"See, you can smile with a huge labret"

G.C. caught this fish in Africa (on a fishing trip in the Gambia) — so that’s what a lip-plate smile looks like! He points out that smiling is definitely still an option!

Now, I’m not convinced it’s the most obvious smile, but I love the monster labret, and Jub Jub the snake does’t seem to mind one bit.

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65 thoughts on “"See, you can smile with a huge labret"

  1. Was it a catch and release senario? If not, I hope he got to eat that mighty fine fish! I think I know what I am having for supper tomorrow! Fishing rocks! XD

    Here’s a photo that needs to be done: Someone with *ginormosly* stretched ears needs to set a kitten/puppy on their shoulder and have them walk through it. That would be cool!

  2. What’s that fish? It looks remarkably like what we in Australia call a Mangrove Jack and, judging from the background, it’s been caught in the mangroves. If it is, it’s both a fine fighting sport fish and goes great in the kitchen too.

  3. hahah the smile made me smile so i showed other people and they smiled i love it

  4. when labrets are stretched that big, it makes me kinda sad inside because it conceals/morphs their smile. haha, does that make sense? :(

  5. I don’t like big labrets, he wasted his ability to smile in a normal way … I don’t get how this can be practical.

  6. I’m sure he had an awesome smile without it but I still think he has a good smile with it, plus landing a fish that big and that nice would put a smile on most anyones face (sorry vegans)

  7. G.C.

    As you already know… I love your lip plate!

    I, too, can’t wait to see the 36mm wood piece that redneckzombi made for you in your beautifully stretched lip. A solid plug should help with the saliva problem.

    AND I’m sick to death, hearing about your smile from small lipped/small minded naysayers. Mursi, Surma, Kayapo, Suya and Sara tribespeople have the best, biggest and broadest smiles on the planet.

    G.C. what is your goal diameter? 4 to 5 inches would be awsome. Any thoughts about an upper lip plate? Jub Jub would have a blast!

    Keep on stretching!

    Your friend,

    (Lip Plates Group)

    PS: Feel free to upload some non-BME photos of yourself to Omolp so we can put you on the front page!

  8. personally i think a labret this big is ridiculously silly. i just don’t like mods that IMO take away from something. they are supossed to adorn, not take center stage.

    obviuosly others dig the mod and he does too. it just seems like there has been an arms race of sorts in the mod world where everyone thinks bigger = better

    hell, what do i know. it worked for Picaso on canvas. distort your faces!

  9. the thing is he isnt distorting his face, though that would be your opinion of it

    well i guess i cant speack for him but when i get a modification and well expand it, i am moving to the image i have in my head of how i believe i am suppose to look

    so with me NOT have the mod is distorting my face, or more so i was born with a distorted face and have now fixed it

    thats how i see it anyway

    anyhow, love GC lip is looking amazing

    and cant wait to see the wood one in

  10. A transexual isn’t distorting their body when they have a sex change operation – and that change is really obvious & takes centre stage.
    It’s true that bigger isn’t always better, but in this particular case it is!
    Corn snakes are my favourite animal, there’s no competition.

  11. For a community so ‘open’ sometimes its so ‘closed’.

    I love it, he looks happy and that fish looks damn good. Makes me want to go get fish for lunch….

  12. #23 just because someone added ink, steel or whatever to his/her body, it doesn’t include a growth of braincells. I think a lot of people here are desperately in need of a brain implantation. sad but true. (and sorry for the bad english)

  13. its more of a grimace really, hehe.
    i imagine at that size it would effect speech?! am i wrong?
    and also would it effect the teeth at all? i dunno, im just curious…
    i have total respect for this guy, its a lifestyle choice ultimately and its nice to see people pushing boundaries.

  14. I love G.C.’s lip

    right now mines at 22mm, so not anywhere near his size but to all of you saying how it must distort his speech are very wrong. You adjust to it, if youve ever had a tooth knocked out you know that you might talk with a lisp for a bit. After a few days though, you adjust and begin to move your tongue different to talk without a lisp. thats how i adjust to a bigger labret to talk without a lisp…and i cant talk for gc but im willing to bet that thats how he adjusts with talking or something similar

  15. sure there aren’t any rules.

    i thought i made it clear enough that i was only expressing personal opinions and not stating things as fact

    different people find different things pleasing. i apollogize if anyone was put off by my comments

  16. “I don’t get how this can be practical.” — I can’t see how any mod is practical, just beautiful.

    Unless it becomes a can opener of course…. ;P

  17. It’s adorable, but I think once facial piercings get to a certain size, they hinder a lot of expressions…


    But then again, my “thing” is big labrets. Something draws me to them. My lip is small in comparison but I’m working on getting up there… not sure if i’ll take it this big but goddamn this is awesome.

    I love his smile with it and the boy is gorgeous anyway!

    and bonus points for cute corn snakeys!

  19. Am I the only one who, when scrolling down, thought that was a pretzel through his lip?
    He looks great I reckon, really funky. I love it when people are confident enough to do something really drastic to their appearance; I wish I was that gutsy!
    Maybe when I’m an old man…

  20. I think his lip looks great.

    I totally understand that it’s not for everyone, and the more daring you are with your mods, the harder it’s going to be for culturally constrained people to understand as well. But other than the occasional idiot that feels it contributes to the discussion to whine that they are unable to understand other people’s aesthetics, I think we’re seeing more and more positive responses to extreme mods overall.

  21. Why is a big lip plate so much different in peoples eyes than facial tattoos?
    Both stand out and forever change the way you, yourself, and others view you (and view your outher beauty).
    Are so many agains’t it here because they still aren’t used to seeing such big lip plates, but are, by now, very use to seeing facial tattoos?

