Great Baby Portrait

And this is the first color portrait he’s ever done! This is by Paul Oliver at Lucky Soul’s Tattoo in Cambridge, Ontario. Definitely a very good vert attempt!

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44 thoughts on “Great Baby Portrait

  1. wow thats really well done, especially for the first color potrait. the placement might take a bit to get used to but it’s actually really well done!

  2. It’s done beautifully! Every baby portrait I’ve seen makes the baby look bruised or undead… hahah.

  3. WOW! I’m so impressed! Portrait tattoos almost always come out a little skewed, but this one is phenomenal. It’s really hard to believe that this could be a first attempt, the artist is really the epitome of a tattoo artist. Excellent at tattooing and clearly an incredible artist in the traditional sense.

  4. I’ve got to echo the sentiments above at how finely done this piece is.

    But, does anyone else think having babies staring out off of somebody’s body would be a major mood killer when naked? Hopefully it doesn’t for everyone, or else he won’t make another one.

  5. Oh, wow… at first glance it definately looked like a real photograph. Beautiful work!

  6. This is brilliant! Most portraits of babies I’ve seen look like zombies.

  7. This is beautiful, but… Does anyone else think it looks like the baby is staring at his nipple? Kinna strange…

  8. #20, not if its his wifes child. I love it! & Im assuming I should be saying congrats Daddy :)

  9. Actually…..
    I guess I’m the only one out here, but I don’t like it that much. The eyes kind of scare me and the chin looks funny.

    Maybe that’s cos I don’t like children…. but yeah. The shading is great, don’t get me wrong, but the whole thing just does not work for me.

  10. Marina, babies do look sorta funy when theyre that yound,it’s how they are, all cute and chubby and squishy

  11. young…haha its the first time I saw the slow down cowboy comment when tryihng to post fast, good one

  12. i like this a lot, but i think without the shading in black it would look more natural. and i want a hat like that.

  13. #20 – It wouldn’t be for me – I have kids, and if I was single and came across a guy that devoted to his baby, I would melt!

    #33 – Babies generally look like that, esp. that young, the squeezy face and intense stare; that’s part of what makes them so adorable :)

  14. This is BEAUTIFUL…the face and eyes are right on. This baby looks alove! Can’t say enough good things!!!!

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