Burn Courtney, Burn!

This explosive video is being passed around the internet like roasting coals at the moment, and I like to strike whilst the iron’s hot so here’s a quick follow-up with this awesome photo taken mid-burn by Stewy (and click through for a second shot taken two days later).


34 thoughts on “Burn Courtney, Burn!

  1. yeh if i hadnt seen the earlyer video i would have said photoshop.
    but jsut looks so awsome

  2. I love the design, but shudder at how much it must have hurt to get done.

  3. Wow, I actually stopped an had to ask “Is that somebody’s skin?” Not that I’d expect anything less of you.

  4. Fantastic. I had no interest in scarification until I saw the vid of the burn… Brilliant!

    Thanks for following up with pix, Shannon. And kudos to Courtney!!

  5. looks stellar. one concearn would be any scaring caused by heat that detracted from the design. i don’t think there will be any problem though since it burned so fast.

    im thinking the burning will make this scar really nicely. look forward to seeing it in a few months

  6. Wow, i’d love to try something like that, over cutting and removing flesh. But i’d be rather concerened about infection and other complications from the gunpowder residue.

    Keep us informed on how it turns out please.

  7. I saw the video, and it did burn fast, but I wonder if the burns will have any effect on the keloiding. The click-through looks absolutely amazing though. Props to whoever had the balls to do this!

  8. Jeez louise! Looks pretty intense.
    I like that design. It looks a bit off in the second photo, but I reckon it’d look fine in person. Looking forward to follow up pictures…

  9. I like how people are giving Shannon credit here despite the fact that it was clearly Roo that posted this…

  10. Sorry for the bad credit, Roo! Awesome photography, thx for posting.

    Gotta give a gal a break, tho – Shannon usually does the posting, eh?

  11. Well i can tell u its smelly mighty off at the moment but the skin is slowly peeling from the parts that got lightly burnt and looks like it shouldnt affect the design. Will try to put follow up photos later on

  12. Wow, that gunpowder clumped in like that looks like the mother of all scabs.
    I’m itchy and in a picking mood all at the same time now. Thanks a lot!

  13. Gun privileges reinstated! haha all the making for all of these episodes is outstanding.

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