Double 1/2" Labrets

BevelsNbreakdwns‘s pair of finger-sized lip piercings were scalpelled from 0ga by Dave Rodriguez at Braindrops in San Francisco, CA.

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19 thoughts on “Double 1/2" Labrets

  1. Despite their unusual aspect, these piercings look very good on him. Like big labrets, I wonder how the lip feels when it is just a flap.

  2. haha… how can you say they look good on him when you cant even see a good shot of his face with both of them in and how they affect the shape/bow of his lip?

    im stopping my center labret at 10mm because i dont like how the round labrets push up and bow the lip, especially when you smile.

  3. “haha… how can you say they look good on him when you cant even see a good shot of his face with both of them in and how they affect the shape/bow of his lip?”

    Maybe because the other photos are on the “big labrets” section of BME ? ^^

  4. i know his lobes got scalped and everyhere and there a little blowout may happen but thats ridiculous, and he had wonderful lobes before the scalping. correct me though if im wrong about why his lobes look like they do.

  5. its not a blowout, but its hard to explain and you wont listen anyway

    i love your lips mateo but you know that cause i tell you all the time haha

    makes me want to get my lowbrets up to size then we will sort of match haha

  6. like that’s ON his lip? idk why but i just figured when you were stretching labrets, you started off like under the lip and your actual lip wasn’t affected. his look like .. ack.


    he’s cute, but now i’m just weirded out by holes IN the actual lip.

  7. hi =] look thats me on modblog! as far as the lobe… its doing better now. the photo was taken about a month after having them cut and yes i know they look terrible (extremely swollen). but as soon as the cut has fully healed i plan on down sizing to help them smooth out. i guess i dont need to explain myself to anyone… but there ya have it. and for anyone that wants to see how the scalpelling has affected my facial features check out my page… there are plenty of photos… as well as a few photos after my stretch to 9/16ths…

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