Monica Henk was in a tragic motorcycle accident.

Dan Henk’s (iam:Deadguy) wife, Monica Henk (iam:MalaSangre — and at and on MySpace and interviewed), was in a terrible hit and run motorcycle accident this past Saturday. She is currently brain dead and the decision has been made to take her off life support.

Monica Henk

The police and NY Crimestoppers are seeking information on the driver of the SUV who has not been caught yet. The vehicle is believed to be a 95-97 Black Chevy S-10 Blazer missing the front bumper from the accident, and one of the headlights was smashed out. The accident occurred on the corner of Kent & Flushing Ave. in Brooklyn, New York at about 7am on Saturday, April 7th, 2007.

Crimestoppers is offereing $10,000 and the Henk family has raised $6,000 as well for information leading to the arrest of her killer. If you have information, please contact Dan Henk at (917) 554-1341 or call New York State Crimestoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. Further information will be posted to

138 thoughts on “Monica Henk was in a tragic motorcycle accident.

  1. ugh yeah i read about this yesterday and my eyes filled up by the end, i hope they find the person who did it, and mad love for her husband, roommate, and family.

  2. That’s so awful. I can’t imagine what her family must be going through.
    What kind of person would just drive away?? I hope that driver gets what they deserve.

  3. I am sorry to hear about this I hope they find the suv. My heart goes out to the family.

  4. this is horrible. i knew two people who were hit by SUVs in the course of a week 2 years ago, one being my father who was killed. i hope they catch the coward who hit monica.

  5. Terrible. Absolutely awful.

    Why are people such cowards? Stay and own up for your actions instead of running. Ugh. I can’t even imagine what the poor family is feeling.

  6. My thoughts are with her family and friends. It’s so appalling when young lives are cut short.

  7. Love and support for her friends, relative, and loved ones…..this is just plain sad and unfair

  8. That’s infuriating. I hope the driver comes to their senses to give this family closure.

  9. SUV’s arent the problem, its just asshole sick people in the world. I hope her family finds the info they need as soon as possible.

  10. I’m Very sorry to hear this happened to her! :( I hope they catch the bastard[s] that decided it would be an “ok” thing to just drive off…

  11. This makes me mad. If you can feel a bird bumping your car, and you’d stop to see what happened,you can sure as hell feel a person! They never caught the idiots that hit me a few months ago but I really really hope they get the guy/girl that did this to her. My condolences to her family, such a beautiful person.

  12. I am so sorry to hear that. I hope that they find the moronic coward so he rots in jail for a LONG time. My heart goes out to Dan and his family.

  13. Ive been reading about this for a few days now..
    So sad that and individual would run away from the scene of a dying woman due to cowardice

  14. i never met her but iv been to pure many times and always wanted too i really wish i could held this is so tragic it makes me sad just thinking about it

  15. I can’t think of anything appropriate, so – even if I never had the pleasure to meet her – I’ll just state my condoleances and love to her and her family, a big kick in the butts of the retard on the truck. Fuck off. Fuck – off.

  16. So many people are dying this year. It’s only April and 2 people close to me have died, along with at least 15 who are friends of friends.
    What’s going on?

  17. My thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of Monica. And to the bastard in the SUV – grow a pair you ass.

  18. Unfortunately, I can not offer any clues as to the whereabouts of the SUV, nor the driver who would do this. Regardless of what caused them to lose control, there is no excuse for leaving the scene…

    I do, however, offer my support and prayers to the friends and family of Monica. I have heard nothing but good things about this woman (although I have not met her).

  19. I think it’s really important that something is done at BMEFest this year to acknowledge all of the BME/IAM’ers that have gone before us, not just in 2007, but in general.

    My prayers to everyone who is impacted by this tragic loss.

  20. Awww this is very sad, the poor girl. I know all too well what it is like to loose a person very close, the helplessness and the emptiness is terrible. This is a very very sad time for everyone involved but especially the close family. My thoughts go out to the close family and may the lovely lady rest in peace. X

  21. It’s a shame, I heard about this the day it happened, I was hoping she would regain her mental state again. I hope the family can find peace.

  22. I wish her friends and family all the love and support they need to get through this unlawful tragedy. May her soul find peace.

  23. what a tragedy… I never met her, but just the look on her face in that picture makes me think she would have been a great friend.

    My heart goes out to all her loved ones, and I hope for a swift conclusion to the search for her killer.

  24. that’s horrible. He should rot in jail for a LONG time. Who runs away from an accident? Coward.

  25. I just returned from the hospital. Monica passed today, just after noon. Her support was disconnected and she never gave a single breath on her own.

  26. DAN!!…..All or Nothing LOVES YOU!….This is a horrible thing to hear about, and we all wish we could be there for you….

    Peace bro……Max/All or Nothing Tattoo

  27. That’s fucking terrible.

    As someone who rides, my heart goes out to the family, and I curse the idiot in the SUV that did this.

    People + SUV = Assholes.

