How embarassing

If I was going to make a list of everything wrong with this video, it would be a very long list…

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233 thoughts on “How embarassing

  1. Wow. Just…wow.

    At least the “piercer” sprung for some gloves and dollar store jewelry – what more do you need? Hepititis? Free of charge!

  2. WOW. that’s just a little over the top to react when getting a piercing. and i have low pain tolerance and my tongue didn’t hurt at all. haha, nice video!!

  3. omg how much did you want to punch this guy when he was going errrrrrgh


  4. OK, I thought I was annoying ’cause I cry during tattoo outlining!! At least I do it quietly!

  5. i dont believe it’s a question of what was done incorrectly during the procedure. The real question is as follows:

    Was there anything done correctly?…and you should know the answer.

  6. This video pisses me off.. That’s what happens in a country where piercing isn’t allowed.

  7. HAHAHAHA! That was a nice one. Apart from condoms on fingers, I love how the guy turns red just above his necklace-thing, but stays white underneath. And come on, is he a guy or a 5 year old girl? :D

  8. Uh, as soon as I’d see his “finger gloves” I’d be out of the door in a heartbeat. And I wonder if that jewelry was autoclaved…

    If I showed this to the mod-friendly doctors I work with in the emergency room, I think their positive opinions on modification would change. :(


  10. What a pussy! Maybe someone should of told him to go to a professional to get pierced. One it doesn’t really hurt and 2 he might not get an infection from ungloved hands. I bet the equipment isn’t sterile either. Yuck!

  11. Oh, hhaha, I’ve seen this on youtube. Being a professional body modification artist for 6 years this video made me want to puke and die and then some. I just cant help but think that this is staged. Are people really this ridiculous? Wait I know that they are, I deal with fixing this kind of thing all the time….ehhhh, It’s exhausting to see how many people let there friends who ‘have done this before and did a good job’ let them do it to save a buck.

  12. you know, i’ve only been pierced twice by a professional-more will be on the way!- but, even i was totally fuckin horrified…ok, not so much because i’ve seen people get pierced and tattooed in worse places but still,ewwww.

    what’s was with all the screaming?

  13. as a trained body piercer…..

    A. where are the gloves? rubber thimbles dont cover it.
    B. that tongue ring was….horrible. it was plastic…just give me the noose.
    C. its wrong to pierce a 5 year old girls tongue. ; )

  14. wow… now, I have never had my tongue pierced nor do I have extensive knowledge with being a piercer…

    but I was left with the following questions:
    – wth, were those condoms on his fingers and why was the piercer such a dick? Is there a reason he couldn’t have iced the guys tongue to help him relax, even if it doesnt really work, wouldn’t that at least let him *think* it won’t hurt as much? Was that piercing crooked? why did it look like the top of a play piercing needle and not a silver ball like I’m so familiar with seeing? Wasn’t the jewelry too short? Was that room a lil too dirty for piercing? Shouldn’t he have used a clamp or something on the tongue so the guy wouldn’t have to “hold still”?

    I don’t know about the guy crying and whining through it – I’m a big baby so I figure people react different ways and maybe when you have a condom fingered guy coming at you you’ll tense up so it’ll hurt more.

  15. LOL %)))))))

    i dont belive that its not stiker on his shoulder %)))))))) how could he suffer this PAAAAAAAAIN %))))))))))))))))))

  16. I couldn’t see anything wrong !

    Kids today ! Im my day it was stick ya tongue out place the rusty nail and bang with the hammer !

  17. this whole thing was done horribly wrong! no wonder he was suffering!
    if he would have had the piercing done by a professional, it would have been over before he had the time to say uaaaaaaaa

  18. Lmao. What a fucking pansy. That was the most unprofessional enviroment ever…the finger condoms were the first thing I noticed..also…he didn’t stick his tongue out, it was in his mouth the whole time wtf mate and he calls for ice?Since when is ice the cure all for getting your tongue pierced lmao.

