I wonder…

So we were just wondering here what would happen if someone got the HD DVD key tattooed on them. Any site that lists the AACS key/crack is getting legal takedown notices… if someone gets it tattooed, would a lawsuit forcing them to never show it to anyone be launched? Would they try and force a removal?

Well, email me your photo if you get it tattooed and feel like testing your fate!


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39 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. Seems BluRay’s gone the same way, yay!

    Not that I’m equipped to capitalise on it, I just like seeing Sony kicked about a bit…

  2. DragoBloodlust – it can be used to disable the “copy protect” (drm – digital rights management) on high definition DVD media, facilitating free copying of the data therein. That is, it lets people make back-ups.

    Oh, and torrents. Huge, 20 gig, high-definition torrents.

  3. Took me some reading to understand but thats freaking awesome, I love this kind of stuff.

    Its always gonna be the way it is now and theres no way to get around that. They need to just realize that.

    People used to copy vhs’s, now we copy dvds, it just takes more technology.

  4. 20 gig torrents are crazy!, i hate downloading anything near that big.

    Im used to doing 5 and 6 gig ones which are usually quick depending on how many people seed it, but 20 gig ones just take so long!

    I have 5 250gig harddrives full right now (almost, about 50 gigs shy), of movies, shows and music from the past couple of years.

  5. Geeks fighting back against corrupt corporations by getting illegal numbers tattooed on themselves…

    when did the world turn into a Philip K Dick novel?

  6. This post is a thought crime.

    Good work Shannon, however I feel you *may* have a little too much time on your hands making that gif.

    Then again, who the hell am I to talk?

  7. Is it really pathetic that the only thing I can really think of is that an eight sided die is technically not a D8 but rather a d8?

  8. i just really dont get this. i thought about it over and over. it may be because im blonde?

  9. when did the world turn into a Philip K Dick novel?

    Long, long before any of us were born. Before Dick was born, too.

  10. Anyone remember when CSS got cracked, and people started making t-shirts with the source code for deCSS printed on them?

    These elaborate protection schemes just attract the attention of crackers. The only way to ever stifle this kind of thing would be to start lobotomizing children at birth.

  11. to follow up on #8 (Colin) – as any chemistry major knows, the symbol for Dioxygen is actually the capital letter O followed by a subscript number 2. Unlike the hex pair 02 which is just numbers :)

  12. Computer geeks are notorious for substituting letters and numbers when the context will be clear. That’s obviously hexadecimal (obvious to a programmer, anyway), so the letter O is an unambiguous stand-in for zero. It’s just the kind of thing that a hacker would do.

  13. Man, if i had the money, i’d do it. Hell, if it’s not done by the time i have money, im doing it.

  14. i swear i remember some fella getting an encryption algorithm tattooed on himself. or maybe it was just his public key or summat?

  15. #27, that was me. I have the code tattooed on my dick – so I can decrypt DVDs with my hard-on, and when I’m flaccid it serves as handy reminder of my ZIP code!

  16. What would you suggest as the best websites for downloading torrents? I used to do it, and now can’t for the life of me figure out which are the “good” websites to use. Any suggestions?

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