French Suspension

Liz Taylor (not to be confused with Elizabeth Taylor) suspending with friends in Avignon, France.

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More videos can be found on her page, oui oui.

8 thoughts on “French Suspension

  1. It’s actually Elizabeth Taylor singing (which fitted), I liked the lines..

    Are we a pair?
    Me here at last on the ground,
    You in mid-air.

    Which also fitted!

  2. oh! i so very much loved how her friends were so comforting. especially her one friend holding her hand under her chin. this video made me smile.

  3. Roo, didn’t know about the singer but I got your other references. It’s still cracking me up anyway!

  4. anyone know anything about the guy with the circle sleeve.? i really would like to see more of that.

  5. i agree with you number 4 :) and i havn’t really seen many videos where you get a good shot of them putting in the hooks, it suprises me how easily they go through, i don’t know why. its a nice video

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