Tornado Tattoo

This spiral piece is on and was designed by Matt Crookshank… Check out his site for the rest of his tattoos and his art (and him trashing Canada-Denmark relations and having Ron Jeremy review the Toronto art scene) as well if you’re interested.


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43 thoughts on “Tornado Tattoo

  1. Wow, that is really cool and unique.
    I LOVE tattoos that are different from the usual stuff!
    Nice arse too…

  2. I get dizzy looking at it.
    I can’t say I’ve EVER seen a tattoo that looked like that before. Unique and interesting to be sure.

  3. i like the idea but maybe not so that it takes up his whole body.

    it seemslike a waste of skin that he could have used for something better!

  4. i really like this. the tattoo is alright… but those legs, that ass, that back! mm mm good.

  5. am i the only one that thinks this sucks? lol
    i guess its another case of ‘to each their own’…
    i admire him for doing something different tho, like something we havent all seen before.

  6. I had a look at his other work, it’s “interesting” to say the least, as someone said though, each to their own

  7. I usually like off the wall designs, maybe this is a little too much for me.
    Hell of a cute ass tho *smiles*

  8. mm mm good. he does have a nice bum, and amazing legs…and the scrible..oh, who cares[haha]

  9. wow..for about 2 seconds, that scrible actually looked like something different to me[like a person standing sideways] im weird =/

  10. This guys tattoos kind of remind me of someone getting drunk and passing out at a party and his buddys taking after him with a sharpie. I do think the tattoo in this pic is interesting though.

  11. Holy crap! Great unique tatt!
    And nice body. Really nice. Really REALLY nice ;)

  12. Nifty-looking tattoo–I love the uniqueness of it–but my eyes are mostly just drawn to that pert bottom! I want to play with it and stick my face in it! Teehee!

  13. Hmm, Well, I think it looks really horrible. I agree with # 15, it looks like a little kid did it.

  14. holy hell, just found this. amazing. thanks to all the ladies with the ass compliments. now i feel like running to the ink store and getting some more in my flesh. mmmmmmm flesh.

  15. Nice tatt! I really love it actually… and think it goes really well with the ‘unstructured’ composition of the other pieces, though i do think the ‘banner’ one across the chest does not fit the family. I guess that’s the point tho?

  16. dear matt,
    i never thought i’d be reading so much about your peachy bum all the way from new zealand. nice bum, nicer tornado.

  17. It reminds me of gesture drawings, where you wrap the body up in a spiral .. I like it for that.. so it captures some movement, highlights the legs, glutes etc… I don’t think it resembles a tornado .. Has a certain appeal though. Nice

  18. Well that’s one way to save money on a tattoo, have a bored kindergartener scribble on you. Hope you didn’t pay too much for that disaster.

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