My favorite thing about this photo of Efix that FREE took at the 2007 Milan Tattoo Convention is the expression on the guy’s face in the background!

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52 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Hey salut mon pot, super la photo, t’est bras son vraiment hot, en passant ca me prendrais ton adress pour t’envoyer la video de t’est couilles, hihi……

  2. He’s probably wondering if his baguette would fit through Efix’s very nicely stretched ear piercings.

  3. Does he have subdermals on his left arm under each green circle, or is that just me?

  4. Lovely sleeves.
    @8 I agree… it looks like he has subdermals under them, but I have no idea if he does or not.

    Don’t let go of that sandwich dude! It might run away.

  5. Omg those tattoos are so pretty :)

    And the guy is cute.

    And the t-shirt is cool.

    And the sandwich dude looks like the bad guy from the Mummy.

    And I should stop now.


  6. MUTE-ONE definately is right on with that observation… but it also looks like he’s revving up to hit Efix over the head with it!

  7. Kai, Efix has some awesome half dome underneath his tattoo… I really like the picture, but it’s not doing justice to the Amazing job from Jay!

  8. I was there!^^
    i have eat a sandwich in that convention…it was the hottest of my life…^^

  9. I saw him in a tattoo mag at work a while ago! Haha, he’s really cute, and reminds me a little of a more badass Chris Carrabba. I’d be happy if guys that looked like that lived around Sarasota FL.

  10. he’s cute! the guy in the background looks like he’s afraid his sandwich will be stolen. and the tag placement is very subtle, i had to look for it for a really long time.

  11. I’m in love with his tattoos, and I’d really like a sandwich right about now.

  12. well, thank you all! I guess it’s time for credits!
    My arms were done by the amazing Jay Marceau (, the implants were self-done although they are barely noticeable on this picture, I even have some on my hands and more will be added.. and the T-shirt is by a small Canadian clothing companie named AVIVE.

  13. The photo was taken at my “booth cam” [MacBook] at the Milan tattoo convention in February.

    Efix rocks the casbah. Nicest guy ever.

  14. his sleaves are amazing! It makes me wanna lazer what i have and start fresh. if anyone knows a person that is sick with color and doesnt have a 6 month to a year waiting list in the north east please let me know! thanks

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