  19. #16 I agree with …so he dosnt have a high pain tolerance he stated he wanted ice ,get the motherfucker some ice .There is nothing wrong with being open and honest .making fun of him makes u look like a fool to me ~_0

  20. The kid is wearing dog tags, if that is what is supposed to be “protecting” our country I’m scared.

    How did he handle getting his tats?

    I’m not even gonna go any further. I can’t. It’s just wrong.

  21. My brother split his tongue right down the middle when he was around six or seven … and he didn’t make half the noise this guy did.

    Those finger condoms did look a bit sketchy. It’s not like finger-tips are the only place that bacteria can hang out.

  22. I’m pretty sure this was done over seas, I mean the man was wearing dog tags, this isn’t happeneing in some shop in the states, that’s why the conditions suck sooo bad.

  23. Eeee!!
    I can’t watch…
    and yet something in my being draws me to it.

    God damn I’m such a mental-masochist.

  24. bahahaha…
    found this on the youtube link…

    “This is an Army friend, getting his tongue pierced in South Korea. They aren’t legally allowed to pierce anything in South Korea except in a hospital so this guys shop that is doing the piercing isn’t a legal shop and he probably isn’t qualified to give the piercing.”

  25. >>>this isn’t happeneing in some shop in the states, that’s why the conditions suck sooo bad.

    I’m sorry but some of the worst piercings I have ever seen in my life have come from the USA. Lack of external regulation and compliance mean that technically anyone with a clean premises can pierce.

    There needs to be a legal authority and regulatory board that the body modification industry are governed by to ensure the highest quailty possible.

  26. Dear god…either suck it up and admit you’re an idiot for getting pierced in a place that’s not sterile; OR, take it like a man.

  27. What the fuck? Are you kidding me?? Fucking morons!! None of them should be allowed NEAR anything sharp EVER!

  28. aww but that walmart tongue jewelry was super cute.

    hah, can’t wait to see the video of him getting his PA done. I bet he uses a blue glitter acrylic CBR.


  29. It says on the video….

    “This is an Army friend, getting his tongue pierced in South Korea. They aren’t legally allowed to pierce anything in South Korea except in a hospital so this guys shop that is doing the piercing isn’t a legal shop and he probably isn’t qualified to give the piercing.”

    for those who were curious.

    And I thought you werent allowed piercings in the army??

  30. There arn’t even words to describe how angry stuff like this makes me…

    #45 – yeah, you’re not, that’s why I got confused too :S

  31. I’d like to comment not on this video in particular,
    but this representation of non-professional piercing.
    I understand it’s BME’s responsibility to point that people shouldn’t practice non-professional piercing,
    but at the same time it has to reflect the reality, and in fact many home-made procedures work out very well, while in opposite I often see crooked/rejecting piercings on those who only go to professional piercers.
    I am not a piercer, and my friends let me pierce them (typical morons you’d say), but EVERYTHING i’d done so far was done well. Sure i don’t do advanced procedures, but i’ve pierced tongues many times and my clients never screamed like here, and none of them had any issues healing, not mentioning that the placement was just perfect.
    I am not persuading people to self-pierce or trust their bodies to non-professionals, I’m just saying that this video is an exaggeration, you need to have just a little piece of brain not to have it like this.
    as a comment on comments, i think you should emphasize how stupid these people are, not the fact that they are non-prefessionals, because not all non-professionals are dumb…

  32. umm…..I dont know who to shoot first, the piercer or the whiney little bitch.

  33. I totally want to make an appointment to be pierced by that guy. He seems like the shit. Next time I am in South Korea I’m getting my triangle done by him.

  34. ok, yeah, everything with this video is completly wrong. we all know that. as to #51, true, not all non-professionals are that bad, but the truth is that we professionals strive to perfect our craft and explain to our clients the newest sterilization techniques, and sterile proceedure. there are shops out there that will give you a clean professional piercing that may cost a little bit more, but then again, would you want discount surgery?
    I dont mean any offense, but if you really are interested in piercing, and you really do care about your clients, you should search for an apprenticeship at a good reputable shop. also, check out the APP at Sometimes even your shop wont require the best. you have to take it upon yourself to hold yourself to the highest standards. And trust me, your clients will appreciate it.

