Siamese Twins

Audra (Z-Edge Piercing, Sarasota FL) sends in this play piercing that she did at Marked For Life 2007… I like the shot from the back, but the front shot captured an unfortunately sad looking facial expression.

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12 thoughts on “Siamese Twins

  1. I like this.

    In the front shot, she has her hand on her waist. Maybe they accidentally forgot they were bound together and got hurt. Their eyes and positions in the back picture make me think they were content.

  2. I like the fact that from the picture with the back view, you can just see that they are looking at each other. Maybe I’m just lonely right now, but it seems really cute..

  3. Stormy, I agree. They look really close in the back view photo, and I think that’s lovely. Would that I could find someone who would want to be pierced and tied to me!

  4. Shes a disgusting person [the piercer] as is the shop she works for. They just moved, and although i havent seen the new shop, the old one was basically a gift shop with a shitty closet where piercing and tattoos were done. She just had a baby and does the piercings while the baby is in the same room. Unsanitary at best.

  5. Part of me loves this and part of me is not at all impressed. I love the back shot, they do look loving and peaceful…that’s the part I like. From a purely visual point of view, this is something that I would find amazing at a non-traditional wedding, assuming they came already pierced, and were joined with ribbon during the ceremony. Very symbolic.

    Now, the budding piercer and germ freak within me is recoiling in horror. This is something I can’t ever see myself doing…I’m visualizing all of the blood borne pathogens that could be gleefully hitching a ride as that porous ribbon is woven through one person’s fresh piercing, and then anothers, back and forth…*shudders*. It just seems to be a very irresponsible and risky thing to do; I can think of very few cases where I would be okay with this, and a piercing shop setting is not one of them. A wedding/commitment ceremony, with guarantee that both partners are free of disease sitting in front of me (which would be damn near impossible to guarantee), and a long-standing knowledge of both people would be something I might consider. MIGHT. The cross-contamination factor is just far too high for my level of comfort.

    But it is pretty, from a purely visual and sentimental point of view.

  6. First off. Considering that they look like consensual partners. I’m going to assume that they already share some bodily fluids.

    So it really shouldnt be that big of a deal with the ribbon.

    Second. AWWWWWW! cutie patooties! :P

  7. Sorry but sharing some body fluids isn’t the same as sharing blood. I encountered the same horror when I saw this picture.

  8. Firstly my old shop was small but that is not out of my own decision… as far as sanitation my shop has always and will alway be incredibly clean…. our new shop is huge and has a very large piercing room… seeing as how I built this one out. Secondly my baby sits with my apprentice out of the room while I pierce I have two children and I have no choice but to bring at least one to work with me… I don’t bring my child that walks… and if you have children you would now that on a piercers salary it is not possible to pay for daycare and if I didn’t work my kids would not eat or have a home so….seriously weigh my options… thirdly these people are married and the were consenting adults at the time of the piercing the have both been blood tested when they got married and do rituals which involves sharing blood anyways… I would like to comment on the fact that I am an LPN and I am currently pre-med so I think I know a little about cleanliness!!!

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