguements. I did the procedure, it turned out well, she was kept safe, and yes I like to promote the great work that comes out of my shop. As you’ll recall the former employees are in the photos along with Phish. This was all before and after. Brian is also scheduled to come out again next week to help further educate my staff as well as myself all at my expense.

  30. It’s not a petty argument. It’s a discussion.
    You posted something that the public can view and post comments on.
    You’ve been called out for doing a very serious procedure on someone whom you did not inform that it was your first time and that you had no prior tongue splitting experience.
    She posted (#6) that you hadn’t informed her of the situation.
    Perhaps she doesn’t come around your shop anymore because she feels you’re dishonest?
    Brian was in town long after that split was done.
    And when Phish was here, you were busy being drugged up on crutches from your accident – not really learning how to do advanced procedures.
    Dirk did not “burn” Charmayne. There’s a reason she comes to MY shop to get pierced and had Dirk cut her re-growth.
    Lies lies lies. *shakes head*

  31. the only way she found out where you two were was because i came out and told her where to find you. she was so pissed at Lane for not telling her any truth and i was happy to let her know where to find you two as i know you two won’t lie to her or fuck her over.

  32. Truth betold, the only good experience I’ve ever had at DFX was when Lexci pierced my younger sister’s nose.

    In previous times I was ignored service at the counter because my hair was down. I pulled my hair up in a ponytail (and thus showing off my stretched ears) and was served in about a minute. And a girl at the counter refused to sell me a nose stud because I hadn’t gotten it pierced there.

  33. Not trying to pick sides, because I don’t…As I personally feel negatively attacking won’t get our industry anywhere. The only way to get us anywhere is to just educate quality to our clients and only offer the best of the best, hands down.

    But in the defence of lane for a specific situation in question. After a staff member is fired, does the employer really have to source out and figure out WHERE the former staff member is working?

    From what I can recall from the situation Lexci did not assume her new job position for a couple weeks. Dirk himself took around the same time if not a bit longer, and infact Dirk is no longer even working at a piercing studio full-time, due to personal reasons.

    As an owner there was two options for Lane, technically 3 give or take:

    1) Apologize for the situation and refund any deposit money.

    2) Attempt to do the work himself (now again I’m not going to get on the if lane is qualified to do this or not tangient).


    3) Lane could have taken time out of his schedule to hunt down former employees and see if they are working anywhere.

    Honestly Option 1 or 2 is the more logical options, because it shouldn’t be up to Lane to find out if former employees are working elsewhere. If anything that should be on the clients hands.

    I’m not even going to touch on the whole other tyrade that’s being discussed one jewelry and rudeness,etc because I’ve never personally been in or two DragonFX…I just know I’ve talked with a few of its Staff Members(Former and Current) as well as met Lane at the most recent BMEFest.

    Again I personally think all the BS, bickering, arguing, backstabbing, fighting,etc needs to just be put aside and let all of us get back to business as normal and only worrying about our own backyards.

    Promote/Educate/Do Your Best…In the end the Quality Artists will constantly shine through.

  34. Also #49 Zar:

    Just an FYI: Contact Lens Solution IS Saline…Now of course its not the proper TYPE of saline and often has many additives to the product….Compared to a PROPER Sterile Saline Wound Wash(ie: Blairex Wound Wash).

    But still Contact Lens Solution IS a form of saline…Just not the correct time, but sadly that is a COMMON problem in MANY shops.

  35. Aah I’d love to get my tongue split eventually… I love the idea of being able to do that with your tongue… it’s so nice looking :)

  36. Warren, no one was under any obligation to inform the client of where I was, it would simply be the courtious thing to do, although given my feelings towards lane and his towards me I wouldn’t have expected him to inform her. A peircer SHOULD however, be under an obligation to inform his client about wheather or not he has even done a specific proceedure though and allow the client to make the decision on whether or not to give the artist the chance to gain experience. At this point the artist in question had NOT performed this proceedure, and had not even assisted on this proceedure prior. Not that I would expect anything different from the artist in question.

