"HAVE A NICE DAY" Butt Rocker

This tattoo (by Airlie Aaron) could mean so many different things depending on the context it’s being viewed in!!! Yay for versatility.

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16 thoughts on “"HAVE A NICE DAY" Butt Rocker

  1. I have a friend that has a tattoo that looks like it was done with markers that takes up the upper part of his back and it’s this happy squiggly line guy and above it, it says “WHAT A DAY!!”… This reminds me of that :)

  2. this is awesome. it could be soo sarcastic too. imagine mooning someone who pissed you off? haha.

  3. Roo – I think it might have something to do with that when you’re writing something out large and you realise that it’s not all going to fit, you make the final few letters smaller and smaller… :)

  4. Campbell – I’ve done that many a time and I guessed that was that case :)

    Tattooing and writing are worlds apart, though.. which is why I’m not a tattooist!

  5. yeah, shouldn’t they have been able to tell if it was going to fit before they got half way through?(if that really was the case)

    and also…what is a sexual waist?

  6. Yeah, Roo, I think I’d be a very poor tattoo artist. I can’t stay within essay word limits, and I can’t stay within lines when I’m drawing. Guess I shouldn’t even entertain the prospect :)

  7. I am the artist and this is a bad photo!! I know, lame excuse but I ran back to Sam (the customer) to verify and it’s fine its a dimple which makes the ‘c’ look smaller. I SWEAR. You can see the ‘a’ also does a similar thing in the other. My piers (pricks I work with) think a good tattooist would have allowed for such an issue!!!! But then it would be out in other positions!!!!

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