Vegan Knockout Time


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69 thoughts on “Vegan Knockout Time

  1. Looks like he has to take a shit.

    I never got some vegans. I’m all for whatever you want to do, but you don’t see many people donning scene “Carnivore” tattoos around lately…
    I don’t know, never felt like I needed to tell the world via tattoo how much I love a good steak.
    An idea?

  2. sara, I was thinking this when I first saw it, but there may be a lot of reasons as to why he’s vegan whereas there isn’t a reason why people eat ‘normally’.

    damn it, I’ve tried and tried but I can’t get that sentence to sound right…i hope you know what I mean?

  3. #13, maybe people are more blatant about veganism because it can be a lifestyle choice (often it involves a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and ethical buying for example.) This doesn’t seem to be the case as much with meat eaters. Sort of like straightedge is a lifestyle.

    Not that I’m saying all vegans are environmentally friendly ethical buyers and no meat eaters are. But in my experience, vegans are generally more aware.

    I hope that came across right?

    Eitherway, I do love that tattoo on that body!

  4. “whereas there isn’t a reason why people eat ‘normally’.”

    Pretty much.

    Although I have seen someone with a bacon tattoo on modblog before.

  5. Damn. There are never too many tattooed vegan boys in the world, just too few in my life.

  6. i love the style and the contrast of the black and grey sleeve with the color on his chest

  7. That is a very nice tattoo! Although I do love meat, I really like fruit-themed tatts, I have cherries at least…

  8. I think vegan tattoos are awesome (that may be because I am vegan). I always wanted an inner lip tattoo that said vegan, but I already have “fuck” tattooed there. I’m not sure “vegan fuck” or “fuck vegan” would really work out. Oh well.

    That being said I know a guy who has a fast food/junk food themed sleeve.

  9. i generally don’t agree with vegans’ taste, but this guy’s is great… at least in terms of his tattoo…

    and i sure do like his mismatched lobes.

  10. i think i have seen ‘bacon’ themed tattoos….vegans aren’t the only ones….and fruit and vegetables are awesome no matter what….what’s liver without onions? ;)

  11. kelson – When I was vegan my weight settled at about 225 pounds (I was 270 when I started being vegan). I eat a broader diet right now, but it wasn’t until I switched to meat (and added a bit more physical activity) that I started dropping weight like crazy and am about 165 right now… There are plenty of vegans with meat on their bones — some of the biggest body builders out there are vegetarian (not many are fully vegan though).

  12. so…the asymmetry of his ears kind of bothers me. i didn’t notice at first – i couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his head:) i’m vegan and it makes me sad that i don’t love his tattoo (although it is well done, i just don’t like it) – i feel like i’m somehow a failure…

  13. “Looks like he has to take a shit.

    I never got some vegans. I’m all for whatever you want to do, but you don’t see many people donning scene “Carnivore” tattoos around lately…
    I don’t know, never felt like I needed to tell the world via tattoo how much I love a good steak.
    An idea?
    Maybe. ”

    Every place that sells meat are doing some kind of merchandising.

    And, here (In Brazil) have some posters on the Subway telling to all “Eat more meat”.

    Everything that goes on the other way of your “social life” will bother you. You just need to RESPECT, as I do. (I am Vegetarian, not Veggie)

    BTW, the point is the really nice done tattoo. It’s a Piece of Art. :)


  14. Not my style… at all.
    But it’s a well done tattoo. Beautiful scroll work and color. Love the banana-wings.

  15. i wish it were practical and cost effective for me, a very poor college student to be closer to vegan (read: i don’t have a car to drive to the grocery store/ farmer’s market in, let alone money to spend once i get there). i really should incorperate more whole foods into my diet anyways, but i would love to eat almost all whole foods like fruit and veg. that would make my body so happy! i dont think i would be able to go totally vegetarian even though, cause meat makes my body happy too. I really respect the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles though, it takes a great deal of commitment and dedication! props to all you herbivores out there!

    that aside though, this is a really tastefully (heyooo! pun!) done tattoo. I really like the way the color combinations and choice of script style work together. also, the pseudo-tattered banner seems like it fits the style really really well. awesome!!