  35. That is so hot! i love it!! reminds me of ths guy i branded last time i was in philly.. SO FUNNY.. the guy was a total sissy and here is the funny part.. it was a FRATERNITY brand!!! HAHHAH with all his brother there.. laughing at him.. totally calling him a woman during their pieces.
    im going to digitize it just to send it to shannon hahaha
    TOO good to not share

  36. haha wooow and i thought it was bad i made a little noise when mine was done…at an 8 ga. ok he probably could hide a normal sized bead, being army, but a neon green one?!?! normally i’d say what was he thinking but the rest of this makes it painfully obvious he just wasnt…

  37. I couldn’t watch it all the way through in one time. I played a little, got disgusted, read a few comments and went back. He has the most annoying scream I’ve ever heard. o_O

  38. whats the big deal?
    its just like the time my friend juicebox pierced my tounge in his backyard.
    except this idiot didnt use bleach to steralize it before and after.

  39. I didn’t watch barely any of it in case he threw up, only got to the bit where he wanted his tongue iced (I’m guessing he doesn’t throw up and it’s ok to watch apart from screaming?) Sorry, I’m emetophobic and don’t want to take any chances!

  40. Is it just me, or does the ‘piercer’ put the clamps on two clicks right at the very beginning of the video?

  41. “that was really gross. how could someone think that is a swell idea?!”

    Posted by rebecca on June 17th, 2007 at 2:49 pm

    Oh, I’m pretty sure that’s gonna swell! And ooze too….

  42. #42-



    a friend named juicebox would be pretty cool hahaha

    i wonder what he did while getting inked. and if the artist was anything like this piercer.

  43. #9

    As far as I can see there was only one thing done correctly, the video documentation so this can serve as a deterrant for people and educate them how things shouldn’t be done. Finger tots, wtf?


    Piercings done outside the US aren’t automatically done under poor conditions by poor practitioners though. I’ve seen examples of both awesome and absolutely horrible piercing conditions and piercers both inside and outside the US.

  44. i was hoping to hear him scream after it was all done that the needle went through his tongue and into the bottom of his mouth because that is what it looked like it was going to do. that job was horrible but i have known of worse situations where people have used kilt pins to pierce their frenum.

    #71 you are completely right that the only right thing about this video is to show people what never to do.

  45. Why would a person even consider getting their tongue illegally pierced in South Korea?

    I do not understand.

  46. I’m English. I’ve had plenty of good experiences outside of the US. Lalala…

    My tongue hurt like a BASTARD when it was pierced, they’re not all as painless as I’ve since found out the majority are – but that’s something you should be prepared for if you’re going to get holes put in you, no? Screaming… pfuh. Try harder. There’s no excuse for making a load of Igor-esque charicature noises.

    Seriously, as the jewellery’s getting screwed in I’m expecting to hear “yeeessss massssterrrrr…”, he’s really got that intonation down :op

  47. Unbelievable. I am speechless. Wow.

    Um. Yeah. What a pussy! If I were peircing his tounge, I would have told him to get the hell out of my chair. But what is really unbelievable is the lack of sanitation.

    Ugh. Whatever. This video just blows my mind.

  48. Ha ha ha! Condoms for gloves?

    That’s just shocking…

    …and probably very slippery :|

    I’ll stick gloves and half decent piercers, thankyou…

  49. Now there’s one of the slightly more horrifying and stupid things I’ve ever seen….

    It hurt enough getting my lounge done *properly*, but the rusty-nail and condom-fingers must have made the experience all the more satisfying!

    When will people learn?

  50. WTF? Is that a leather punch he used to pierce the tongue? Or one of those things potters use, it has a solid handle and a spike sticking out. That’s what that thing looks like, that’s some scary shit!!

