DIY Ear Explosion

As Morgan discovered, you can’t force your ears to stretch! That said, figuring out where your body’s limits are is part of the learning process if DIY is your thing. Still, there’s something to be said for taking it really slow — either way, her ear is just fine now, although she lost about a 1/16″ in size from this.

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150 thoughts on “DIY Ear Explosion

  1. oh my god, as a scab picker i am so mad i do not have access to this ear while being squicked out at the same time.


  2. how the hell did it get to that point, and how long did she sit like that before she figured out, oh.. my ear is a nasty mess..

  3. Wow – that’s the grossest thing I’ve seen all week.


    (though honestly, if it were MY ear, I’d probably be fascinated with soaking off all that nastiness and inspecting the actual damage… )

  4. The reason common sense should be measurable displayed for all to see. God forbid this person breed. “why i didn’t realize something was wrong when my baby was blue but now that he’s green i’m really starting to worry”….

  5. Emmm please tell me the ear wasnt left like that?? salt soak, cotton wool and antiseptic spray anyone???

  6. Am sorry but this ear should have been dealt with and the jewellery removed way before this got to being even a tenth this bad.

  7. If that was on my ear I would not be able to leave it alone, I would pick it to death! I really need to curb that habit.

  8. Yeah, I’ve never experienced an infection that bad, but I do recall when, after stretching from 2ga to 0 ga (now at 1/2″, after being MUCH more patient with myself), my ears decided to grow their own bacterial colony. Which was more like a major metropolitain city. And I had giant balls of bloody puss, much like those displayed here :P Gehh-rrrooooosssee XD

  9. Ugh why the hell would you let it get like that?!?? I didn’t even know your ears COULD get like that…. eww this is so nasty.

  10. Whenever I see pictures like this, I can’t help wondering why they didn’t notice something was wrong earlier… Surely her ear didn’t get like this overnight?!

    And yeah, I want to pick it…

  11. I’m glad i’m not the only one who has a problem with picking.. gah its like i have ocd lol and geez that doesn’t look very good… i just ate.. eww..

  12. that’s actually pretty fascinating.

    How does one actually achieve something like that…seems like it’s pretty difficult not to notice the shredding and infecting of your ear…

    “gee. what’s that sound?…*shrug* oh well”

    Like, really!

    *hangs head in shame for Morgan*

  13. I’m actually thinking this just looks a whole lot worse than it is. It just looks like it’s bled and the blood has solidified with a bit of lymph.

  14. i feel bad for her.

    #29, i never understood why the jump from 2g to 0g is 2mm when all the smaller sizes are 1mm or less apart. even my tattoo artist said that guage hurts like a bitch. 00g is 2mm up too.

  15. OUCH! I can’t believe she let them get that bad? But as a scab picker…i’m tempted to pick it!

  16. For those saying that this should have been addressed sooner:

    I had this kind of reaction to Kaos once, too. It happens almost overnight. In my case, it took three days. The first two were mild discomfort, then the third was full blown.

    Assuming this person stretched a hole bunch at once, it could have happened even faster.

  17. How could you not notice that tickling itchy feel in your ears telling you that you need to downsize or get onto some safe jewelry immediately? This isn’t a specific materials issue so much as a listening to your body issue. If your lobe is complaining and won’t shut up, get onto some glass or something so you don’t have a nasty scab blossom in your ear like this one.

  18. Question-How can someone let there lobe begin to do this? I know it doesn’t happen over nite and what not =/

  19. fucking disgusting.

    i’m sure it’s a nice experiment to see how infected you can become over time, but good hygiene is SO important in healing piercings.

  20. awww baby come here I’ll clean it up with some witch hazel and tea tree oil until it’s all pretty again.

    Holy hell…
    mine never did that to be sure.

    Worst thing that happened to my poor ears was early on when I just about had the rings pulled out in a mosh pit. *shudder*

  21. 54. yes, it is gross. y’all scab pickers are grossing me out a ton more than this ear. i just want to cut off all of your fingers. esh. chill.

  22. The purple in her hair is mad, isn’t it a bad idea to let it close up with all that nasty stuff in it?

  23. yeah, i’m with Seb at #62, it looks like kaos to me and kaos + stretch = BAD.

    sure, some people can do it, but i’d wager those people are either lucky or their lobes have stretched naturally through heavy jewelry / tugging on it. i personally would NEVER EVER take that sort of risk.

  24. BTW, I’ve stretched several times successfully with Kaos jewelry, and I do not have stretchy skin by nature. They’re a great tool, but you can fuck yourself over really well with just about any good tool out there if you haven’t figured out how to use it. (And then there are some people who just shouldn’t be let loose on the world with a hammer, but I digress.)

    For those interested (and with IAM accounts!), I’ve written a brief entry on my IAM page discussing the nature of silicone jewelry, which is admittedly a bunch of half-educated guesses but it seems to work. Not trying to whore or anything, just thought it would help add to the discussion.

