He Loves Me!

This is iam:this.cyclical.life‘s let-the-petals-lead-the-way tattoo, done by Martin at Darkside Tattoo in Hamilton, Ontario.

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33 thoughts on “He Loves Me!

  1. just waiting for someone to comment on her panties and how she is probably brewing up one hell of a yeast infection by wearing them. and don’t give me cotton crotch excuses, either, missy.

    oh. wow. i am getting old if that’s the first and only comment i can think of while looking at this picture.

  2. Aww, it’s cute! I agree with the font luffage. Actually it looks like a font I would want to try and duplicate, if I could. Flower is very nice too, I like the shading on it.

  3. Alright, this is really picky, but if she’s gotten to “he loves me!” shouldn’t all the petals but one be picked off already?

  4. Well I sure did not expect to see this here on my regular Modblog check! Good times, good times!!

    Thanks for the good comments, people… the font we used was “FairydustB” which I got from the online site dafont.com. My tattoo was a sort of copy from my boyfriend [iam]Aaronlouche[/iam] “She loves me… she loves me not” which he got on his chest. And, no there’s no “he loves me not” to be seen anywhere! No sirreeee!

    Oh! And those panties are mega uncomfortable!

  5. #8, I counted out the petals on the flower. As long as I didn’t miss any its a “Loves Me” flower, not a “Loves Me Not.”

    Anyway, super cute tattoo.

  6. This is random to see yourself on here, I must say!

    Anyways, the font we used for this tattoo was “FairydustB” from an online font site. The tattoo was fashioned after my boyfriend’s own daisy and “she loves me… she loves me not” on his chest. However, there is no “he loves me not” in site on me!

    Emmmluk! I didn’t even realize that myself!!!! YAY! :P

    Oh! And those panties are mega uncomfortable, you all have no idea!

  7. *twitch* i don’t like asymmetrical tattoos. but i do admit, i love the premise.

  8. I like how this is one of those boyfriend/girlfriend tattoo that normally is a bad idea but isn’t because it can be carried across different relationships as well as remind her of the good times of the one that inspired the tattoo.

  9. I love it! I always hated that most people make boy shorts with the seam RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PANTY. It’s SO fucking uncomfortable.

  10. another cool thing about this tattoo is that if she ever starts to love girls well all she has to do is add an S infront of the HE lol

  11. Cute! I love that!

    #17 – I would guess it’s a reference to the fact that they appear to be made of synthetic material, and tight (loose cotton is best to avoid yeast infections). All the cute panties are hell to wear – that really sucks. But I love that tattoo.

  12. Such a cute tattoo. Are those scars on her hips? just curious..they look nice anyway.

  13. merr, this makes me think of Goethe’s Faust. Gretchen is a complete innocent, being charmed and lured away from the church by Mephisto and Faust. That scene is hilarious, and in the silent movie version, they have a similar font for their intertitles, and the exact “…he loves me!” while she does the flower dealio. Oh Goethe…I want his babies.

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