Running With Piercings..

During the celebratory time of BMEfest, there is practically something for everybody. We’ve got ModProm, ModCon and the Hooker School to name a few. On the morning of July 1st (same day as BMEfest and Modprom), there is even something for those of us who have a fitness streak in them. All across Canada that day there are several Run for Canada events taking place, one of which happens to be in our gathered epicenter of Toronto.

Mike (being the insane runner he is) is planning on competing in the main 10K race at the Toronto event. However, he hopes to have a sizable BME presence in an avenue that tends not to attract the heavily modified. Don’t be deterred if you can’t run the full 10K (6.2 miles) as there is a 3K walk as well as a 1K walk for kids if you have offspring.

Run for Canada is an event that serves as a fundraiser to support Canadian athletes in training and competition at the international level. Rachel is an IAMer who has been able to represent Canada on the international stage so by participating in this event, you are helping one of our own!

For those interested in learning more, please contact Mike. If there are enough people interested in the 3K Walk portion, teams of four can sign up at a 25% saving (sorry, 10K runners, we don’t get this discount priviledge).

Word is Mike might even make special BME team shirts. So get your running shoes on!

2 thoughts on “Running With Piercings..

  1. When I first read the header, I thought it was going to be a pun on ‘running with scissors’.

    I half expected to see a picture of an impaled barbell or something.

    Sounds like fun tho! Good luck to all attending.

  2. Yeah I’m only moving to Toronto at the end of July and I can’t run to save my life…So I’ll pass
    But good luck to all the one’s who have lung capacities!

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