Lingum Piercing

Alicia in Melbourne, Australia had this unique piercing done by Sallyann at Hair House Warehouse in Broadmeadows — it’s a horizontal under-the-tongue surface piercing (aka a lingum piercing, one of the rarest variations on unusual tongue work). Before you say “oh, that’s going to reject,” I’ll mention that it’s about ten months old in this photo.

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46 thoughts on “Lingum Piercing

  1. I hate the foto for not showing her eyes.

    Yet it’s so much perkier this way. Awesome cheeks.

  2. I would dig this one. Really very subtle and beautifull… and rare. I wonder how kissing someone with this feels like…

  3. Very cute… but something about an injury to the bottom of the tongue just squicks me out, not to mention the possibility of hitting a blood vessel…

  4. Yeah, not to mention Hairhouse Whorehouse in Broadmeadows ! :O

    Still, its a nice piercing.

  5. Nice looking piercing but the fact it was done at Hairhouse Warehouse is seriously squicking me out! The bile is rising.

  6. It’s such an interesting and unique piercing! I would love to read about any difficulties she had while healing the piercing, or even how it felt while healing!

  7. Lolz, Hairhouse Warehouse.

    Srsly though, I fucking love this. But I love my centre tongue piercing too, I don’t know if I could handle taking it out :(

  8. I’m thinking Hairhouse Warehouse is the name of a studio down in Melbourne and —

    Wait, Australia’s #1 hair and beauty franchise? :|

  9. Regardless of where she got pierced, it’s a unique piercing, and definitely not one that I’ve seen before. Pity no piercers around here can do that, I’d love to get one.

  10. hair house warehouse is like a hairdressing, hair product, nail salon franchise. im amazed someone there KNEW how to do a surface piercing. let alone one that seems to have survived longer than 10 days.

  11. coming from a hair dresser who shops at hair house warehouse
    i wouldnt of trusted them with something like that. they have piercers who only pierce in some of their franchises but as i just had to be nosey and inquire about shit while i was there there girl in the parra store only did like a one or 2 week course. which is pretty shitty if you ask me.

  12. Before I go on to answer the questions about my piercing I would like to defend Sallyann, yes hairhouse, I know bad rep – the chick she replaced was horrible. That being said she has been piercing for about 15 years now and knows what she’s doing and does it well, my tongue was my second piercing she had done for me, of six in total. All well done and doing great, and don’t be hating on borady my hometown and proud, moving on…

    The piercing is nearing a year old, pretty much no problems healing at all other than the normal difficulties associated with tongue piercings – eating, talking etc. but I had the added difficulty of a longer bar hitting my teeth, downsized as soon as I could which helped plenty.

    Initally I had been interested in a tongue web piercing, but as webbing is something I am lacking – completely, me and Sally talked through other options, I suggested a similar placement to a tongue web but she explained I had fairly prominent vains in the bottom of my tongue so she would have to move it closer to the tip, liking the idea I agreed. As far as the pain, not all that bad, a bit of a pinch as the needle exited the left side of my tongue and quite a lot of blood, the worst part was the clamps and having my tongue hang out of my mouth while dribbling as she got everything marked out.

    I love the result, deffinately a favourite of mine, I really like the fact it’s fairly unique, purely by accident.

    “I wonder how kissing someone with this feels like…” well according to my boyfriend it’s great, lol.

    any more questions, feel free to ask, more the willing =]

  13. when it comes to piercing it has fuck all to do with the place you get it done at, more rather than who u get it done from. alot of so called piercers sit a 4 hour or a 3 day cource, wich teaches u nothing really!!! sallyann is one of australia’s most experienced piercers with 16years under her belt hear in australia and the u.s.a, learing for nomad in sydney she has prefected surface piercings and dermal and transdremal implants…..she’s to good for a place like hairhouse warehouse!!!!!! but she loves her clinets!!!

    check out for more of sallyanns an co’s work

  14. I don’t think i would ever trust someone who works at hairhouse warehouse with getting any piercings done, crap jewellery, crap tools, crap piercers. Worst place to get pierced. I would rather let my butcher pierce me than going there.

  15. 36/mat vincent – I don’t care if the God of Piercing worked at Hairhouse Warehouse (or Cosmetics Plus, or Ice Accessories, or Essential Beauty et al) – I still won’t support unethical companies like that by giving them my business and money!

  16. For a moment, I thought you wrote “lingam” piercing. In India, lingam means penis. Hmm. You’ve got lingum on my lingam?

  17. i’m going to back up sallyann and alicia on this. its all got to do with the piercer. like if for some reason pete from piercing urge decided to pierce at a hairhouse warehouse i wouldn’t hesitate to go to him. and nice piercing alicia, i had a horizontal tongue but biting down on it was not a fun experience. eventually i lost it in a cave in buchan

  18. I obviously agree wholeheartedly with 38/Jen – it’s all about ethics, and mall bargain-basement piercing studios are killing the good shops in Australia, and shouldn’t be supported no matter who’s piercing there, or else there won’t be any good shops to go to when your $1-wholesale Hairhouse Warehouse barbell rusts out of your piercing.

    And frankly, judging from their Myspace profile, where they’re proudly bragging about using Wildcat jewellery (hmmm) and claiming their motto is “If you can pinch it, we can pierce it” (but can you heal it?), among other warning signs (like an entire portfolio of 30-second-old surface piercings, not one shot of a healed one), I’m not terrifically convinced about how awesome they are. Even Alicia describes her piercing as a happy accident in her repsonse in these comments!

  19. haha, i just got mine done yesterday and was doing come research on it and came across this, mine looks different to yours, i have a much smaller tounge, then again its still rather swollen

  20. nicely done. i don’t think it really matters if you got it done at hairhouse, it turned out fine didnt it? just wondering, did it hurt much? how much would you rate the pain out of 10?

  21. It is a beautiful piercing, but please always check your teeth.
    Did one 7 years back, and it was fine for 2 years. Than we had to take it out

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