  28. Condolences to the entire family and all of their friends. its so that and saw her beautiful sweet picture and my heart fell to the ground. i’m so sorry. reminds me of losing my dad in a car accident..makes me cry. once again god bless the family and all of theirs.

  29. this is horrible. i read those words “brain dead” and “life support” and i thought it was a sick joke. her work is amazing, and i never met her but always wanted to. i hope the motherfucker who hit her is caught. this is a massive loss to the bod mod community. condolences to her family & friends.

  30. The person that hit her fucking makes me sick. You hit someone and drive off? What a fucking coward. I’m very sorry to hear about the loss everyone involved. :(

  31. Monica was an amazing person who lived life to the fullest. She had fire and spirit. We are really going to miss her. The way she lived life is inspiring and I’ll try to follow her lead by soaking up as much knowledge as I can, and fully living each day.

  32. Monica is the closest person i’ve ever known who’s died, aside from family. I just can’t figure out how to deal with it yet. This is just so painful.

  33. May the guilty party be punished, and the dead find peace.
    My condolences to those left behind. Even if in the end you won’t know it, karma will get the prick.

  34. Oh my. So many beautiful people, gone…condolences to her family, and I hope they find the sick, irresponsible fuck who did it.

  35. xPUREx – It seems pointless, but just get up every day and keep doing what you’ve always done. Everything takes on a massive sense of meaninglessness and insignificance, but it’s all you can do. It never stops hurting, but it gets easier nonetheless.

    This is awful. Condolences to everyone touched by the tragedy.

  36. There are no words…

    My 18 year old cousin just died in a car accident.

    It is such a helpless feeling. A loved one is here with so much ahead of them…then…poof


    A blur of pain.

    She and her family will be in my thoughts. In days to come and tomorrow as my family lays a loved one lost too soon to rest….

  37. this makes me tear up…for her, for her family, for her friends, for anyone and everyone who was impacted by her life and her artwork.
    i dont even comprehend how someone could drive away after hitting another person. my dad was hit by a car on his bicycle and had his veterbrae partially crushed (thank god nothing was severed)..I cant believe someone just left him there after hitting him.
    and I cannot BELIEVE that someone left this beautiful girl there and wont own up to the fact that their actions stole her away from all the people who loved her.
    to any person who knew her and is reading this:
    i am so sorry.

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  39. I’m gonna miss her so much. She is an amazing artist and person. She tattooed a bunch of my friends from Queens (Maspeth REP) and I even took some pictures for her. It’s going to be so gloomy in True Blue. :( All of my love and deepest prayers to everyone who knows and loves her.

  40. that is so unbelievably horrible.. nobody deserves to die that young.

    my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. :(

  41. It was so sad to see her in the hospital these past few days. We are all working hard to find the person who did this.
    At least she is able to rest now.

  42. This is a tragic accident that shouldn’t have happened.

    Condolences to her family and friends, I know that it doesn’t mean much.

  43. i hope they find that fucker and nail him to the wall. my codolences. i hate to see stuff like this

  44. much love to her friends and family, and to the officers investigating this case and anyone who witnessed it. I hope they come forward.

    Shine on beautiful girl. You were very loved.

  45. I almost dread to ask this, but is she an organ donor? Because if she is, she can give the gift of life to others as she leaves this world.

    I hope she is. I hate to see anyone taken away so prematurely, and so loved, but at this point, that seems the only positive thing that could come of this horrible situation.

    Again, my thoughts to the family and friends and loved ones.


  46. When I saw the picture I knew there must have been some mistake becuase how can a person who looks so alive and happy not be here? I’m so sorry about her and like everyone else, I hope the bastard(s) get what’s coming.

  47. It breaks my heart to see so many people passing away before their time. This is a terrible, terrible thing :-(

  48. I’m so so sorry.

    My prayers go out to her family and friends, and best luck in the search for the driver.

  49. I hope they fine the individual who did this. It’s disgusting to think somebody could just kill somebody and walk away.

    My prayers and condolences to the family and friends.

  50. my best friend was murdered and they never found out who it was. my love to dan and their loved ones. i know digital comments dont mean shit overall because i’ve been in a similar position, but all the best with your journey to closure.

    im not a praying man, but i pray for you

  51. 2007 seems to be a fucking bad year.
    hope they find the driver.
    i’m near to her family.

  52. i feel so helpless in oz. a tragic accident. my prayers are with all who knew her. all i can say is “as a community, catch who is responsible”

  53. What a beautiful young woman. This is so tragic. I hope the person who hit her is found and sent to prison for a good, long time.

  54. I just can’t comprehend how someone could hit a person and drive off, leaving them for dead. It’s… there’s just no words to describe it.

    I hope the culprit is caught soon, and that it might bring some peace of mind to her family and friends. I wish them all strength in this difficult time.

  55. I didn’t know her, but friends of mine did. I can’t believe what happened. This time last week, she was doing what she loved: tattooing. And now, well, now all that’s left is remember how beautiful she was, and to find the people that are responsible for this.

    Dan, marisa, XPureX, I’m truly sorry for your loss.

