Oh, Louie

Right now he’s fine with just cutting holes in his top and letting those perky little fellows peek out, but if Louie (MexicanMutant.com) doesn’t get a training bra for them soon, they might sag when he’s older. I don’t know if he minds though. Implants by Steve Haworth in Phoenix, AZ.

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49 thoughts on “Oh, Louie

  1. thats awesome how long did it take you to get all of your mods??
    i like them fast so i get scalpeled to have them straight away

  2. He’s so cute! That smile!

    I didn’t even notice the hornsy stuff till I started reading the comment…haha. Love the near symmetry of his face/mods, too.

  3. Those all suit him so well!

    I just looked on his page – how cute is the little boy with the Cheerio “implants”?

  4. I second all the motions involving cuddling, hugging, or smooching. He’s a cutie. Yum!

  5. Geez. I love how his shirt says “MODIFIED”.
    No shit, he’s pierced? Whodathunkit?

  6. I would love to see nipples tattooed onto horn implants! Although I’m guessing you can’t tattoo over implants. Maybe someone should just draw them on then!

  7. He’s so happy! He’s adorable! I rarely see unmodified people so radiantly happy as the modified.

    I want to hug him =)

  8. I love his whole range of mods they fit together so well.
    He looks a real kool dude, love his smile, makes me also:)

  9. Awww! I love the way his smile has been reshaped by the large gauge labrets. He really is adorable!

  10. I remember seeing pics of his lips off his site about a year ago and they looked really red and sore, I wonder if anyone knows how long he has had them done? When I first saw him I was turned off by his lips but they are looking alot better now. Good to see heavily modded folks grinning thier asses off

  11. Maggi– Actually you can tattoo over implants IAM:NnyBuchanan got his very large arm implants done before he got his solid black tattoo work done. It looks amazing but I am not sure if it was any harder to get the shading even…….

  12. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    muito foda essa foto!!!



  13. I bet he’s loads of fun to be around.
    Just looking at his photo makes me smile.

    Loving the implants and creative alterations of the hat haha.

  14. haha he looks likesuch a jollie guy. :)

    Although, the way the implants are poking out it almost looks indecent, even though it’s totally not.

  15. I’ll never forget drinking with louie all day and night until about 7 am in vegas and filming him outside the riv walkin in circles laughing telling me how he loved me and it was the best day of his life. hahahah he is awesome to hang out with

  16. #34, thanks for this. I just presumed that you wouldn’t be able to tattoo over them, I suppose the skin would be a bit thinner and it would maybe be hard to get the shading right, but I’m sure a good artist would manage it.

  17. awww! I want to squeeze him and never let go! And even though I usually HATE bridge piercings, they look great on him!

  18. Ladies & Gentlemen, Jim Breuer as ‘Goat Boy!’ Although I think Goat Boy was a Mets fan.

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