Tattooed Wings

Mink‘s big tattooed wings are exposed at the beach — they were done by Richard Morisette at Planet Ink in Ottawa, Canada.

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23 thoughts on “Tattooed Wings

  1. Crazy.
    When I was a kid I wanted big wings like those.
    With multicoloured rainbow feathers.
    Stuck with that idea until, hmm, 5 months before my 18th birthday? And now I’m 22 and tattoo-less.

    Hers are really pretty though, great detail.

  2. i really love the right one, but the way the left one is missing the centre portion of the bottom of the wing is really bugging me. :-/

  3. Nice…would be look better if they were symmetrical though. I’m anal-I can’t stand asymmetry.

  4. The left one is missing a feather because it’s on my thigh. The feather has fallen out on purpose!

  5. YAY MAE!!

    I know Mink has put up with alot of “crap” to finall get these and has worked hard and earned EVERY inch of that tattoo’s dollar worth, which, for those who know, is in the very high range (understandibly) for Richard’s high quality work. I don’t know anyone who deserves angel wings more than she does. She’s really an amazing hard-working person and i’m so happy to see she got to show off her wings! I love them! Way to go Mae!

  6. Yay, it’s Mae!

    “The left one is missing a feather because it’s on my thigh. The feather has fallen out on purpose!”

    I actually didn’t know that. I thought it just wasn’t finished yet. Photograph the one on your thigh! I’ve never seen it!

  7. I love them – and love that they’re asymmetrical! I’d love to see the whole thing with the feather on the thigh. Sounds wonderful.

    (In general – I am *not* a fan of wings, but these are just so giant and wonderful that I can’t help it.)

  8. Personally, I absolutely love large-scale wing tattoos. I think they’re beautiful, and I love seeing so many variations on one design. I’m guessing most people don’t like them because they’re done a lot? I can’t speak for everyone, but to me that seems like a silly reason for not liking a tattoo.

  9. oh wow. i was going to say “its mae!” but a handful of people beat me to it… and she already knows that i think her wings are beautiful.

  10. Oh I was wondering where that extra feather went!
    And oddly enough it did cross my mind that it might be tattooed somewhere else.

    Clever idea.

  11. I’m kinda addicted to angel wings, especially if they’re this well done. Nice detail and great idea with the missing feather.

    Please post a picture with it.

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