Eyebrow Accent Scars

These great looking (click through for a second photo) eyebrow skin removals were done by Marc at Swastika Freakshop in Bodensee, Germany — this was the first time he’d ever cut someone’s face (which I’m sure was quite stressful!) but it looks like it turned out perfectly.

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19 thoughts on “Eyebrow Accent Scars

  1. were these done with dermal punches? i really like the effect, it looks perfect following the ridge of the brow

  2. I’m with Neek, they do look like dermal punch holes. An awesome idea though. It’s as if cutting is the perfect partner for tattooing. (:

  3. i really would like too see this healed…. as well…. how old is this client? He looks like a distinguished man and I am sure the scar work will compliment his features.

  4. Here in Germany, when you hear or read the word “Swastika” it´s usually clear, that it is the religious sign. It´s more the symbol itself which is often seen in problematic context – not the word used for it.

  5. if i remember well, he told me it’s done using a punch.
    the double circles look great :)

  6. That guy looks real pissed off in the click through photo.

    Sweet work I bet it will look amazing healed.

  7. I think these will look great healed, they look a bit raw at this stage.

  8. I bet that will heal awesome. That looks a lot like a common scarification done in tribal Africa where they basically took a hook, pulled the skin up, and lopped it off. It ended up looking like pearls.
    While I’m sure that’s not how this was done, I bet it will heal similarly and look beautiful.

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