    Honestly I was fired, fair and square (whether it was just or not) and I wasn’t working in a shop at the time this proceedure was done. Still to this day I don’t work in a shop, I gave up piercing for framing because I hate all the drama in this fucking city and industry in general and it was making me sick. Bottom line though, The Artist should have better informed the client, and more so, shouldn’t be posting things like this if he has to lie about the circumstances. Stand behind what you do, you care more about the proceedure then the client and it’s obvious, atleast be straight up about it.

  37. naw, not even the money on stuff like this. Like he said, he didn’t even charge. He makes enough money whether he does this tusff or not, he just wants to boost the portfolio

  38. Warren, I know that they CAN be the same thing, I clean my piercings with sterile saline with no additives from an aerosol can now, but at DFX I was told that the brand of contact solution I was using was fine. Unfortunately I was, at the time, very ignorant towards proper aftercare and proper jewelry. I personally would not recommend DFX to anyone. Last time I went in, I was told that they only pierced lips with ‘hoops’ because flatbacks are not appropriate to initially pierce with.

  39. So the tongue split was done to make ammends for her inconvience and to tide away any mistrust she had in the company; however, she was not informed of the qualifications of the practioners. Hmmm…sounds like a problem. Maybe option #4, inform the client that you are bringing a qualifiedartist, which in this market is fairly rare, and work out a deal with him, so you can gain experience, advance your portfolio, and not put anybody in jeopardy due to lack of experience.

  40. What amounts to inter-shop bickering is an extremely inappropriate discussion to be having online. Outside of anything else, it’s a good way to make sure you don’t get hired again if you have to go out on the job market, because no employer in their right mind hires someone if they spend an extended period online fighting with past employers in public — no matter what the reason, or who’s right.

    Because it’s very hard to separate what’s emotional response, and what’s valid criticism, I would strongly urge that the majority of this argument be taken offline. I don’t think this is at all productive.

  41. really though shannon, all bickering and personal history aside the fact of the matter still stands that the artist conducted himself inapropriately and put unfair risk onto his client through dishonesty. The client even posted that in this disscussion. Knowing that as the poster, and knowing that there are plenty of people who would read this who know that as well, what else could he have expected as the eventual response to this entry on modblog?

    I don’t know how to remove any of my previous posts from this so anyone that does can feel free to. But if people don’t hear about the way this dude conducts himself people will continue to be lied to and eventually seriously hurt.

  42. Saline solution can be contact lens solution but not all are – and I’m not talking about additives. I wear gas permable lenses and the stuff I use for that isn’t saline solution (even though there is some saline in it).

    I mention this because it scares me when people think that two different words mean the same, and there can be serious consequences to making a mistake. So, some SOFT contact lens solution IS saline. (And I’ve used that on my piercings) but not all.

  43. Dirk – Don’t get me wrong — I understand why people are upset. I’m just saying this isn’t the place for it and that these types of public disputes can haunt people later in ways they may not expect.

  44. She “WAS” informed infront of more than one staff member who will attest to this. Since becoming your buddy the story has changed and you continue to use any situation possible to make an issue out of you being let go. In my response to Warren’s question I did respond to it as #50 “Before and After” meaning (Phish) before and (Brian) after. After letting Lexci go I hopped around on one leg in the room for another four to six weeks until the doctor allowed me to bear weight on my leg, ask Charles, Tayla, Rachel or members of the mall admin. None of this has to do with fact that I could have pierced while Phish was here, he came to do Mike Gibson’s horns, so I could learn about tongue splitting. He pierced and watched me and others pierce to make sure we shared common techniques as well as later on when Brian came to our studio. I don’t see how any of this happens to be a fault. It has however made their and my abilities forever better because of the experience and I won’t stop bringing in guest artists because of this post.

