Beer and Suspension?

Hey, it’s Texas.

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27 thoughts on “Beer and Suspension?

  1. Woulda made my day if they were holding a Tui in their hands instead of a Bud Light!

  2. In our defense, we didnt have choice over the beer since we were a little tied up at the time. Also she is doing a superman which makes it quite hard to drink while facing down.

  3. Ryan –the whole point was you shouldnt drink/be drinking while suspending, or doing any sort of modification for that matter.

  4. yeah Austin.
    and in there def. the had suspended once before and did that one sober and had been up this time for for a while before but they did bad ass, aint that right Mike

  5. I completely disagree with the fact that these kids are consuming achololic beverages while doing suspensions! I don’t even know where to start my rant…

    But, I must say it was a fun night and I’m really proud of the kidz that went up that night and look forward to takin ‘em up again. We’ll represent Austin with some good ole Lone Star next time!!

  6. Eew. I echo those who say that doesn’t qualify as beer. Gimme a microbrew any day. At least then I know I *had* beer.

  7. made from the finest corn and rice. The world at large laughs at american Beer.

    Tex ass is the worst state I have ever been to other than arkan ass

  8. hahaha
    this picture just cracks me up
    its like “hey, what’s up?”
    “oh not much, just hanging out….drinking some beer”


  9. oh lighten up! its not yall suspending so if theyve ben up for an hour and want a fucking beer, let em have it! this is at my house and ill tell you something, it was a fucking fantastic night! four very successful suspensions. and in texas, were not worried about class, we just like to have fun! TRAILER PARK. haha

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