She killed a dude in prison

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29 thoughts on “She killed a dude in prison

  1. Always wondered what the chemicals in deodorant would do to tattoo colours over time….

  2. I love both tats and with the hair it all just goes so well together … I don’t know if deodorant would really effect the colour/etc. but she could use natural chemical-free deodorant if it was an issue maybe?

  3. Used ot know a girl in Arizona named Shannon, she had one of her armpits tattooed… says she never had to use deoderant on that side again, it never sweated. Weird.

    Also, that is both an awesome and a hot picture.

  4. I always cringe at armpit tattoos . . . it’s gorgeous, and a great location to interact with the art, but GOOD GOD WOMAN, does that hurt as much as I think it does? I’ve done a few pretty painful things, but that just takes the cake.

  5. my chest tat runs into my armpit, it doesn’t hurt in that area nearly as bad as i thought i would,,, the ribs on my side were quite a bit worse

  6. Is the prison murder title referencing the spiderweb? If so, I thought the web meant you’ve been to prison. And it was either the hollow tear, or solid tear that meant you either killed someone or knew someone was killed in prison.

  7. I actually didn’t find getting the armpit tattoed as painful as the inside elbow !

  8. no way, she’s just a white supremacist!

    (j/k but thats one of the things it can mean, as well a whole list of other prison/hateful retarded shit.)

  9. *Sigh* So many gorgeous ladies, it almost hurts.
    The spiderweb is absolutely fantastic, I’m in love! A very manly tattoo, but she makes it work. Excellent.

  10. is it just me or does it look like her elbow is obnoxiously huge. Eh, anyway, shes extremely pretty. and her mowhawk is fun. i want to touch it.

  11. armpit is one of the best locations. period. i think i’d be careful about what deodorant i used [something organic perhaps or maybe none at all if you kick it that way]

  12. funny I always thought the web tattoos meant drug addictions (traditionally heroin), I’m still getting mine though, symbolism be damned… sexy tattoos. I especially love the colours of the armpit one.
    I miss my mohawk, you pull it off better than I ever did though, so more power to you.

  13. re: #5 – I have a friend who also swears that after having her armpits completely tattooed, she never really needed deodorant again…

  14. As far as I know the spider web represents how many years you have been in prison, one web for each year. Kind of like the castle (the big house) with a clock on it, the time being the number of years.

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  16. will you people just quit it with all the ” what does the spider web mean” crap! obviously she ahas not been in jail or akilled anyone. it doesn’t mean anything in this case. certain tattoos are just cool. when you see someone with a ship’s anchor on their arm, do you have to automatically assume that they were in the navy?? no, the spider web does not mean you have killed anyone; quit watching so much tv.

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