Gorgeous forearms and forelegs

Jewel’s Sideshow recently completed this beautiful set of geometric halfsleeves on all her limbs. Very pretty… and oh-so-mean to the poor, (now) cross-eyed tattoo artist.

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54 thoughts on “Gorgeous forearms and forelegs

  1. does anyone know who the artist was? i would love to get work done by whoever it is. absolutely gorgeous.

  2. did xed le head do this? it looks like his stuff i’ve seen. i have always been in awe of his work. too bad i live so far away :(

  3. i love how the font for the names, and how they are surrounded by the half cirle design. this is so delicate, its amazing

  4. Seems cluttered to me too but I can’t tell if its that the art really is cluttered or because the legs and arm are positioned so closely in together. I’d love to see a photo of her legs standing to get a better sense of how they look vertical which I’m sure is probably the way they were designed to be seen. Just absolutely gorgeous, I really like that woven pattern just below her elbows.

  5. This is gorgeous work, I have always loved henna-inspired looks! I also love that her nails are nicely manicured, it just makes everything look complete. (In my opinion, but I am anal about my nails being chipped, etc.)

  6. IMO the legs only look a little cluttered because the new work hasn’t settled in yet. Imagining it when it’s all healed and looks more even… I’m very, very envious.

  7. All of this is beautiful. I love the parts on the inside of her wrists. The whole thing just fits on her arms perfectly. Be nice to see her legs while standing, though.

  8. This woman was actually the reason I got interested in BME when I was 13… she is amazing, and her tattoos are gorgeous :)

  9. Beautiful! I was considering about getting a piece with intense linework like that, but I’d feel too bad for the artist, even if I left a huge tip.

  10. this is… beautiful

    alas, i only wish that I had thought of that on my own! haha… not a chance. but regardless, this is an absolutely fucking amazing piece of art. wonderful wonderful!!

  11. I actually got to see her get her forearms started a few years ago at Braindrops, San Francisco. It’s so awesome to see them completed!

  12. Woah!

    This kind of detailed, precision, somehow even aristocratic designs on hands and stuff is incredibly cool, at least for girls.

    THey somehow remind me of La Negra’s stuff, if I remember correctly.

  13. oh wow, i haven’t seen many nice looking ink lately, but those are very beautiful pieces of art on you. congrats! :]]

  14. là c’est carrement magnifique, le putin de travail qu’il y a ,impressionant!

  15. I like both the new work because of its originality and outstanding precision, but also the older hand work because in their imperfection they are so personal and real.

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