Ouch… the uninostril dude…

Tearing out a septum is no fun (click through for another view of this rejected septum)… On one hand I want to say that this placement was too low to be stable anyway, but then I keep thinking “what if it was a traumatic injury… maybe it’s lucky it was pierced too low!” Either way, ouch!

58 thoughts on “Ouch… the uninostril dude…

  1. Damn! You’re right though, it was pretty low.

    (uh, I hate being a geek, but you’ve got a little messed-up code bit above the pic)


  2. Really need to have the full story behind it all, in the intrest of completness you know.

    Also, aaaooooowwwwww.

  3. His left nostril has the gnarliest booger ever… I think that’s why the septum rejected: to get away from that creepy nose goblin.

  4. Just thinking about trying to make this repair is hurting my brain. With the tissue missing, it’s going to be a challenge for his nose to be brought back together without changing the shape of things all together.

  5. Yikes…

    My (former) septum ring was placed pretty low like that, but in the defence of the piercer I have a very teeny little nose and she had never pierced a septum before (thus the reason my piercing was free and only lasted about 6 months).

    I can’t even imagine how bad that hurt mate… *shudder*

  6. My only question that could possibly be answered by this person: assuming it was a rejection, how could you NOT notice this happening, and take measures to prevent this?

    I am once again amazed by ModBlog.

  7. #6 I was thinking that too earlier but didn’t want to voice it because i didn’t want people complaining about it!! :)

  8. Mine is place pretty low too – I’ve got a short little nose. I like it that way and it’s not as low as this guy’s was (thank god!) but it is a bit of a worry for me. I’m considering healing it up and seeing if it can be placed a little higher.

    For those who have noticed, the model/scene-y queen thing Audrey Kitching has a low septum piercing as well. I wonder why?

  9. does anyone know if anyone has ever had a good chunk of their septum removed to creat the “uni-nostril” look ? It’s actually a rather interesting look when you think about it. But would it affect functionality ?

  10. i always wondered if there were any cases of septums being ripped out, and what the surrounding tissue would look like afterwards

  11. if it was pierced right to begin with that wouldn’t have happened, so whoever pierced that is an idiot, and should probably be living on the streets giving head for crack instead of piercing in a shop.

  12. Yo, it doesnt even look like it was through his septum, more like through the skin infront of it…. maybe it was DIY… I dont want to think that “professionals” would be capable of this.

  13. I heard about a kid who had his rip through after hitting the stearing wheel of his car during an accident (his was a 2g I think) and thats exactly why I took out my steel plug and opted for a silicone earskin, if this is a case of shitty placement then damn

  14. aye, shannon, today’s posts have made me tremble at the thought of my vertical hood and my septum piercings coming to horrible ends. :( ::knock on wood::

  15. That’s so scary, my worst nightmare! 35 – i’d have thought at 2g it would be nearly impossible, hence why i’m stretching. now i’m even more worried!

  16. I’ve seen “professional” septum piercings with terrible placement before. Proof that not all “professionals” are worth the cost. I’m a DIYer and have done three septum piercings with PERFECT placement. This gives me more of a reason to start piercing in a shop.

  17. I wonder how soon after he lost it these pictures were taken. I’m also really curious as to what exactly happened cuz, well, ouch.

  18. Wait… a septum can reject? Or was that just too low? I always thought my septum was kinda low but not like that!

  19. whats in his mouth?

    doesnt look like a tongue barbell or a tongue web

    naaaaaaaasty boogers D;
    the septums pretty bad aswell ;|

  20. wow
    can you immangine smelling the nasty rejection fluids like non stop
    or having your nose holes clogged up with dried crusty pus

  21. What the hell dude! A septum shouldn’t be placed that low at ALL. you should fucking get a new piercer!

    But still.. I feel you’re pain, bro’.

  22. The most likely reasons for this to happen I think is heavily powder use by insuflation
    combined with a large septum or torn out in a conflict. I guess a bad infection could cause this also? I fear that not before long I’m gonna end up with the same disfigurement.

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