  56. All I can say is DAMN.
    This is so sad to read, I can’t believe that asshole drove on. I prey he gets what he deserves.

    So tragic, so sad…
    My love for her and her loved ones.

  57. That’s tough to hear.
    I hope they catch the person, and I pray the family finds peace.

    God bless, Monica.

  58. I can only echo what everyone else has said: This is a horrific tragedy and I am so sorry for her family and loved ones.

  59. There are no words really…
    Just an offer of condolences and healing vibes to her family.

    =( It’s just so sad.

  60. 2007 isnt a good year and this really sucks. i really hope they find the driver. for the sake of her family, loved ones, for justice, and for my personal hero dan.

  61. this really terrible..
    i wish all the best for her family and husband
    good luck in this hard time (sorry for my terrible english)

    ihope they find that jerk really quickly! and nail him to dead.. just a person who doesn’t admit what he did doesn’t deserve to live!

  62. Holy shit. Monica did my half-sleeve… she was the sweetest, most inspirational girl ever.

  63. I can`t imagine how people who did this go to sleep at night.

    Hope they get what they deserve.

  64. i didnt even know her and its bothering me so much. I’d been planning on going to her for work. I’m just blown away, these fucked up things happen to such amazing people, life is so hard. Like I said I never met monica but I’ve already shed a lot of tears for her.

  65. Fuck… if that aint one cute little doggie !!!! I really like the space bewteen thier cheeks…it just seems like a rightous place 2 me…~OM~ Where’d u go ???

  66. Sorry To hear that … even i don’t even know who you are, i feel sad too, coz you are my friend’s friend too =(
    My Condolences to her family

  67. ~Somtimes~
    U know what U got…b4 it’s gone …Thats the feeling eye Get from her pick here…~OM~

  68. Condolences to EVERYONE that knew an dloved her. She sounds like an amazing girl. You’re all in my prayers.

  69. im sorry for your uncle steven lindgren{tattoo artist} also past away dew to a reclus driver he was caught and arested but only got a big fine no jail time..hope u have caught ur guy.
    keep well.shawn africa

  70. I feel/think that there should be a permenaent spot under catagories for those who moved on ….~_0
    If u woke up in the morning laying by my side would you still say u loved me??? even if i was dead?
    Now that would be some true love type sh=t. Buddha’s name be blessed.

  71. hey i hope the family is doing ok.. g’day from australia.. and condolences to u all involved..

  72. I really feel for Monica, and her her family such a Beautiful young lady with dreams cut short cause of some ignorant person who should be locked up by now, eventhogh I didn’t know her personally Ive been to Pure Body Arts and Cassioppia in village my parents are Colombian, and I hate to see this happen to my people!!!

  73. There are truly no words that can express the pain felt when a loved one is lost. Emotion, quite honestly, barely seems to adequately allow those close to the deceased a window to express their sorrow and true feelings. My closest friend hung himself last october, and I dread the 28th of the upcoming unaversery. (I havent slept enough, spelling can suck me off right now) Truly missed in a way that can never be completely shown, it seems my heart has yet to lose that feeling of loss, and emptyness this has brought me. Im certain this is true within the “family” of this horrible crime.

    Though it also prompts me to question my own disposition in the situation the rests upon the the driver, if complete accidental preceedings lead to this occurance, should punishment be dealt to those who fear our system of “govermental intervention” with full intent of “behavioral modification” and “solitude as a form of reform”? Not to be one to take the side of the driver, but empathy forces its way into almost every decision and idea I have. A curse of sorts.

    Oh, and on a personal note, FUCK thomas Edison, DC electricity was an idea he should have dropped the moment Tesla arrived with his obvious and genius AC ideas. But, pride is a vicious creature, and only the ones willed strongly enough to overcome it, can learn without first failing themselves.

    Yes, sleep is calling, and I refuse to answer….

    I am sorry for your loss, it cannot be a feeling that is understood by those who havent been blessed/cursed with the knowlege of total loss, and the fragility and chaotic nature of the world that we co-exist with. Live well, and show the world that our bodies are merely a mass of canvas, one that can be used to possibly spread equality throughout these lands where freedom and capitalism are somehow synonymous.

    And remember if it doesnt bleed, keep trying.

    Love, Peace, Empathy….(Kurt Cobain ending there, if I remember correctly)

    -jkle (joshua kyle london england)

  74. I hope they find the person resonsible,and nail him to the wallby his balls. Deepest sympathy to the family.

  75. I know this is an old post, but i just checked out her myspace, and it’s really sad that her profile has fallen victim to countless, useless spam comments. It’s really depressing that sites like myspace are turning into nothing better than outlets for spammers to post their ads. Even worse though, are the boiler-plate “hope you’re having a great weekend” mass comments that are left on her page. Behind at least a few of these profiles, there must be a real person, and I bet they’d feel like the biggest waste of life if they realized their “friendly” comments actually show how pathetic they really are for attempting to use a stupid “mass commenter” to make themselves seem like they actually give a shit about each person on their “friend’s list.”

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