    I think the owner of this glorious (And quite honestly, hard to obtain) mod looks happy with how he looks now and isn’t that all that matters in the end?
    I think he knows alot of people wont understand the if’s and why’s when they see the mod, but that is no reason to try and hack him and his choices in beauty down, simply bewcause you don’t understand them.

    I don’t dream of a world where everyone is happy for everyone else, or love to see someone bring their inner beauty out to shine via mods or whatever, no, I just dream of the day when people see something like this and just shrug if they don’t understand it and then move on..

    From now on I’ll call this big mod for a snake hook!

  22. wow. Aesthetically, I’m not sure about lip plates yet. But after scanning this guy’s IAM page, I’m in love. He hates Bono and loves The Simpsons. What more could you ask for in a human being? I’m a little irrked about a snake being called Jub Jub though. It’s clearly more suitable for an iguana.


  23. I really love GCs lip. It looks simply great even if I don’t really like the white tuflon plugs.
    I wish I could have it for just one day. Only for shocking some people, see how they react. But in normal life I think it’s really brave to wear it all the time and everywhere cause everybody, I say EVERYBODY looks at it! I know this feeling and I only have 32mm lobes.

    GC, go on with that!

  24. I personally love big labret/lip plate smiles. Plus, it’s fun watching people talk with their mouths closed.

  25. >>Mursi, Surma, Kayapo, Suya and Sara tribespeople have the best, biggest and broadest smiles on the planet.

    Not really.

    In fact a recent documentary showed overwhelming evidence that many of the tribeswomen from Mursi and Surma were rebelling against wearing the lip plate because of the physical restrictions that it placed on such things as smiling, eating etc etc. They were increasingly fed up with being made to wear them to prove they were beautiful.

    Also there really is nothing wrong with people on the list having their own personal barriers and standards in regards to the lengths/widths/gauges they find acceptable, in some ways it shows a discipline that is often missing in those that go for the biggest, longest, widest, most etc.

    Modifying the body is not a competition as to who can achieve the biggest or best or even about pushing barriers of taste and decency. It’s about decorating your body in a way in which you feel comfortable.

    For me a well placed, perfectly drawn, coin sized tattoo can be much more subversive and boundary pushing than 3 inch nostrils or 2 inch lip plates. It is all about the context in which they sit.

    People like Paully etc sit on the boundaries where subversion and acceptability are less likely to occur than someone sat in an office with a tiny microdermal on show.

  26. About the lip plate, it really doesn’t matter what I think, what’s important is that I respect this guy’s choices and I’m happy for him that HE likes it and enjoys it. You know what they say, to each his own.
    Having said that, I actually didn’t think smiling would be a problem for people with lip plates. The first thing that comes to my mind is can they kiss ? and how?? it looks quite difficult…. experiences, anyone?

  27. One of the anthropology texts I read suggested that mouth rings are intentionally deforming/repulsive to make Mursi women ugly to everyone but Mursi men, so that they will be safe from cattle and women raiding expeditions of neighbouring tribes, which were historically quite frequent.

    I’m pretty mod-positive though. It looks like G.C. is happy and if he can afford trips to The Gambia, it obviously isn’t causing him any financial/life problems. He’s doing better than I am.

  28. i wanna know if he misses kissing at all.. i certainly would.

    and what about other certain clandestine activities, dose it uh ya know get in the way?

  29. Honestly, I really don’t like how lip plates and stretched nostril piercings look and I think the guy in the picture looks a bit silly. But you know what? He looks happy with himself. How he gets a job is his own business.

    To sum it up, I’m happy with him being happy with himself, If you get my drift.

  30. gah…why can’t you people just say it looks great on him whether you like it or not. He is obviously happy with it and anything that makes someone happy looks great on them at least to them so try to show support and not be an asshole. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and shit but if you have to be as rude as some of you have, it’s just not worth putting up for everyone to see it…keep it to yourself. I think it’s great. :) good job.

  31. im guessing im one of the rude ones.

    personally, i don’t see anyone being rude. i see people expressing opinions and ideas. isn’t this an open forum for duscussing such things?

    one thing that bothers me is this whole “don’t be judgemental” attitude. everyone makes judgements, for example: my rudeness. someone is judging me for being judgemental? judgments are an integral part of our thought processes, theres an actual, biological need for them and our brains do so without our thinking.

    people find different things asthetically pleasing. congrats to this guy for following his vision

  32. “so with me NOT have the mod is distorting my face, or more so i was born with a distorted face and have now fixed it”

    awesome, awesome qoute pauly

  33. The only reason i can tell that the expression displayed is a smile is because of the ‘crinkling’ around the eyes, this is known as a ‘duchene smile’ and its how we can instinctively tell a genuine smile from a forced or fake one. The mouth looks like a grimace to me but its obvious that he’s happy, as long as he retains the musculature around his eyes the world will know when he’s happy.

    But to me he just looks silly…

  34. “everyone makes judgements, for example: my rudeness. someone is judging me for being judgemental?”

    thats a classic sentence here on modblog haha.

    G.C. is awesome and he doesnt like bono, end of story haha.

  35. Is it just me or does it sorta look bigger in the bottom pics?

    I know this has already been said but I always wonder if day to day life would be different with things like this. I know the body adapts and all that, but some things just seem like they would be a lot harder. Like drinking out of cups, but I am clumsy and have enough problems with that already.

    I definitely respect this guy making the decision to do something like this and stick with it. I do see it as being in a realm similar to facial tattoos, putting yourself out there like that… mad props to people that have the confidence to do that.

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