I can guess what that used to be…

Here’s what poor Megsie ended up with after her industrial piercing “ripped out” and (her quotes), “healed”… Some very telltale keloids!

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43 thoughts on “I can guess what that used to be…

  1. Whilst I know these are keloids and not implants, they do remind me of the ear implants that were on here a little while ago… I think this actually looks kind of cool, almost as though it was done on purpose.

    I’m sure poor Megsie doesn’t quite feel the same way!!

  2. Looks painful. Though, it does look a little like the industrial’s still in there, just with pink balls and an invisible barbell :)

  3. Yes, it totally looks like the industrial’s still in there! I think it’d be cool if she just tattooed it black or something – pink balls and invisible barbell turning a fake industrial!

  4. i have a bump on my ear exactly like that in the exact location of her top one! when i took out my industrial the top hole make a bump just like that but the bottom hole closed just fine.

  5. good thing she had to remove it. look at the dent left in her outer conch from the pressure from the barbell.

  6. It’s always weird to me when people say their piercing “ripped out” when there’s no exit scar visible and it obviously didn’t.

    I guess in my head, “ripped out” means forcibly got torn out of the piercing (ie. balls still on, and completely torn out of the piercing)… maybe that’s not the case though.

    Either way though… I’ve seen way too many ears that look like this — makes me sad.

  7. argh i hope this never happens to mine! i’ve dot a dent from the barbell as well, does that mean anything?

  8. redneckzombi – I was thinking the exact same thing. It obviously didn’t rip out.

  9. Jacki D — Why on earth would you say it’s “obviously photoshopped”? Shannon ‘cleans up’ all the pictures he posts, but I don’t think that’s what you meant.

  10. Caroline (#10) – If there is a dent, that means that the piercing is warping your cartilage. That’s not a good thing and most people agree that if the bar can’t run freely without pushing into the ear, the piercing shouldn’t be done. It can also cause excess pressure on the pierced holes, by pushing on the bar.

    Generally, it will at least extend healing time.

  11. i had some scarring that went away on my industrial, and thank god i didnt end up with something like this! but well, i guess it also has to do with my lack of genetic propensity to scar in the first place, even if i tried to.

    i agree with comment #16 as well. as the indistrial piercing is gaining popularity around the campus of my university, it has allowed me to see more and more how it shouldn’t be. i had a conversation with one such person whom i had grown friendly with, whose poor left ear where her industrial was had large lumps of scarring on both ends, her ear looked very bent, and the bar was way too short and was squishing. not to mention the crusties looked dark greenish/brown, not clearish white/yellow. the conversation went like this:

    me: allison your ear doesnt look so happy..

    her: no its fine, it hurts a little but my sister (in the sorority sense) said hers did this before it healed.

    me: well does she still have it?

    her: no she had to take it out cause it was bothering her too much.

    i think that pretty much sums up whats happening in my community with this piercing. i think i may have been blessed with a well formed outer conches/flats, and my industrial healed very well. but not just anyone is suited to this anatomically. but because its becoming a fad (at least in my area), more hack piercers are letting more uninformed customers get this done even when they are anatomically unsuited. i guess that could go for any piercing, really though.

  12. What I don’t understand is why someone wouldn’t see a doctor when the keloids starting getting /that/ big…

    Mine healed really well, and as much as I bump it, hit it, and snag it on things, I never had a big problem with it at all.

    Either way.. ouch. =(

  13. While it would obviously suck for most people, I can’t help but think that looks totally badass.

  14. Wow I’m glad mine didn’t do that.

    I have a dent in the top and bottom holes from mine, but they’re scar dents rather than pressure dents, if that makes sense

  15. I think the confusion about the ripping out is because when you think about it you instantly think it must have been torn through the rim of the ear away from the head, but I think what probably happened is that it was forced through either the top or bottom hole, dragging the balls with it and making two large exit wounds. (Shannon correct me if I’m wrong..) Hence the large scale tissue damage would have created what can only be described as unfortunate keloids.

  16. I totally agree w/ not understanding how someone would let them get this big. If this happened to me, I’d be off to my derm or cosmetic surgeon so fast.. ick.

  17. uh oh. my industrial has little bumps on the inner top, and inner and outer backs. Not nearly as bad as that. sorta like the one on the inner top of my ear. should i take it out! help. although, this isnt QOD…but oh well.

  18. Good lord, will that ever go away?

    Now I’m paranoid about my industrial…

  19. Damn, I have exactly the same thing. Well, actually, my scars are alot smaller even though my skin is prone to keloiding. Man, I sure do miss my industrial….

  20. oh man.. i just got an industrial and im starting to get little ones one the top part of my peircing… how are you supposed to take care of that if you are still doing soaks and stuff? :/

  21. wow thats crazy, I just had to take my industrial out, it was placed wrong and now I have these small bumps on the top and bottom, I hope its not a keyloid. but to be honest I havent been taking care of my industrail, I have two, the first one i got done on my left ear and it healed perfectly but I had a dickhead pierce my right ear and he fucked it up, he put it in the wrong place, fucking asshole, anyway now I have these small bumps around the exit hole but I just pray to god its not a keyloid, I have 8 piercings and this is the only one dat gives me a notceable small bump around the hole.

  22. this almost happened to me,
    i caught it right in time, i took out my bar and burst it then put a straw in it until it healed. i still have my straw in and my ear healed perfect , the keloid did not grow back and my piercing is still there.
    Sorry this happened to you…

  23. Mine were easily twice this size after my industrial. I just had them cut off last week – not that they bothered me aesthetically, but they continued to get caught on my helmet and we getting bigger and bigger and starting to hurt from so much banging. Will be interesting to see how they heal – 50% chance of them returning

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