  51. I am….flabbergasted…
    seriously….this is so wrong on so many levels.
    The health board should add this to the list of videos they show kids at school with ‘why you should wear sunscreen so u won’t get skin cancer that looks like this’ & ‘what an STD in your eyeball looks like’ LOL
    …then again….I could see where it would give some kids ideas…

    anyways…this was totally sick….
    I wanna see this guy do a tongue splitting! LOL j/k

  52. Hhahah. I live in South Korea and there’s probably less than a dozen tattoo or piercings shops in Seoul, and there’s no way I would have anything done at ANY of them. I tried to get one store to order me a seamless BCR but they wouldn’t, and instead offered to just bend my current BCR closed with pliers. Uh, no thanks…

  53. The finger cots and this guys behavior are what get me! Grossness!

    (Finger cots are little “finger condoms” you can pick up in the first aid/baby care/dental aisles of any pharmacy or grocercy store. Never seen them actually used though!)

  54. The funniest part has got to be the alcohol swab on the tongue. I’m sorry but that’s.. that’s just funny.

    .. maybe it’s because I’m canadian, but I’m HOPING that everyone who is calling them “finger condoms” aren’t actually thinking they are REAL condoms on her fingers…. right? … RIGHT? … I mean.. they’re finger cots… haha

    The piercer obviously doesn’t have the best grasp on cross-contamination and blood-borne pathogen theories.

    I didn’t even watch the piercing part.. I could see it being horrible a mile away and I really didn’t wanna watch that. haha

  55. thats nothing look up piercing on google vidio and let the awnser to y people think piercing is bad be found….there is even a vidio of kids piercing thair lips with chop sticks…and they use water to lube the stick while ramming it home lol

  56. umm…ok? The lack of hygiene/proper CARE really grossed me out. Because that is just nasty!

  57. Just wow. He actually used a drill punch to do the piercing! I work with these daily, and know that they are anything but sharp. You use these to make a small dent into a piece of metal that you are going to drill (to make the drill stay center). They are only mild steel.

    He definately got a little extra something with this. If not tetanus, then an Hepatitis.

  58. Everything that needed to be said, was said. The only thing I feel the need to comment on is that I’m stunned. Not just at the video, but for the fact that for the first time EVER I actually agree with Giles Wallwork (comment #36)

  59. I’m sure this is completely irrelevant, especially since it has already been shown that this guy *is* in the Army, but anybody can get dogtags. A lot of Army/Navy stores have the stuff to make them. I had a personalized set when I was in Jr. High, way before they got trendy (which happened in my part of the country for some reason, maybe other places too).

  60. Some people are too stupid to be alive.
    What was RIGHT with that procedure? if you could even call it that. I wanted to kick him in the head. No one needs to make that much noise. Also. Acrylic? wtf.

  61. To number 51: “I am not a piercer, and my friends let me pierce them (typical morons you’d say), but EVERYTHING i’d done so far was done well. Sure i don’t do advanced procedures, but i’ve pierced tongues many times and my clients never screamed like here, and none of them had any issues healing, not mentioning that the placement was just perfect.”
    That sounds a ton like a drunk driver justifying their actions. “Well, yeah I had a few drinks and I shouldn’t have been driving, but my friends trusted me to drive them home, so I did. Nothing bad happened, I didn’t speed and I didn’t hit anything. So it was fine.”

  62. I should have left my computer on mute…

    My boyfriend has a friend who’s nickname is juicebox all you guys talking about the name juicebox. Just thought I’d put that out there.

  63. Lol, I’m Belgian and we have some very professional piercing and tattoo artists over here. It’s not all about the US you know …

    And to comment the video: I don’t have a tongue piercing but I can’t imagine it to hurt that much. He’s just a wuss.
    And the conditions are bad, but, if you pay attention to what’s going on and just don’t let a random “artist” pierce yourself, you won’t go to those shops.
    It’s just his own fault if something goes wrong imo, he should have been more careful

  64. #102 – You can even get dogtags made at the Smithsonian.

    I’ve had several of them forever, too, because they make excellent luggage tags when tied on with some good metal wire cable.

