Checking out her corset piercings in the mirror…

Temporary corset by Steve Truitt at Stay Gold Tattoo and Body Modification in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

38 thoughts on “Checking out her corset piercings in the mirror…

  1. 1: How cool would it be to wear a backless wedding dress revealing a pierced corset!

    I also like her lower back tattoo. The lily and the the nature of the lines makes it more delicate and less tramp-stampy.

  2. Corseting always looks amazing, pity it doesn’t last longer.

    and yes, that would be great Pearl, if i were a woman i would surely do that ^_^


  3. I’ve always wondered if a corset with Microdermals would work…If you could fix rings into the ends?

  4. Pearl, one of my friends had a corset piercing done and wore a backless dress to our high school graduation formal, if that helps :)

    P.S I’ve been wondering whether a corset piercing using short surface bars would work in the long term. It would be a hell of a lot of work to keep clean, though.

  5. For the people wondering about more ‘permanent’ corsets- it certainly can be done if you can find a piercer who’s got the skillz =)

    Here’s some pics of one my boss (Pete Sheringham) did – all punch and taper and spread out over a few sessions to give them a chance to heal.

    With Ribbon
    Without ribbon
    9 months old

  6. Actually, She seems to be fixing her hair, not looking at her rather gorgeous corset.

  7. my problem with “corset” piercings, is that ideally, when corseting, you don’t want that curved shape. the corset should make straight lines.. or as straight as possible. so if you were to get “true” corset piercings, you’d have two vertical lines of piercings.

    end of rant.

  8. I’m trying for a long lasting corset right now, but it’s with 4 big surface bars that have rings on each side so it becomes an 8 ring corset. it’s another option to surface bars so that you don’t have to have a ring and a stud
    it’s just about a month old now, and going strong so we’ll see how it turns out!

  9. this is gorgeous. i wish i had the funds for a corset! well, and the time and determination to heal one. good on her for getting a temp, but i’d be reluctant to take it out!

  10. #2 – I would think that “tramp stamp” would not be an appropriate term in a body-mod community. As a woman, am I not allowed to get a tattoo there because of sexist prejudices? I thought this was a group of people who dug free expression.

  11. Marianna: I am categorically not against lower back tattoos! I am against ugly, samey tribal patterns, because to me it just doesn’t look good.

    However, I have to agree with you that “tramp stamp” is an ugly term. In fact, I much prefer “arse antlers” :D

  12. great corset!!!!!i want to get one done also to add to my piercing collection…about how much does it cost???

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