Big nostrils, big labret, big lobes, and a forehead Star of David, but remember — if you don’t brush your teeth often enough, they’ll be permanently stained yellow! So don’t skip the top row or you’ll end up with golden teeth too. Seriously though, I think if I ever do any tooth mods myself, I’m getting warthog teeth. That’s what I really want — big lower jaw tusks like a troll or something.

PS. I’m not kidding.

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27 thoughts on “Grrrr!

  1. if you find a way to get the warthog teeth, let us know. that would be amazing.

  2. His name’s Zion.. he rocks the front desk at the shop I work at, Soul Survivors Body Art in Winnipeg!

  3. Yah, I know his name.I’m on hotornot and started typing in BME for ppls keywords and he was the first to pop up. :] his nostrils are the perfect size :]

  4. I love the nostrils, perfect size…im not into gold teeth at the front tho , makes him look a bit too hard for me.

  5. My husband wants the jaw of a hyena. So he can cracks bones and eat marrow with ease. This disturbs me.

    I’ll settle for tusks :)

  6. it’s odd to see people with jewish tattoos
    since doctrine strictly forbids marking your body as a sign of respect to your creator.
    you can’t even be buried in a jewish cemetary with a tattoo.

    so i’m never really sure why people do that.
    i mean, it’s quite ironic to be so into the jewish faith that you tattoo it on yourself,
    in turn being totally disrespectful to the religion.

  7. I like his plugs and the kufiyeh.

    Re: _

    I had a good friend who wanted to get a Zionist tattoo a few years ago. She did her research into the matter, spoke to several rabbis, and eventually ended up getting the tattoo. The consensus among a few of the rabbis was that some denominations do allow for burial in a Jewish cemetery if you have tattoos. It depends upon the community, obviously a strict following of Orthodox Judaism would not allow for such markings.

  8. this pic is of me; in response to #12′s comment, I have the star of David tattooed on each side of my forehead because I am Jewish by blood, but not by religion. I did this because I not only have a Jewish heritage, but the Star of David reaches far beyond its meaning as a symbol for Judaism. My parents are Rastafarian, the star of David is a main symbol in the Rastafarian religion and my first name is Zion, my middle name is Judah, and I was also baptized in an Ethiopian Orthodox church (being that Rastafarianism is a branch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church) so I find this symbol very personal to myself not only as a “Zionist” symbol but also a representation of myself as a person. I am not as closed-minded about the importance and meaning of certain symbols, for instance, swaztikas, which I will also have tattooed on myself–somthing that was around long before Hitler and the Nazi party. Isn’t that what BME is all about–self expression?

  9. That’s my fiance–I’d love him even if he had holes in his brain…and rotten teeth…and I do occasionally touch his hinee.

  10. 12: Yes you can. If you’re Jewish, you’re gonna be buried (or at least can, if you want to) at a Jewish cemetary. And no one’s gonna file off that piece of skin you have tattooed either. It’s a stupid urban legend.

  11. Shannon, what a creative mind! I never would have thought of a teeth mod like that, but you have seriously just opened my mind wide open!

  12. OK, so many people want tusks! (and I’m sure my partner would get them if it was possible)

    The nostril tunnels and the scarf are my favourite bits.

  13. I’m not into guys but I find myself attracted to him anyway, I think it’s the labret and star of david tattoos, the gold teeth just make me jealous, also if I’m correct the stone inlayed onto those plugs is labrodorite, maybe I’m wrong but it looks like it and it’s one of my favorite stones.

  14. I’m not gonna lie, I wish I had those tattoos, I have such a fascination with the Star Of David and I’m not Jewish at all.

    Everything that he has on him looks perfect.

  15. so what rates where a jew with star of david tattoo or a jew with a big ass swastika tattoo or dang what if a jew has both real big and bold ….

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