  65. This guy looks military (he has the BDU tan and the haircut), but US Soldiers cannot have body piercings (at least visible) but regardless of that, my only thoughts on this video are:

    What. The. Fuck. Seriously.

  66. i love how many people have already commented about this.

    i showed everyone in our shop and there were horrified faces all round…

    the worst part is, way too many people would continue to get pierced by “piercers” like that. …

    but it’s okay because they’ll die off from massive infections.

  67. Omgz people, finger cots…which I guess are basically finger condoms. I definitely wouldn’t want his ass touching my tongue with those though…you know the bare fingers touched that tongue.

    But, why was that guy such a puss? I had my tongue done and it wasn’t really painful, I teared up but it was just a natural body response.

    I had someone tell me the ice idea is actually not a good idea.

    Good lord, whata whiny bitch.
    But, obviously it wasn’t autoclaved, the top looked acrylic to me…unless it was dental acrylic which can be autoclaved. But, I’m gonna go with a no.

  68. Hahaha, fuck yes.
    I’m feeling the finger condoms.

    Anyways, I really doubt that was a “professional”…Probably his asshole friend.

    I didn’t finish watching the video.

  69. Dude sounded like he was pretty fucked up to me. That was my number one concern.

  70. So the total count that I can personally see:
    1. The finger gloves of course.
    2. The “piercer” should have taken off his rings and bracelets as they are huge magnets for shit you don’t want near an open wound.
    3. Not giving the man some fucking ice, and using a stupid excuse “nobody else gets ice”.
    4. The needle had a sort of, drill appearance to it. It looked either like it had threading or was just the wrong fucking needle.
    5. The “piercer” tells him to shut up.
    6. He proceeds to tell him not to move his tongue, the best way to keep his tongue still is to leave the clamp on.
    7. No one should turn that red.
    8. The jewelry for a fresh piercing should be all titanium or surgical steel, not fucking glittery glow green princess acrylic shit.
    9. Shouldn’t it be, you know, not crooked?

    And finally number 10……

    Shouldn’t have let that half-assed piercer do that to him in the first place.

    Did I miss anything? Please let me know if I did but I am sure I found everything easily identifiable in the video.

  71. everyone keeps calling this guy a wuss, and aside from being a complete moron for even thinking going to this guy was a good idea, i dont see the wussyness being his fault. if you listen very carefully at the beginning of the video, you can hear the clamp being locked into at least the second click. and seeing as i dont see any rubberbands on the clamp, and the guy is holding so loosely onto the clamp, for it to remain where its at, its obviously locked down.

    i dont know if any of you have had a clamp locked down on your tongue, but it is pretty painful just on the first click.

    i believe this guy is an idiot, but to call him a wuss i think is invalid. although for being this absolutely stupid in going to this guy to get a piercing, i do believe he deserved the pain. heh

  72. I think you are confusing what the camera man is saying as the person doing the piercing saying it.

    I am more amused/saddened by how many people here seem to think that he has rubbers on his fingers.

  73. TOB, I think you forgot that the jewellery was too short (which was already said elsewhere)

    Man…but did he turn red. If you look though, it is a gradual change from his waist up. I know that I turn crazy shades of red that even my piercer commented that it was reddest he’d seen someones ear get, but he even beats me.

  74. Wow, I went to school with that kid, last I heard he was over seas in the army or marines. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was done in Iraq or something.

    Poor guy, WTF was he thinking?

  75. haha @ 79 – good call on Igor. But really, if most of us got pierced in conditions as shitty as this, we’d be screaming too. Stupid still stands, though.


  77. For fuck’s sake, if it’s going to tear his ass up that much he should’ve just backed out of the procedure.
    It’s more graceful just to call it and get out and wait until another day…and choose some type of needle instead of punch next time.
    And would’ve saved him from some bloodborne disease or infection down the road. Not to mention a shitty piercing with shitty jewelry.

  78. another thing that could possibly be assumed is he may have used the exact same equipment on everyone, one after another. he clearly notes about the others getting pierced before this guy, he doesn’t seem to know dick about cross contamination and proper procedures to protect the customer. so i think i can safely assume that is another mistake to add to the list.

