DNA Play Piercing?

Here’s Tame, play pierced with 18ga through 25ga needles by FearAndLoathing in Wellington, New Zealand. I love this candid photo, but click through if you want a closer view.

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18 thoughts on “DNA Play Piercing?

  1. DNA? I see it (as in double-helix), but I think it looks more like a snake!

    *points to two eyes*

    It is also 3am here and I am very sleepy/drunk.

  2. tits are nothing new, and lynnes covered up you pervs! (was actually lookin past her to other people.. and my smokes not lit :( )

    the piercing was quite unplanned.. not marked up or anything.. watch out bme, the next shall be much better.
    previous play piercing sess on our iam’s i believe

    yay modblog!

  3. James wasn’t looking at my tits.
    You can tell because he’s not chundering…

  4. hehehe the chunder incident. Looks good. Disappointed by the lack of sideboob blood action though…

  5. Yuss… James VS. Lynne… Fight! Nice work homie… We shall do some more stupid shit on my return. I’ve seen Lynne’s boobs… te he

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