Christina Piercing

I like Christina piercings in that they’re the only female genital piercing that can be (almost) shown off in public… A very suggestive, pretty piercing (see also: one, two, three, and of course all the Christina galleries on BME). Too bad they can be tricky to heal… Anyway, Envius‘s is by Brock at Lucky Devil in Barrie, Ontario.

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56 thoughts on “Christina Piercing

  1. i LOVE this piercing, its gorgeous
    almost had one done last week but opted for the nape instead :(! the day will come ! hehe

  2. I think out of all the female genital piercings christinas are my favorite, they just have something about them that other genitals don’t

  3. I really think they they’re gorgeous piercings but I’m with #4 on the shaving issue and obviously the fact that it’s a surface and stuff.

  4. I really want one as well. If I could figure out how to shave around it without taking it out every day (which can’t be good for any piercing) and had a better shot at it healing, I’d have one already!

  5. re shaving: I use an eyebrow trimmer around my christinas (and outer labia piercings) and then pluck any stray hairs that I might have missed.

  6. Maybe you could possibly use a microdermal instead of an actual surface bar?

  7. ya shaving as a problem at first because i couldn’t go near the piercing as it was healing. since this pic was taken i have changed the balls so they are smaller and i have no problem at all getting a razer in there because the surface bar is long enough. microdermal would be cool…however you would need two to get the same affect obviously :)

  8. I have one, and it’s my absolute favorite piercing. I’ve had it for about 3 months, and there have been no rejection or infection issues. i manage to shave around it pretty well, but there are always a couple hairs i miss (tweezing them is the most painful thing ever). anyone who’s thinking about getting it done, do it!!

  9. Since mine was fully healed, I just gently push the bar upwards whilst shaving in the shower, so that I can get the ball out of the way, and it’s easy to shave around the bar.

  10. I found that with my pubic surface bar (for what it’s worth, a similar sort of piercing), I could move the disc/spike out of the way by pushing the surface bar, then pluck all the too-close-to-shave hairs out of the way.

  11. I guess I am one of the lucky ones, my christina-like piercing is healing well so far! It was hard to shave around it the first time, but I got the hang of it.

    I like hers, with the cute orange undies!

  12. ya its nice… i know cause i have seen it up close.. and its even better in person

  13. tricky and delicate piercing to take care of…and even healed..
    if i was a girl..i had one for sure, no matter what…one of the most good looking and enhacement female genital piercing.

  14. i am thinking about getting one. i know shaving will be a bitch if i go through with it. they look super cute though.

  15. I just got mine done three days ago. My favorite piercing (with my septum coming in as a close second) just a pinch during the actual piercing process, but I haven’t felt a thing since! Bruised up a tad, but no biggie! I pray that it heals well! For anyone who wants one, do it! The 20 seconds of almost pain is totally worth it!

  16. I just got one today! It’s beautiful and didn’t hurt at all… it was SO worth it and I’m not in any pain!
    I got a surface bar (rectangular) to make sure it wouldn’t surface (or at least lower the rate a lot). If you have a good piercer, they’ll make sure it’s right for your body and position it so it will stay.
    As for shaving, I plan to use a little bikini trimmer around it, and then pluck any missed hairs.

  17. ohh it’s soo purdy. I got mine done just under two weeks ago. The piercest told me that I wasn’t absolutely suited for it because i have quiet a err…’sympathetic anatomy’ but never the less, it’s going well, healing nicely and looking georgous! .

    Anyone out there pondering about the risks etc…my advice is, GET IT DONE, as long as you follow ALL the after care instructions, your body will handle the rest.

    Also a tip for people out and about, If your worried about dirty public restrooms, buy a pack of antisecptic wipes and shove them in your purse. :)

  18. i got mine done last saturday it hurt abit but its worth it, it feels really comfortable and it is by far my favourite piercing i also have my ears, belly button,and my right nipple pierced if u r finkin of gettin it dun go 4 it it really aint that painful!!

  19. How long did ittake before any of you started shaving??! I’ve had mine for about a week now, and soon I’ll be getting really hairy… :P Please help me:P??

  20. i just got mine yesterday and i love it! the initial piercing hurt for the 20 seconds it was getting done but after i didnt feel any pain and i havent since. i like readying everyones experiences and i was also worried about public reastrooms so who ever posted the sanitary wipes idea is amazing. thanks!