  45. Even if the client was informed, what client in their right mind would get a tounge split by a person who has no hands on experience without supervision?

  46. #62 Zar & #66 hekatesgal: I am not arguing FOR the use of Contact Lens Solution, as I believe my stance on what form of saline to use has been documented not just here, not just on IAM. But as well as on MANY different sites from MySpace, InkedNation, FaceBook, LiveJournal,etc.

    Personally I’m not even a fan of the whole aresol can spray method. Not safe for the environment and if you look at any wound irrigation kits you’ll notice the difference. With wound irrigation there is a syringe that you fill the saline with and literally squirt it into/onto the wound.

    This is why a product like Blairex Wound Wash is ideal because it sends a pressurized shot/stream of water onto the wound. Also its contents is literally 0.9% saline, NOTHING else..

    That or I suggest if someone wants to soak, to purchase a jug(s) of sterile saline from the pharmacy and use that to soak their piercings. Making sure to place the jug in a fridge as from what I hear, cold temps slow bacterial growth.

    But this is kind of way off topic…All I was simply saying is that in a world where aftercare methods are a dime a dozen…I don’t think its right to make this ONE thing out to as big as it is….As many studios worldwide advise on the same situation, or something else…Because aftercare will often vary from client to client based on their own personal needs,etc.

    And I agree with Shannon on the witch hunt of Lane Jensen and DragonFX…Again I’m not fighting on behalf of Lane, he is his own man. Just like I will not fight on the behalf of Dirk and Lexci, for the same principles.

    As I said the topic on hand is the tongue split, NOTHING ELSE. And the more everyone bickers back an forth and argues, the more the situation becomes pointless.

    How many times has an artist attempted something, just so they can say they did it and have portfolio pictures? The majority…Now I’m not saying this can be justified in this situation, since personally I feel these types of mods need to start being reduced in the amount of procedures done. As most people wanting these mods, dont comprehend the gravity of the situation. ie: the risks,etc.

    So Lane did the tongue split, what’s done is done. Lane can decide what is ethically right for him and his staff, and we can decide whats ethically right for us.

    We are products of our own unregulated society…People want to work towards putting rules and regulations down, then lets quit bickering amongst ourselves and push towards making this industry, our community, a better place.

    We aren’t going to get anywhere when the governments see us do nothing but bitch/whine/complain/fight amongst each other.

  47. well said warren.

    and not to be a jerk.. but it is up to us as consumers to do our research..

    she could have asked how many he’d done

    and as for the tongue split:

    it looks beautiful, keep trying to keep it open!

  48. straight up, why wouldn’t you ask how many someone has done? With a piercing I could understand not worrying too much about it, but if I was gonna get my tongue split by someone else, I would hope that they have a good high number behind them.

  49. #72: Dorian its still a good idea to ask your piercer how many times have they done a piercing…That or its ethically responsible for a piercer to inform a customer if they are doing a specific piercing for the very first time.

  50. Hehe, I’m my own piercer Warren, I just don’t know how to link myself to my page. I AM: PainGod 13.

  51. lol Dorian well…do you ask yourself: “How many of these have you done?” or have you told yourself: “Look this is my first time doing this so it might not turn out perfect, that ok?”




    I think it looks awesome.
    When i had mine done it was cut pretty far back. I have a gargantuan tongue to start with. It had to have been an inch if not an inch and a half of split. It was done with a heated scalple as to cauterize while it cut, and it was sutured. My split is now about a half an inch ot 3/4th an inch. Which is still pretty long compared to normal splits, but compaired to what i started with, it’s kinda sad. I’ve been achin’ lately to get it re-cut, but I jsut have no money to spare on mods now a days.

  53. She’s gorgeous. A real natural beauty with some great mods. I love the split tongue but my Mom said if I did it she’d never talk to me again. She said that about my hood piercing but, what she doesn’t know… Plus I’m a little scared of healing because of my medical conditions.

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