  79. I can’t even believe this shit is real…but i know it is. i wonder how old this video is.

  80. The guy going, “You don’t need ice!”
    Is probably the friend holding the camera, not the piercer.

    They ARE in S. Korea. Even if the piercer knows some basic English he would more than likely sport an accent.

  81. Anyone else notice the nipple piercing?

    How much do you think he cried for that one?

  82. He’s clearly an idiot, but to call him a wuss isn’t that fair… he’s clearly not being pierced with a proper needle and there are so many things done wrongly that this could be hurting way, way more than a normal tongue piercing.

    And if he’s in the Army serving in S. Korea, how come he’s getting a piercing? I thought thye Army didn’t let you have piercings?

  83. I thought he was getting his LIP pierced for the longest time while watching this.

    It’s no surprise so many of us with piercings get such bad looks & attitudes… people see videos like this and think we’ll all this ridiculously idiotic.

    Entertaining, nonetheless.

  84. I wish people would at least bash this correctly.

    The difference between educated DIY piercing vs backwoods-it-doesnt- matter-if-yer-scared- git-r-done-spit-hack-reuse- needle-piercings is VAST.

    I fully support people piercing themselves, or being pierced by someone close to them if theyve taken every precaution / educated themselves / comfortable with it / have other reasons. I DONT support sad displays of ignorance a-la “if I can shave something sharp through, SURE ILL PIERCE YA”

    I dont think its a matter of “go to a professional every time”. Ive seen plenty of ‘professional’ piercings that were crooked, or rejected or what have you – And ive seen plenty of DIY piercings that were done in a clean manner and healed beautifully. Its just a matter of respecting your body and educating yourself…
    which is one of the reasons BME is such a great resource :)

  85. #134 -> I love that video! But perhaps you are SUPPOSED to use a boxcutter when doing a ‘persing’ as she calls it, as opposed to a piercing which is done with a needle.

    As for this particular video, I only have two things to say.. 1) I wonder how long it took for the gangrene to set in and 2) I would love to see how it looks now!!

  86. #64


    my point wasn’t in justifying non-professional piercing or urging to do it.
    what i think is non-professional/home-made/self-piercing shouldn’t be represented ONLY by retards like on this video, being a non-professional doesn’t make one a complete moron like shown here. it’s just unobjectve.

  87. from the map on the wall, and the drunk soldier getting pierced, I’d say…. do not get pierced in a tent in Iraq.

    It was a simple translation mistake, the piercer thought he was going to preform a guiche and he gets there and the guy has his mouth open. Its probally very hard to tell mouth from asshole on that whiney mother fucker, ‘specially when everyone is speaking slurred English at you.

    I hope the next installment is the same moron getting “work” attached to that awesome crappy tribal tattoo on his shoulder.

  88. Ah I don’t think this guys in the army in s. korea, I think he’s just a fucking retard that has tribal tattoos and wears dog tags. The piercer spoke perfect english too.

  89. As I am an old guy (62) and I’ve been involved in mods for over 30 years, I’d like to remind us all that at that time Piercing was an underground practice. Way back then such scenes as this were commomplace. Piercing was often done with sewing machine needles that were “sanitized” with alcohol or boiling water. Jewelry was improvised or home made. Jim Ward, Gauntlet,BME, Fakir Musafar, Sailor Sid, Jack Yount and others changed all that and we owe them everything for what we now see as correct. In the future our practices may well seem as barbaric as the old times undoubtably were. Don’t be too hard on the old times they are what led to the state of the art for today’s modders.

  90. whatever I write on this, it’s just nowhere near how I feel about watching that, so ..whatever.

  91. sooo, what happens with this open wound when the “piercer” touches the finger cot to the one he was finger banging Mary Rottencrotch with?

    to be 100% honest it could be a woman piercer… i guess.

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  93. Hahaha! Reminds me of being 15 and piercing my girlfriend’s bellybutton with a safety pin.

  94. sorry then,

    so don’t get pierced in a tent in South Korea, I think the moral of this story is….