  21. hey everyone! ohh i dont know if i should or not!!! i definatley think its the prettiest peircing tho, just worried about rejection rates! x

  22. Rejection rate is only high bc so many girls that aren’t right for it are getting it anyway. If you are considering the christina, first have a piercer check your antomy to let you know if your chances of rejection are high. If your anatomy is right then you should be fine. If not, then you’re taking a risk.

  23. I’m getting mine done tomorro, super excited!! And I’m really relieved to read that it doesn’t hurt too bad, makes my life a little better. Glad I found the site!! <3

  24. I did mine myself a few days ago.
    i love it :] even though doing it
    myself was pretty painful, i lived.
    its so pretty looking, & showing it
    off is all the fun :]

  25. Such a pretty piercing, especially when paired with a vertical hood…

  26. question… why would you be rejected? haha. can someone please explain this to me.

  27. I love my Christina Piercing. It hurt a little bit more than i would have liked, but it was so worth it. My body is very sensitive to metals, but the Christina has not been rejected, and i got it about 2-3 months ago.

  28. i’m getting mine tomorrow and i’m so excited. i’ll post again after i get it.

    this picture is beautiful and very tasteful by the way. love the undies.

    and to answer the question of sammy on the 24th of june 2008: you won’t be rejected, hon. your piercing will be rejected, meaning that it will not heal properly, if at all and even possibly get infected. in some cases your body may even push the piercing out itself (i know, weird, but it happens). just make sure you do your research before you get any piercings or tattoos. I go to Dolidre Equal Arts Studio in Allegan, MI. (tiny town but worth the drive) for all of my tattoos. Unfortunately Doli doesn’t have a piercer. So I will be going elsewhere for that. just make sure the place is clean and comfortable.

    hope that helped.
    ps. ^_^ EXCITED!!!

  29. Got mine a few days ago, I was suprised how little it hurt and how comfortable it felt walking around afterwards. (I got my rook pierced right after, which hurt ten times more) Now it’s just a little sore, and I can’t exactly do the splits, but otherwise it’s lookin good. =]

  30. i got my christna done about 5 days ago and i freaking love it! i was gonna gonna get my hood done, but decided to go with a christina instead.. now im just waiting for it to heal so i can get a vertical hood done! the bruising is a bit wild, but it looks so hot. it ddnt hurt at all like i was expecting it to either, my nipple hurt more and i had no feeling in that particular nipple at the time! i recommend a christina to anyone who is able to get one.

  31. I just had mine done two days ago, it really really hurt when he did it and stung like a bitch afterwards but i love it so much and cant wait to be healed enough to get a pretty bar to put in it!! Only problem is its really uncomfy to wear knickers let alone jeans with it and since its winter i cant go running around in mini’s and no knickers lol :0)

  32. For the record if they dont use an L bar they did it wrong, I had mine punched and tapered which hurt like a bitch. But its worth it, looks awesome. Had it for about three months and its doing well. Use a male razor with the precision blade works like a charm :) I had a VCH that was nothing compared to the christina, if people say it doesnt hurt..theyre lying. The skin there is so much thicker than anywhere else.

  33. I just got my christina done about 5 days ago and I absolutely adore it! It was a slight pinch and a tad sore the past few days but it seems to be healing nicely :) It is a wonderful piercing and I feel so much hotter with it!

  34. I had a Christina for almost 2 years without any problems. It did not hurt to get done. Of all my piercings, in fact, it hurt the least. The anticipation of it hurting was much worse for me. It finally did reject though after I gained 40 lbs in 4 months due to some issues I was having and me eating my feelings:P. A bit of fat was added to the space where my christina was and away it went within a couple months of me trying to save it. I’m definitely thinking of getting it again, but the scar tissue has me thinking it wouldn’t be the same. I too was thinking the 2 dermals instead. Hmmm….

  35. Someone told me that if you get a yeast infection then the piercing is likely to get infected. Dies anyone know if thats true????

  36. hey! i got mine done about a month ago and i thought it was healing fine but now its infected. ive been cleaning it with sea salt water but it burns really bad!! does anyone have any suggestions?

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