Float like a butterfly..

A collaborative suspension event between Swastika Freakshop and 42 Suspension Group.

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

One knee 2 point suspension = Swastika Freakshop, 2 point knee = Benny, 4 point knee = Alena, 2 point suicide = Mori, 2 point suicide = Julie and last but not least, 2 point suicide = Zera.

Phew! Did you notice this video is Frou-Frou-free?

24 thoughts on “Float like a butterfly..

  1. It’s great to see a Suspension video that goes for more than a minute. So many times I’ve just wanted it to keep going.

    That looked like it would have been a beautiful event. Everyone looks content. It’s so lovely to see.

  2. I would so be affraid that the skin would snap… It’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I see those knee-suspensions and stuff… Does that occur?

    Great video, it really gives me a warm feeling, sense of freedom and an allmost child-like happiness from finding pleasure in simple things…

  3. Heh.. that second one, hanging from the tree like that, made me think “….pinata?”

  4. Fucking LOVE how they cut their own strings. That looks like MAD fun!

    Simon: Skin *can* break/snap under such pressure, it’s not very common however it all depends on the person suspending, the gauge of hooks, what style of suspension and placement of the hooks.

    There is a LOT of info on http://wiki.bmezine.com/index.php/Suspension to check out.

    Keep the MAD vids coming guys! Lovin’ em, great mix to Shannon.

  5. Loved it. The music was great as well. Just seeing all their happy faces definately increases my want to do a suspension!

  6. @jOELTRON: thanks… I guess one has to learn what his/her own limits are.

  7. RooRaaah Crumbs – I think I’m just in love with outdoors suspensions. I’ve done both indoors and outdoors and there’s just a different vibe.

    I love how something can be so intense and so beautiful all at once.

  8. Lovely video! Everyone looks like they’re having the time of their lives.

    My favorite moment was around 2:35, I think, the girl with the long purple (?) hair who danced herself up, that moment as she actually lifts is so great.

  9. damn. now that is just stunning. makes me want to suspend. now. …right now.
    as compared to other suspension shots and video i’ve seen, i’m agreed that those in this video look so at peace with themselves it’s beautiful.

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