Naturally Pointed Elf Ears

Brittany Jasper went in to see Lane Jensen to have him implant a “Micro Dermal Anchor” into her tragus. While doing the procedure Tayla and Lane Jensen noticed that she had naturally pointed “Elf” ears. Unlike the surgically altered pointed ear procedures that Brian has done in the past.


34 thoughts on “Naturally Pointed Elf Ears

  1. MY younger brother has pointed ears naturally- slighly, more half-elf ears technically :P but I’ve always envied them.

  2. its beautiful! i don’t know what makes us find pointed elf-ears so pretty, maybe it corresponds with our imagination of elves (e.g. Tolkien) but either way, i don’t think theres anything more cute!

  3. mine are naturally pointed, too. although a little sharper of a point. i used to hate them growing up, but now i don’t mind them so much.

  4. Because putting ear buds (ear phones) in her ears with a labret shaft would bang it constantly causing it to swell and be sore constantly. A micro dermal made more sense.

  5. mine are pointed too
    my brother and sister always called my Spock:D
    but i learned to love them

  6. Very nice !

    I have my tragus pierced the normal way and I don’t have any difficulties with putting ear buds in …

  7. i was thinking the exact same thing Frances as i have known many people that wear ear buds and have never had an issue when it comes to any ear piercings.

  8. Wow, I really like the microdermal. I thought about doing this myself.

    Currently my double rooks are rather bothersome because I can’t even think about using those silly ear buds (or any headphone for that matter). I have small ears and any little movement can bump my jewelry. I think this is a great alternative for people who want to avoid problems with headphones/cotton buds/etc.

  9. Does Lane Jensen always speak of himself in the third person. and write in sentence fragments like this one?

  10. I had both tragi pierced with CBRs… the first one, I didn’t wear headphones during the entire healing process… no problem whatsoever…. second one, I was wearing headphones within 12 hours of getting pierced… bad idea… I had a ton of problems with that one healing… (not all of them having to do with headphones.)
    good call on the microdermal, but I’m just not in love with the look of it… I like the look of tragus piercings done with CBRs instead… so i’d definitely stay with the way I had mine done.

  11. lane jensen only thinks things are cool if he sees them in his shop. aren’t microdermals supposed to be done with a flat end initially, btw?

  12. The bezel set is 3mm flat on the bottom of the gem set, I guess according to Zar I should only post anything but what comes or goes through my shop. A 5mm flat disc would have pressed against her tragus.

  13. Please tell me what font was used for the watermark in this pic. It looks like a variation of Caflisch Script?

  14. I have very small ears, and a “normal” tragus piercing. it hurts like a bastard to put earbuds in.

    i only wish now, that i could have been there to see these ears in person. alas, i believe she came in on my day off.

  15. lane, you must forgive my comments, i just really, really, don’t like you. in fact, i think you’re scum.

  16. haha yeah this zar person always bashes on lane
    i dont know either people but its like modblog jerry springer shit
    why doesnt zar ever post a IAM address so we can see who they are

  17. I have naturally pointed ears. Steve makes fun of them all the time. I hate them. I was always called Spock growing up and I still hide them to this day. I have even been known to photo shop better ears on my head!

  18. Hey, that’s pretty cool… my ear looks the same way and it just so happens to be my right ear. They claim it was cuz of how i was positioned against my sister in my mom’s womb, but who knows! I use to get joked about being a cat and an elf… It bothered me before but i’ve grown out of it.

  19. i ahve pointed ears and i hate it. once i turn 18 and save up money im getting it changed. poeple will be like oh my god did you know you have pointy ears. yeah dumbass. some girls say its cute but im pretty sure itd look better with out them. ive tried to google to see why my ears are like this but i keep getting stupid stuff. anyone know anything that can help?

  20. I have pointed ears. I hate them. How can I get rid of them.
    Just want to fit in. Help!

  21. I have a half Japanese, half Scotish friend whose mother is as short as Pippin, and has a face just like Billy Boyd who played him, and also has long, thin, pointed elf ears.

  22. yo tony i have had a pointed ear my whole life and got teased about it. well one day i decided to do something about it and cut the point off with some fingernail clippers. bandaged it up with neosporin, 3 weeks later took it off and it was beutifull barely visible scar. hardcore huh. its still a little bit pointed but just perfect. the funny thing is the day i did it, i was getting a labret piercing and the guy next to me had his ear bandaged up too. guess what, he had just got his ear pointed. this was back in 95 when it was rare, we just looked at eachother and laughed. how ironic.

  23. Hey, Tony and Frank. Don’t hate your ears mine are the same way and I love them! It makes me different and gives me a reason to stand out. I used to hate them as well but now people I know are jealous of them! Lol If your just confident about yourself people will think that they rock! If you go around talking about how much you hate them everyone else will too. Self confidence plays a huge role in who you are. Anyone that puts you down because of your ears are most likely just jealous so you should just rub it in their face that they are BORINGLY normal, and PLAIN jane! :p
    Take advantage of what you were born with!

  24. My ears are both naturally pointed, like a literal V at the top of both my ears, but I love them so much, it’s unique and it’s fun entertaining my little cousins by telling them I’m an elf.

  25. good to know that I am not alone, and I love my slightly elf type years, I felt an instant connect

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