She needs to see a doctor…

I love explicit tattoos! This Japanese-style oozing vulva is by Jason Ackerman ( at Lucky 7 Tattoo in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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76 thoughts on “She needs to see a doctor…

  1. Fucking LOVE the nails, puts a mad crazy spin on it.

    Nice use of white highlights to show ‘moist’ bits too.

  2. It’s Japanese manga / hentai style. There is a whole subgenre of adult graphic art in Japan with grotesque depictions of female genitalia. Attitudes about sexuality in Japan are very complex and it’s hard to explain the social components that motivate this style of art in a short comment. Generally though I personally think it’s unhealthy and don’t find this tattoo appealing.

  3. As a girl who is really peticular about keeping herself clean between the legs, I find this highly revolting.

    However, personal hygeine issues asside, this is a well done tattoo.

  4. as a girl, I find this horribly fascinating! I like the manga style of the tattoo. The Japanese aspect really shines through. Like many others, i’m also curious about the story behind the tattoo! That said, extremely well done tattoo!

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhh…

    when i think “Japanese style” i think flowers and wind and water and other (i guess?) traditional Japanese style. i had no idea about this kinda stuff.

    thanks a LOT for clearing that up :D

  6. Hmm… it’s captivating in my opinion. Though, is it me, or does it look like there’s a face under the clitoral hood? Looks like a cartoon cat face of sorts.

  7. Oh that’s just revolting – I feel like I need to go take a shower now! A well-executed tattoo, all in all – although I can’t say if the sores and oozing is what real nasty vag infections look like, the overall labia and vagina are realistic enough to make me gag when you add that. Nicely done but eeeewwwww lol!

  8. a man walks into a brothel and says to the front man, “i only have $20 what can i get? i’m desperate!”
    the front man says, “yeah man, just go to the last door down the hallways to the right.”
    he books it down the hallway and goes into the room and see’s the gorgeous girl and is thinking why only $20? she tells him to turn off the lights and he does what he is told.
    the guy walks over and she is undressed and ready to fuck, so they start to go at it. “damn girl, it feels like sand paper, it’s so rough.”
    girl, “oh just wait a second, i’ll take care of that.” she walks to the bathroom and closes the door and comes back out soon after.
    they start fucking again and the guy’s response is much better this time, “oh god girl, this feels so good, it’s smooth and just perfectly wet, what did you do?”

    “i picked the scabs and let the puss flow.”

  9. I was fine with this entry until I read that last comment.

  10. Wow.
    Interesting, I can buy.
    Conversation starter, sure.
    Attractive? Hell no.

  11. is it just me, or does the clit look like a little grinning calico cat?
    Maybe I’ve been cute overloading too much xD

  12. Why would anyone tattoo this on his/herself ?
    I really don’t get the point, but hey, de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est.

  13. YAY!!….Jason Ackerman rocks!!…..he did a rad “Dead Zappa for President” on me, and I love this nasty vaj too!

  14. I wonder if the image of the vagina as an object of exaggerated revulsion can possibly fail to have negative consequences for the perception of women and their worth in the societies in which that image is propagated. And just because I ask the rhetorical question, “how much more contempt can people have for women than they already do in much of the world?” does not mean I really want to find out the answer.

  15. When I first saw this, it appeared to me as if the vulva were lifting two barbells (the nails). Weight-lifting vagina?

  16. I LOVE the colors on this! Really great work. The subject is…well….interesting…LOL
    definately hentai style. It’s not something I would get myself, but It looks cool!

    Adrian~I saw the cat too!!!…that is kinda creepy…

  17. Does anyone else see a cat in a fluffy cap where the clitoris should be? It’s got a face and all!

    I think I’m seeing things.

  18. Is that a Japanese style vagina? Balls, I thought Asian women were hot.

    On a side note, one of my favourite obscenities is ‘cuntfungus!’. So that’s what it looks like!

  19. i wonder if he gets any wierd or odd looks when we wanders around shirtless, or would he even

  20. i think it is a well done tattoo, but i don’t understand why you would get such unhealthy genitalia tattooed! but whatever floats your boat, nice work

  21. Ok, So A Big WHY?
    I Can Understand Wanting A Naked Chick Showing Her Stuff… But Why So Dirty? Why Look Like Pus?
    I Can’t See What Would Persuade Someone To Do This To Themselves, But I Take My Hat Off To The Person Brave Enough To Show It Off

  22. My family always joke “I’m not xenophobic, but… the Japanese are weird.” #19, please do explain! I’m intrigued…

    Reserving judgement till I get an explanation (also, how come Shannon and everyone are like “Oh yes, it’s a Japanese style vagina” when I’m a fount of weird sexual knowledge and have never heard of a Japanese penchant for such things…)

  23. I was wondering what made this tattoo “Japanese style” as well… When I hear ‘Japanese style” I think of flowers, dragons, geishas, etc.

  24. I think Shannon means that there’s quite a few Japanese people with similar tattoos – there was one on modblog a while back where it was a full rotting-vagina back piece!

  25. I just can’t imagine looking in the mirror as an old man and thinking this was a great choice of subject. Not to mention explaining it to any future sex partners from this moment. I’m all for getting any kind of tattoo that interests you, but this is definitely to the extreme.

  26. Disturbingly, this is probably the most anatomically accurate (as in, all the bits are in the right place) vulva tattoo I’ve seen…!

  27. wow thats some funny shit!! there is a kitty in the hood! that was a fluke, i didnt classify this tattoo as japanese, i put it in new school, but i can see how it falls in the hentai style. as far as the dirtiness of it, what can i say he asked for a dirty vag and thats what he got!!!! my favorite part is the boil!!!! thanks for the kind words. jason

  28. “It’s Japanese manga / hentai style. There is a whole subgenre of adult graphic art in Japan with grotesque depictions of female genitalia.”

    Alan, what is the name of this subgenre? I find this, and the social implications behind it, fascinating.

    and about the ink: the technical skill of the work is awesome, but personally not my cup of tea.

  29. Wow, that might be the most horrible tattoo I’ve ever seen…hahaha. But, artistically it’s very nicely done. Clean lines and rich colors. :| The only thing it’s missing is a little fly.

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