Fun and Games in Wellington, NZ

Click through for the bloody aftermath of Jacques and James

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22 thoughts on “Fun and Games in Wellington, NZ

  1. “Who’s gonna take the weight?” I think he said it was a line from a song or something. Dude’s a bit of a lefty, so I’m assuming its got a deep meaning :) Man, that was a fun weekend!

  2. i love that temporary sign.. was here when i moved and glows with every shot..

    absolutely perfect for play piercin pics :)

    wow double modblog. didnt see that coming

  3. Yay you made it on modblog again James, and yeah that was a goooooood weekend!

  4. wow, thanks for the work James, the photos Gemma and the post shannon, nice click through, and again, much love to Wellington, love ya long time Yall.

  5. Oh and yeah hte collar bone quote is from the Kool and the Gang song, more the speech at the start of the track…kinda kicks ya in the guts.

  6. I hate to be a hater but w/ that said I’m goina risk it!
    Unless those two are sleeping together and even if there NOT! Hows about some GLOVES? Aseptic technique? Don’t ya know there are people following your footsteps….simply because of what they may have seen here! Very gross and irresponsible! (Sorry to vent Shannon, I just thought it should be addressed)

  7. To Verno and Max, i definately. Not entirely but i do.
    I do hail from a very professional studio and have the knowledge, but yes im out of gloves, and havent made the effort to get more at this stage (what can i say, this aint my day job no more..), but when the IAM meet is a cranking and someone asks for a playpiercing.. its hard to turn down personally. Especially when said person is about to move in England and its the last chance.

    Although that said, are you guys gonna head to the festivals in Phuket and yell at everyone for not wearing gloves? While there are obvious risks, theres a big difference in a professional playpiercing, and a personal/ritual play piercing. Jon and myself knew all the risks we were taking, and did everything that we could with the supplies at hand to do the job. I guess smearing blood all over his torso isnt exactly the most hygeinic action either, but hey, sometimes thats the BME way. Obviously not something I would do in a studio.

  8. He’s very sexxie. :P Oh yeah, I like the placement of the play piercings too. It’s like a six pack frame.

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