  25. - Stretching with Kaos plugs works great! – IF you follow the same rules as when stretching with solid pllugs – go slow – leave months to heal – just because there is no exposed flesh does NOT mean stretch more.

  26. I can just imagine gripping the dried blood in the middle with the tips of my nails and pulling back as it slowly releases itself from the flesh in one big lump…


  27. OMG I want to soak it in saltwater for hours…just to get that ick down to a minimum.
    And it makes me want to pick my ears and there isn’t even anything wrong with mine!

  28. It can happen overnight.

    I had a bad reaction to either the silicone eyelets or something that had attached itself to the eyelets. I wasn’t stretching, just using those eyelets for the first (and last) time. Over night they swelled and didn’t look a whole lot better than these ones when I finally got the eyelets out.

  29. Everytime I see pictures like this…I cringe. I never understand how a piercing can get THAT bad! Stretching is obviously a delicate matter for that tissue and if you care for your piercings properly, I don’t see any reason for something like this to happen. I feel really really really bad for her….I’m sure she’ll never do that again!

    I took my time during 2 years to stretch my lobes from 20 ga to 5/8 inch and I never had any problems. I enjoyed the experience tremendously….I think I would have missed out on that if I had scalpled or jumped a ridiculous amount of sizes. No offense to anyone who preferrs to do it those ways :)

  30. Every stretch I have done since 00g has been with KAOS, and I’m at 7/8″ now. Now, I don’t advocate people use it to stretch, but if you know your body and how it responds to trauma/stretching, I think you CAN use it…

    that said, her ear is nasty as hell, and I wan to pick at it, then soak it, then pick off the soggy inside-scabs…

  31. Oh God – I’m cringing and nauseated. I’ve had some nasty wound infections, and I know they can get fucked up really fast, so I’m not going to assume she just left it there to rot for a week or so before she decided it was worth a trip to have it looked at…but oh fuck that looks ghastly. That poor girl, that poor ear! Oh, my poor stomach!

  32. yuck thats really gross.
    poor girl I hope it heals up really quickly for her, I agree things can go bad ways more or less over night.
    hugs good luck with that.

  33. as for the poeple saying to stretch with kaos.. its just such a bad idea. what happened to people just waiting til they see a good bit of slack and just slipping new jewelry in? oh yeh. thats right. impatience. i guess this is the price the unlucky ones have to pay.

  34. this reminds me of my idiot ex-friend who decided to stretch from 2 ga to 00 ga with kaos…. now both his lobes have a lump of scar tissue where there used to be holes… too bad (but he deserved it)

  35. It looks like she may have been stretching with the silicone plugs. Which turn your pretty lobes to gangrene ridden, blown out buttholes in no time! Delicious!

  36. That happened to me. Looked just like that too, unfortunately mine healed shut after that, and I had the huge balls of scar tissue punched out 6 months later.

    It was the most difficult thing to go through for me, emotionally and physically.. i had lost a big part of my identity and it was hard to go on. I felt great shame. I feel her pain.

  37. I’m pretty compulsive about picking at scabs from cuts and whatnot… but even I’d be afraid of touching that. Yikes.

  38. I don’t think this is as bad as the ‘ear cheese’ photo posted a few months back, but it’s a close second.

    Kids: Stay in school and wait a few months in between stretches.

  39. it reminds my of that picture once posted titled ear cheese I love pictures like this

  40. I’m surprised she only lost 1/16″ in size…
    but maybe the scabs make it look worse than it really is.

    if that were my ear, I’d be having a FIELD DAY picking at it.

  41. Jesus, I had no idea there were other scab pickers! I am not alone! haha…but yeah this is pretty gross…….

  42. wow, i would die if that happened to me :( makes me sad just seeing her ear, poor kid, wont be so frisky with her ear next time i guess? :)

  43. this is disturbing. i scrolled up to look again and i had a chill. literally. i have a scab picking problem too, but i wouldn’t pick that… only if it was on my body. but it never would be, sick.

  44. that does seem like it could happen overnight, i mean, if you get cut, you get a scab overnight.

  45. person is stupid to have let them get like that in the first place. as soon as you noticed something wasnt right you should have done sumthing about it. b4 letting it get to the point it has. your lucky you still have a fuckin earlobe.

  46. EEEEWWWWW! That piericng was obviously uncared for and should have been checked out a very long time ago.

  47. I agree with number 6. I saw it and all I could think was… “golly I wish I could have thrown some gloves on and picked at that.”

  48. Wow! Thats Terrible!!
    Im Stretching My Ears But Im Going Real Slow…

    I Move ONLY ONE Size Up Every Month…
    That Way Your Ear Has Time To Adjust Slowly…
    Thus Not Causing A Mess Like That!!!

  49. This is really NASTY!!!! It makes my ears itch, and there’s nothing wrong with them!!!! How could someone not see this happening?

