ModProm / BMEfest are getting close!

I’ve got a lot of other things I have to do this upcoming week a so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do a ton of posting here on ModBlog (but watch the BME/encyclopedia and BME of course). That said, you know I can’t stop myself from posting so who knows…

I did want to again post about ModProm and BMEfest (July 1, 2007). The BBQ during the day is free, but if you’d like to come to the formal evening event (which is really the fun part in my opinion), you can get your ModProm ticket here (and you’ll get the shirt in the mail immediately). Tickets are first-come-first-serve — if you are getting a ticket but can’t do it in the next week or so, please write me! (Note: You do not need to be an IAM/BME member to come).

Click for a closer look at the shirt:


Oh, and since lots of people have asked me if they can get just the shirt, we’ve posted it as a limited edition “sponsor” shirt — click here for only the “Oddrey Hepburn” shirt (this helps support the event too, which is being run at a loss).

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23 thoughts on “ModProm / BMEfest are getting close!

  1. Yay! I bought one. I’m a little bit more excited than I think I should be about a t-shirt. Thanks for making this available!

  2. Well I just bought mine…I love it! This is the perfect blend of old fashioned class and sweet, sweet body mods…like I said, I love it. Perfect.

  3. well i sent a private message but just to make it public please hold a ticket for me shannon as i can’t afford anything till about june 1st. please and thanks.

  4. Wish I could attend, but alas. So instead I purchased that sweet t-shirt. Can’t wait to wear it to work and annoy my co-workers with something they both will not understand AND which celebrates body modification.

    Thanks, Shannon!

  5. Milton78 – That’s Corrie from BMEshop!

    Valon – As long as you promise to keep your genitals covered inside the main event, will do ;)

  6. i’ve yet to attend a bme event. and probably won’t attend any. but not because i don’t love it, i’m just too much of a hermit. i get all weird around lots of people. oh, the insanity of it all.

    the shirts are hot. kudos to the artist.

  7. Yarrr I want to go. But I can’t. Damn it all. I’ll make it next year, though. I swear on anything you want me to swear on, lol.

  8. Doesn’t bother me if you whip it out at the park, but if you get yourself busted before ModProm, not my problem!!!

    I actually had a few fun ideas on how we can do the thing you asked me about… Write me a reminder on IAM and I’ll tell you what I was thinking.

  9. How long will the shirts be available, do you know? I don’t get paid for another 2 weeks and I’d reallllllly like one!

  10. Twiggy – I’m not sure; we may keep the shirts up for longer since people like them but I can’t promise it.

    Jenny – No age requirement but if you’re under 19 you can’t drink of course.

  11. Thank You Shannon! I seemed to remember in previous years you had to be 19 or 21 or something to even get into the venue? I’d really like to go but I don’t even know if I can get into Canada with out my parents as I’m just under 18. I do have a passport though!!

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