33 thoughts on “Nny’s Outer Conches

  1. poor guy, his ear looks terrible… it’s probably the lack of jewellery and the bloodiness though

  2. holy fuck that squicks me out, but props to him for doing what he wants with his body and not letting anyone/anything stand in the way!

  3. Props to Nny for getting them done, but his ears don’t look particularly happy in that shot :)

    And who’s taking bets whether this was done in Lane Jensen’s shop? Never would’ve guessed that he would have an agenda to push, hah.

  4. campbell, you’re right! and his self promotion continues. i wish he didn’t have posting privilages, his posts are always just to promote himself, and never to show an interesting mod done at any other shop.

  5. Wow!!! Peoples negativity just floors me! Everyone on BME does “self promotion”, is that not what it’s for? We post our portfolios, tattoo’s, piercing’s, fetishes etc, for the world to see. Obviously “Lane Jensen” has the privilage of posting for a reason. Obviously “Brian Decker” does guest spots there for a reason! Obviously there is a reason it’s the busiest shop in the city! Lane “is” proud of the work his shop does, and by rights he should be!!

    Jealousy makes people ugly!!

  6. Ouchie. Not something I’d ever consider, or something I find attractive, but to each their own.

    Cheers dude.

  7. Nny did ask Brian if he could cut them out in an egg plant shape. He is very creative when it comes to the types of body modification he chooses to have done.

  8. I just can’t get over how fucking cute he is! Those neck tatts are just inviting a nibble, if you ask me. RitRaaaaw…

  9. Campbell/Zar – Very lame attitude, given that it’s BRIAN DECKER FROM NEW YORK that’s being promoted here. Seriously, get over whatever drama and bickering you have with Lane, it’s ridiculous when you escalate it to the point where you start whining because someone does a guest spot at his shop.

  10. File this under; great someone is doing it but isn’t for me… GSIDIBIFM…?
    The thing that impresses me about Nny is that while his mods may seem a little dissjointed at a glance, but taken as a whole they are aesthetically balanced and seem to work well for him.

  11. Shannon, I guess my comment was a little scathing, but its intent was mostly playful – more power to Lane for promoting Brian (or anyone) and doing whatever he wants :)

    I think Zar’s comment has changed the interpretation of mine to more hardline than it was meant to be – “Never guessed that he would have an agenda to push” was largely my little attempt at self-aware ironic humour for all the people that bagged out Lane for posting his own studio’s work last time. Irony doesn’t translate well over the internet, it might seem :D

    A lesson for the future comments, perhaps. Anyway, sorry for messing up on Modblog – I love it, and I’d be very bored without it. Thanks, Shannon :)

  12. P.S I don’t know Lane Jensen, and I’ve never been to his shop… I live in Sydney, Australia :)

  13. this is part of an online community….bickering and drama will never disappear! as well as mis-interpreted jokes/sarcasm!

    and, i fucking love eggplants. keep on keepin on.

  14. And is it just me, or does Nny have some of the flattest ears I’ve ever seen? That is, not much of a bowl for the inner conch. :)

  15. now this i like, that shit is gona look hot.
    respect dude

    i have been thinking about doing something similar but more of a half moon shape

  16. he looks like a modded harry potter. which is a good thing, since all the ladies think he’s an uber cuttie.

    anyway, i’ve a question about stretched lobes. almost all of the stretched lobes i see on modblog look like a puckered asshole when the jewelry isn’t in them and when the jewelry is in them they have a tendency to jut out from the base of the ear instead of following the natural line of the ear before stretching.

    my question is why do they look puckered when the jewelry isn’t in, and why do they jut out when the jewelry is in?
    i ask because my girlfriends ears don’t look all puckered when her jewelry isn’t in (she’s at 3/4 inch or a little bigger) and when she does have her plugs in her lobes don’t jut out away from the neck but follow the natural contour of her ear.

    i think stretched lobes might be my favorite mod, especially when coupled with silicon plugs for good nibbling fun

  17. As to answer Tarsick’s question. That completely depends on the lobe. The thickness, how “elastic” they are, scar tissue, how long you have had them. So on and so forth, 100′s of reasons can change the way someones lobes “stretch” and look after doing so.

  18. Eggplant…I love it! I hate the look of stitches though, I always associate them with accidents and doctors.

  19. I think that’s really interesting. Will the cartilage support the upper part well?

    I definitely want to see healed pictures.

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