  50. do you just let it heal up mine did it tonght i tryed to push a 55 thru

  51. Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha.
    You guyz r n00bz. S/he is. LOOOLOLOLZRODZZZZZZZ URMUM

  52. zomgz, that happened to me. I picked the scab for the next 3 weeks.
    fun fun.
    but hers looks so much worse.
    as much as i am a scab picker, i wouldnt dare pick someone else’s. lol

  53. U pick it then take sea salt or soft care contact solution and clean it because that shit fuckin hurts hard core then u just repeat. pick clean give it a day pick clean. then you just clean then wait.

  54. Improper cleaning leads to this.. I am at 9/16 right now and I haven’t gauged my ears in sometime now, but I still clean my ears at least 2 times a day to prevent this.. It all starts with an “itch of uncleanliness” If it starts itching CLEAN IT!! or it will itch worse, begin to swell, start stinking, and end up a jewelry-less crusty-puss scab-plug filled hole that all these other freaks want to pick for you!! (pick you own damn scabs) I have seen far worse than this though..

  55. Its them damn silicone gauges, that happened to my ear but not to that point. The piercer said i was close to getting fucking gangreen. i got antibiotics and took them out and now they are ok. my ear was almost to an inch and it completly closed, that sucked. but that person it stupid as hell, if they saw their ear getting like that they should have helped it alot sooner lol

  56. Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww, omfg.
    Thats horrible! :(
    I feel like crying just LOOKING at it! ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  57. Oh shit that’s messed up! I’ve seen people clean their fresh piercings with 96% alcohol – the scabs were fucking GREEN. And I agree, she could have at least wiped the scab off a little before taking the picture..

  58. i just wanna pick that shit and eat it wile the puss ozzez in my open waiting vagina of a mouth

  59. ahhhhhhh, hahahaha. XD that happened to one of my ears last year. i got so addicted to stretching, i ended up skipping sizes and stretching them more ever few hours. then POP! nasty goop started oozing. bled forever. scared me so bad. went down waaay smaller size and have no intention of stretching them more anytime soon. luckily it healed very well, since i took care of it right when it happened.

  60. ahhhhhhh, hahahaha. XD that happened to one of my ears last year. i got so addicted to stretching, i ended up skipping sizes and stretching them more ever few hours. then POP! nasty goop started oozing. bled forever. scared me so bad. went down waaay smaller size and have no intention of stretching them more anytime soon. luckily it healed very well, since i took care of it right when it happened.

  61. that straight up happened to me.. i ripped at a 1/2g
    but i started regauging two months afterwards&my ears are fine..(: now im up to a 9/16
    &still going..:D

  62. Oh geez. All of you people that want to pick it are so gross. Go explode your ear… have fun.

    As for her. Poor girl. That is so… gross.


  63. Something tells me that if her ear was cleaned up a bit before the photo was taken the wound wouldn’t be as bad as it appears to be now.

  64. “Oh, what’s that? I think I hear the bacteria in my ear making conversation”

  65. That happened to my lobes once a few months ago when I tried skipping a size. It happened overnight, and it didn’t hurt. It was fun to clean, and it was still at the same size it was before I tried stretching. They turned out fine, and are at 1/2″ and perfectly healthy. :) Sometimes stuff looks way worse than it actually is!

  66. how has everyone failed to realise that picture 1 with the jewellery still in place, is a different ear to the other two….

    either way, I feel bad for people this happens to. :/ looks gross, but I’m guessing it would be painful as!

  67. that’s nasty, but i would be picking at it none stop. how did it get that far with out her realizing it.

  68. im only at 6g ears well they were 4g but my ears are starting to look somewhat simaler to this but not the bloody scabs its like my ear skin is pealing any advice?? email me [email protected]

  69. I’m really lucky that I have had no problem stretching my ears. In 6 months I went from 20g to 5/8 with very minimal damage!!!

  70. So this recently just happened to me. How exactly do I take care of it? Also is it alright to put a smaller plug in or should I just wait for it to heal?

  71. Ashley, this is a late reply but in cases like this, you should really leave the jewellery out. Yes, it will close up quite significantly but you did force your ear to stretch so it’s really your own fault.

    I didn’t experience anything like this, and I did stretch a little too fast during my 1 to 10mm days. My mistake is that I stretched my ears too young. I was 14, and I had moments where I regretted stretching my lobes and being at 32mm – they would not close up fully. At one point, I decided to get my ears repaired. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out so much like a “natural” lobe as I had hoped. To this day, I regret repairing them – and I know now I’ll never be able to get a stretched lobe back. Some work can still be done on my lobes to create a more natural shape, but then they’ll end up being a mesh of scars.

    Moral? Don’t stretch too fast, and do not stretch so young.

  72. DUDE! How the hell did you let your ear even get like this?? Only an idiot would do something like this and not take care of their own ears.
    I havent had my ears stretched in 2 yrs and just this saturday I did mine on my own. I did them to a 00G (3/18 Inches) and even I TAKE CARE OF MY OWN EARS!! I use Hydrogen Peroxide, soap, and sea salt (a pinch of salt then add warm water).


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