  16. I really like that tattoo, especially the banana wings. It’s really well done.

    I wouldn’t handle the asymetry of the lobes, though.

  17. just got back from tattoo shop giving the artist the ok on my vegan-ish sleeve design. (fruits and veg…) and i come home to this. weirdness.


  18. ohhh i know chubby vegan boys exist. i need look no further than the mirror to know that ! interesting about your weight loss with meat, ive also heard the exact opposite (a friend not being able to keep any weight on with her vegetarian diet). its just the diversities of the human body.

  19. Is it VEGAN ink?
    I think it’s cute.
    Whoever designed it did a great job.

  20. I really try to live by that whole if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all thing.

    I have nothing nice to say about veganisim. Except…..

    I love this tattoo.

  21. Ha. When I was vegan I never ate anything in that tat, just Ritz crackers and peanut butter. ‘Splains why I quit, I suppose.

    #49, that’s what I was thinking. From what I understand, most ink isn’t even suitable for vegetarians.

  22. i have no problem with veganism in general; in fact, my mum went vegan after the latest round of creutzfeldt jacobs scares. i *am* a little irritated by the “scene” that correlates somewhat with veganism (not a 100% correlation, mind you, but when i say there’s some association there, you have to admit i’m not making it up)…

    …but, redeemingly, veganism also tends to correlate really well with the laaaaaaaankyboy body type i gravitate towards. nummy.

  23. I LOVE this guy’s tatt, it’s totally cool and really nicely done!
    And I also LOVE his earlobes, I’m all for asymmetry; after all the human body IS asymmetrical. Kinda like the way I love a wonky smile or a lazy eye, the imperfection highlights the natural beauty.

  24. i love his tattoo so much!!
    i remember when i saw just outlines here, on bme. and i fall in love with that. congratulations! you have the best vegan tattoo ever!

  25. ivyann, there are many vegans who listen to folk music, or wear abercrombie, and there are many scene kids who eat at mcdonalds. i dont think the intersection of the two is a majority in either social group.

    but HONESTLY, how can you be irritated about that. its SO petty and utimately unimportant
    sorry for the off topic comment

  26. to someone who mentioned tattoo ink not being vegan:
    it depends on how the artist mixes the ink. there are brands that are vegan-friendly (Stable, i think is one of them), and there are also vegan artists that mix their own ink using only vegan ingredients, using vegetable glycerin as a carrier. the Tattoo Zoo in BC, Canada is a vegan tattoo shop. i think the owner’s wife is sarah kramer, and she wrote How It All Vegan…but anywho, assuming the wearer asked the artist about it, it’s likely that the ink was vegan.

    the banana wings make me think of Zelda video games for some reason.

  27. don’t know if you were refering to me there Cindy.
    I asked if the ink they used was Vegan.
    and that’s wicked… I used to get pierced at Tattoo Zoo in Victoria.

  28. Shannon, the set of “biggest bodybuilders in the world” can’t really be used to advocate or justify ANY kind of diet. Diet is irrelevant at the top levels — it’s all about the AAS.

    OTOH, looking at the “biggest LIFETIME drug-free bodybuilders in the world” can be used to shill for one’s diet of choice, and you’ll find most diets represented. But that’s a group of smaller individuals. Anyone who’s gotten on stage at the Mr. Olympia for at least the last 15 years, for example, is no stranger to the needle.

    BTW, I dunno about the “Knockout” title — it doesn’t really look t’me like he’s making a fist.

  29. veganism is a LIFESTYLE, not just a diet. that’s why we get it tattooed on ourselves.

    and in response to 42: I make barely ANY fucking money, and I am still vegan. It’s about your strength as a person, not about how much money you make. it’s about morals, not about fads.

    also, want to have a vegan makeout party?
    damn son.

  30. I wish people would quit hating on vegans. That pisses me off! We’re ONLY out there promoting veganism to change the world for the better! A vegan is not gonna make anything worse! so piss off.. all of you hating people!

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