UV glow butterfly/star tattoo sleeve

Vlad at Steelteam in Moscow, Russia, sends in this UV-glow tattoo.

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36 thoughts on “UV glow butterfly/star tattoo sleeve

  1. I wonder how that looks in daylight, ‘cos it’s fantastic in UV light

  2. First thought? Unreal tattoo, second..what in f*#k is that behind her??…

  3. It’s the head of the chair she’s sitting in, covered in some sort of plastic wrap.

    One of the nicest UV tattoos I’ve seen yet, but it looks fresh so I wonder how it will look healed.

  4. what does it look like in natural light?
    it’s really pretty right now. I hope it heals well.

  5. Круто)))Влад молодец.Я бы тоже что-нибудь замутила такое!))))))))))

  6. pretty. I love her UV earring too. I love the look of larger-gauge captives/horseshoes… especially in fun colors.

  7. Every UV tat I see posted makes me want one more and more. I saw one posted in an LJ community I’m in the other day of the Triforce on the back of someone’s hand. I need to read up on the health risks of them so I can make my final decision.

  8. I’ve got a lot of UV work on my hands and face, and for those who are asking what it looks like in normal/regular light, you can’t see it.

    Both myself and my girlfriend decided to get some UV work together. I did my face and later my hands and knuckles. She did her knuckles only.

    I’m a very light skinned and you cannot notice a thing unless I’m within a few feet of a black light. She is dark skinned and you can’t notice a thing on her. Great stuff and since most UV ink now comes without carcinogens you don’t have to be thinking cancer. Personally, people have been saying that since I was 10, I’m now 30 and I have never heard a case of cancer from UV ink.

  9. >>>first thought: …cancer?

    That’s a tad alarmist, not too dissimilar to someone reacting to a standard tattoo with “first thought: infection”.

    Have a couple of UV tattoos myself and in normal daylight you can still see subtle markings. I do have dark skin though.

  10. Nope, why? hahaha

    I just don’t really get the point of UV ink & i am interested in the motivation behind the deed.

  11. why?:

    I don’t know her reasoning, but I’m attracted to UV tattoos because of the mystery behind them. I quite like the idea of stepping underneath a black light and having someone’s art appear glowing on my skin. It’s a just a different spin on tattooing.

    Granted, the tattoo may not be entirely invisible in regular light, I think it’s an awesome idea, and I love the way this looks. I’ve always wanted a tattoo on my forearm, and after seeing this, I think I’ll find someone who can do something in UV ink.

  12. that looks gorgeous. I love the effect of UV tattoos, and I’m really interested in it. It just seems so dangerous, in the other hand.

  13. It depends on the ink used, most of the time the pigment is deposited directly into the skin, and what makes it glow is carcinogenic.

    With Crazy Chameleon ink, the pigment is encased in PMMA which (supposedly) won’t get damaged unless it is frozen (-10 degrees Farenheit). Therefore, it is safe unless you plan on getting your body cryogenically frozen. Even then, if you are brought back to life the ink would still be as safe as (or safer than) any other blacklight-reactive ink.

  14. I got the MSDS sheet from that company when we ordered a bottle of the ink to try out. If you google the ingredients off the MSDS, individually they all state that they have been known to cause cancer. Therefore I don’t see how you can add several different chemicals known to cause cancer together and have it not cause cancer.
    I had a few dots done with this ink put on my hand just to see, and it is barely noticable at all in normal light, but it does act up occasionally and I plan on cutting it out when I get a chance just to be on the safe side.

  15. well therorectically u can take like 3 or more known bad unhealthy factors and make them fun and safe like gasoline,road flares, and cotton candy…each on thier own would be very hazzorudous but when put them all togther they are still safer than uv ink …

  16. That is awesome.. im from Adelaide, Australia and would love some info on where to get this sort of thing done…ive just grown the balls to get some all white facial ink and would love to outline it all with uv ink..overall awesome tat

  17. Jason QOUTE “ive just grown the balls to get some all white facial ink .
    my suggestion is now tha you have just got ur knaddds up to size :WAIT AT LEAST A YEAR UNTIL YOU GET ANY INK OR ANY OTHER PERMENT WORK DONE ON YOUR FACE
    that just my opion but who i am to judge someone who just grew some big balls …

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