Angel and Devil

Kelso writes, “here’s a nice picture I took of two very nice girls I know.” I guess he knows them fairly well. Oh and for those of you who need less cropping and always complain when I don’t include a more explicit click-through, click on through. I like the backpiece, but is the other tattoo a frog smoking a joint? Or do I just see what I want to see?

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27 thoughts on “Angel and Devil

  1. Oh man, I want to see some more pictures of that backpiece…
    I especially love the birdcage in the corner.

  2. #1 – mention arse size to any female and they’ll run, cry, and shut themselves up in their bedroom eating icecream for a week. So no more pornographic pics from her for a while :’(

  3. Your bum looks fine m’dear, don’t listen to #1. In fact, why not send in some more photos just to prove what a well-proportioned bum you’ve got?

  4. #1…it’s because her legs are spread so wide. It’s not her ass that’s huge, it’s the way her hips are stretched open like that. If you look at her actual ass you can tell it’s not big at all. I’m glad she felt comfortable enough with herself to show that much to the camera, then to the world. Good for her, and yay for females with open sexuality!

  5. #3- No way! I’m *proud* of my junk in my trunk.. I’m a curvy lady and a plus sized model so a big behind just flows with my body! :P

  6. In Shannon’s defense…I prefer the cropped photo. This, coming from a lesbian too! Seems more tasteful. If I was in a pornographic mood, though…

  7. Is it just me or is her ass insanely white? I know some of it is due to the flash, but I’ve seen porn stars with darker “areas”.

  8. comment @ 14 lillish
    Its the latest thing to have that area bleached, salons are geared up for it. hehe I better not put the rest what im thinking :)

    Shannon, nah you’re not seeing things deffo a frog smoking a joint.

  9. People have their anuses bleached?? That’s a new one on me… the equivalent of “People hang from hooks??” I guess.

    She’s had something done to her labia too… it looks pretty… though my fiance has a thing for ENORMOUS labia and wants me to end up with 2″ tunnels in the piercings (?)

  10. 17 – Oh I dunno :S Just seems a bit to much on the porn side of things, especially with the crappy photo quality.

    I don’t mean it offensively at all, just saying what *I* see :)

  11. @19 I have no idea why you think she’s had something done to her labia… hers look surprisingly like mine and I’ve never had anything done. Our vajayjays come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

  12. yah I was gonna say, she has the lightest asshole on the planet, to bad the box of cow tongues takes away from it.

  13. @21: Colors… hmmn.. I still haven’t seen a bright green one! (but would I want to?)

    I love the photo and REALLY love the un-cropped. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting to see some b-hole! Dig it!

  14. not meaning to ignore the tattoos or the girl-on-girl action, but i think she has fantastic shoulders…

  15. Shannon the frog is smoking a joint ;)

    and no her bottom aint huge at all
    i guess its only the angle
    you have to understand that i was busy doing more than pix that day

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