Full body scarification projects

These gorgeous large-scale brands were done by Noah Babcock at Evolution, Inc in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Beautiful work.

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29 thoughts on “Full body scarification projects

  1. Those are the two toughest motherfuckers I’ve ever seen. I got both my forearms branded on the same day – NOTHING compared to what these two gents have – and I wanted to die during the healing process.

    Outstanding work on the top project!!

  2. im not sure how stoked i am about this, maybe its cause the scars will all come out differently cause they were done at different times, something about that bugs me. but beautiful art regardless

  3. I love the sleeve of the second one and the healing on the first one and how he used the Eye of Horus around his nipple.

    Just wow.

  4. I definitely prefer the designs in the top picture. The chest scars in the bottom set remind me too much of armor… too macho. His beefcakeness certainly heightens the effect. The intensity of the redness also freaks me out..

  5. i really like the look of scarring on the fellow in the upper photo. the work on the guy on the lower photo looks good as well, however i do prefer how the scars of the on the fellow in the upper because it seems to flow better with his body, and are more subtle. all and all good work all around i would be pleased with the results of either, just the upper shot appeals more to my personal aesthetic.

  6. I think it’s so amazing how the individual human body can respond to something in such a different way to the same kind of trauma or stimuli! Beautiful work but I’m absolutely terrified of branding.

  7. i feel like just the raised keloids like in the second set would hurt or at least discourage much movement. but i don’t have any scarring of that nature so if someone who does could respond that’d be great.

  8. I love the result of the top one. If I could somehow guarentee that the scars would turn out like that on my skin, I would be covered in cautery brands! Love em.

  9. amazing work of arts… and I also love the spiral jewelry in the nipples in the first photo.

  10. I really like the scars on the arm of the second man, they look intense and I doubt I could handle that! Hats off to both of them!

  11. Wow, that’s so hardcore. I love the second one, with the contrast between the very red, raised scars and the pale flesh, intense!

  12. thanks everyone for all the positive comments. i’ve been branding for almost seven years now, and am just now starting to get my work on the internet. BTW, the fisrt guy is around 65 in this picture, so he’s just saggin cause he’s old!

  13. i think the scarification project looks so cool whot he has had done so far and its a difrent way of geting a full boday suit all so i donn think people wold have thote of covering there holl boady with scarification so good on you i think you will be the first person to go for this so i hop to see the finished projet bin the fucher on bme mod blog from bob fox

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  15. @jessie i have a keloid scar, and it doesn’t hurt, but occasionally it will itch.

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