"The sea monster"

Damn, Howie (Lunacobra.net) has really gone medieval on The Engima‘s ear! There are something like a hundred stitches in this piece. I should mention that Howie’s one of the folks that’s going to be around during BMEfest — contact him directly if you’re looking for work.

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31 thoughts on “"The sea monster"

  1. what happened to his ear? looks like somebody ripped out his piercings

  2. “what happened to his ear? looks like somebody ripped out his piercings”

    U don’t see the puzzle piece?

  3. Wow..gosh..what look is he going for exactly..noice..and on another note, he’s in the Billy Talent film clip right?? Pardon my ignorance..Fallen Leaves is just getting big here in Oz…

  4. what the hell dam zombies !!

    no can any 1 tell me what its spose to look like

  5. Is it just me, or are all dudes with “extreme” tattoo coverage dudes naturally red- headed? Am I trippin? Mebbe it’s a melanin thang…

  6. I’m also red-headed, we are a badass breed. :)

    BTW all: Howie is currently touring in Australia (Brissy, Sydney, etc all).

    If anyone wants down on some AMAZING work, give us a call on 0400133777.

  7. Es una buen idea rasgar tu oido si en verdad quieres tener una modificacion de tu cuerpo aun más pesada!

  8. I don’t think it’s a puzzle piece, Howie said it was a “sea monster ear”. I don’t think it looks very sea monster-ish myself, but I haven’t seen many sea monsters either so who knows.

  9. I dont really know but i guess it speaks allot for the actual qaulity of the work done that one has to make the faces to help enhance things…

  10. I wonder… How will he look in the age of 65 or 80 ? O_o

    This is too much… Completely insane…

  11. if it was cut at the top part of the ear like the rest it would resemble a puzzle piece more i think he shoudl tattoo is face more blue if he really is goijng for the whole look, its really faded out

  12. I’d like to see a photo of him when he is in his 70s…. I think by then the puzzle will be more difficult to solve :-)

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