Two great BME tattoos

There are so many really nice BME logo tattoos out there, but I wanted to share two specific ones today. First, here’s Deviant Star‘s BME heart design by Ben at Medway Tattoo and Piercing, who writes, “I couldn’t think of a decent way to show it that wasn’t cheesy, so I took this in my pub.” The photo turned out great I think:

Joeltron though I think has one of the nicest BME tattoos out there, a really amazing piece by Trevor Bennett at Wicked Ink in Sydney, Australia… All done now after about twenty-five hours of work!

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65 thoughts on “Two great BME tattoos

  1. Joeltron’s is incredible! I love the BME heart design too, it’s a little more subtle than one of the head logos. It works so well with the borneo flowers too.

  2. nice…

    reminds me of you recent BME tattoo shannon, with the lighter shaded cutouts creating a translucent look.

  3. That second one is the most awesome tattoo that I have seen in a LONG time. The colourwork and shading is absolutely amazing, and I am contemplating whether you have photoshopped this Shannon, heh!

  4. call me crazy, but i really dont like the second one. the watermark effect is really distracting :(

  5. Both are great, but Joeltron’s is just speachlessly awesome. You don’t see this overlapping/superimposed style often.

  6. @18 – its actually a white ink pcb design, and yes. One in the same. :)

    @16 – the original design was photoshoped up for effect and the shading was based on those watermark designs. I assure you however, its all real baby!

    @Shannon – 25hrs? Pft! Small price to pay for free iam! Lol

    Thanks to all your lovely comments. Keep em comin! Love to all team bme kids and all future ones too.

  7. @9 – spotty back? They are suspension scars, not backne! ;p

    (Excuse horrible typing. Currently touring Melbourne and on PDA)

  8. @20. That was sort of the idea. Very close up, there is SOO much going on that you can’t really figure it out.

    I have had people say “nice tribal man!” and then only notice after there’s a bit of distance.

    I guess I like to make people think. :p

  9. @Adam. People cover them selves with decorations of their surroundings or their communities.

    If you have spent any real time on BME (especially IAM, bmes community center), you would understand peoples obsession with their world.

    For myself, my back represents myself as a professional body piercer (the rings) and my constant devotion to quality and safety (like a doctor).

    I see more meaning, personally, behind BME tattoos than I see in most peoples choices. Saying that, it doesn’t always have to mean ‘something’. Get it because it looks good.

  10. i love ‘em both. the celtic rings on the second one are really neat, though. i haven’t seen much transparent tattoo work.

  11. the first thought in my head when i saw the first picture was “goddamn it’s jesus!”

  12. I’m not convinced the second image has the power to carry off the religious iconography. The third image is very beautiful

  13. the second one looks totally fake. NOT saying that it is, just, i’ve never seen a tattoo done like that before. it looks almost like an optical illusion.. i can’t decide which to focus on, and my mind keeps on trying to project that it’s photoshopped. seeing that in real life must be a mindfuck and a half !

    totally wicked. i am seriously impressed !! :)

  14. Joeltron’s back tattoo is amazing, so is he as a person. I recommend Wicked Ink to all the people who live in Sydney, Australia.

  15. #29 (Adam) I feel the need to throw in my 2 cents here… basically I agree with what Joel. I think that everyone craves a sense of belonging, to feel a part of something that is so important to you is so fulfilling, and on a personal note, I felt that a permanant representation of ‘our’ community in the form of a BMElogo tattoo would help me to feel that sense of belonging. Not that you have to have a logo tatt to be a ‘true’ BME member, by any means, but we all express our ties to our worlds in different ways and this is just my way, OUR way.

  16. That second one is incredibly unique! Very impressive. It sorta hurts my eyes to look at it. But I like it.

  17. The artist who did Joeltron’s back (Trevor Bennett) no longer works at Wicked Ink and is in the process of setting up his own studio.

  18. As previously mentioned, I’m on holidays, but you are very correct Gav. Trev has always talked about starting up his own studio and its great to hear he is finally doing it. This piece however was totally done at Wicked Ink.

    He is an amazing artist and we all wish him the best in his new studio.

    I’m not entirely sure where/how to contact him, I’m sure if you call the shop you should be able to get a number.

  19. the bme mask with the 3 rings…the rings are fake,you can see the square and shading on the arms?i rewally dont think i am wrong here

  20. im 100% agree with the guy up there #41
    wicked ink is awsome. i recomend highly to everyone around the sydney area

  21. taking a simple yet bold design and making it look THAT calculatedly clean and surreal… definitely, kudos to the backpiece!

  22. #48 ummm i live with the guy and those rings anit fake
    and i recomend wicked ink if your in sydney they are the mades people ever there

  23. Hi Joel, nice tattoo! Turned out REALLY well. I only saw it when Trev had just started it.
    Yes, Trev will have his own private studio and web site soon.
    And I assure everyone the tattoo is real……………..

  24. WOW. Seriously. The first one is nicely done and I like it lots but the second one is simply amazing.

  25. i know the dude that has that big tat on his back and it aint photoshopped just some wicked art, eat it biznatchs

  26. exellent work,ive had a tattoo done by trevor and his work is work ive seen,how would i be able able to contact him coz im due for another tat and i wnt go elsewer but to trevor,i rang wicked ink n they havnt got a contact number for him,can sum1 plz help me???
    plz email me on [email protected]. thanku

  27. i did work experience with im and he does my boyfriends piercings. pretty funky guy :)

  28. While the back piece is absolutely amazing, one questions the wisdom of getting the logo from a website tattooed on one’s body.

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  30. Nick: It may be just a ‘logo’ to a lot of people, however it represents much MUCH more to me.

    It represents my profession as a body piercer and my contributions to my community.

    But most importantly: it fucking looks cooooooool. I also like doctors.

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