  95. Wait The guy crys getting his tongue Pierced But He has His Nipple(s) Pierced.

    In the Video You can totally Hear Him Lock the Clamps. I thought that weren’t suppose to do that. So thats why the guy is probably crying like a Bitch.

  96. wtf did they use to pierce that! that did not look like a needle, or anything close to as sharp.

  97. oh i do indeed love the condom fingers and the placement of tht ooh and the absolutely correct choice of jewelery….

    AGHH tht was awfull
    never lied to much in my life

  98. Ant… I KNOW!! Wtf is with people thinking they’re condoms.

    Have ANY of you tried putting a CONDOM on your FINGER? If it fits on your finger as well as your member… well.. you have a problem.

    Finger cots – usually used to protect or provide grip to fingertips, or for bandaging purposes. They’re NOT “midget condoms” for god’s sake.

    I have to agree that those calling him a wuss aren’t really justified in doing so. The poor guy was pierced with a drill bit for god’s sake. You’d all be screaming too. However, The fact that this guy is ARMY related is really scary. If IDIOTS like this guy is what is protecting our country, i’m relocating, pronto!

  99. So wait, he can sit through at least two tattoos, but piercing his tongue hurt so bad he wanted to scream? Wow, okay.

    At least I can sympathise with him on the taste of that sanitising stuff. I know from experience that it DOES taste pretty bad. I’ll give him that much. :\

    Not even going to comment on the “piercer”.

  100. Obviously, people with low pain tolerances should not be allowed to modify their bodies or serve their country.

    I’m a bit shocked by how many people are commenting on the guy’s “wussiness,” as opposed to the procedure itself. Especially those professional piercers… that’s just downright rude.

    He’s not a pussy; he made it through the procedure, and one that looks like it might be exceptionally painful at that. Just because YOUR tongue piercing didn’t hurt doesn’t mean his isn’t pure agony. Everyone is different; pain tolerances vary, bodies vary, and THAT’S not the reason to chastise the video.

    Chide it because it’s disgusting conditions, all parties involved are too ignorant to be modifying bodies, the client is treated like shit by his “friend,” the procedure is done entirely wrong, etc etc. The guy’s supposed “wussiness” is totally irrelevant.

  101. Apart from all of the horrible technical and contamination aspects I can’t get over the fact that not once does the piercer explain what they are doing or ask the client to breathe (I know, minor consideration considering all that is wrong, but still important IMO)

    And people, can we please stop calling guys that can’t handle piercings (good, bad or otherwise) FEMALES? (little girls, bitches, women etc) It’s a pet peev but a whiney guy IS A WHINEY GUY not a “woman”.

  102. ok that was gross and what a fucking pussy…what was he trying to prove…i think taking a shot gun to the face at the place would have made a better video!

  103. I was in the army, and for those of you asking or commenting, no piercings are not allowed when in uniform and/or on a base/military instalation.

    They don’t strip you down and look or anything, but if they are spotted you can get in trouble. Also if he were to follow the military rules his piercings would never heal (because he would have to take them out whenever on base or in uniform)

    So aside from being a dolt, yes he is also breaking military rules.

  104. ok. i have only been piercing for two weeks now, with a full 2 year apprenticeship ahead of me. i have not done a tongue yet, but i am damn sure i could do better than this. plus, ice wouldnt do a damn bit of good, it would make it worse in fact. if he was on my bench, he would have probably been denied until he could chill out. but, did the “piercer” say anything about the situation???? no. not responsible on so many levels. im soooo glad i am getting a proper education!!!!

    For one they look like condoms for two they have an identical purpose. “real” condom are used to keep sperm in, bacteria and viruses out. Well Finger “condoms” do the same. Ok for example If you cut your finger… blood stays in bacteria stays out. Hair dressers use them when they get cut.

  106. And I thought I was a pansy. I have 3 tongue piercings and all I said was “ouch”.

  107. Um they do make “finger condoms” for the purpose of… well… fingering. They pass them out at my college at health fairs and shit. So yeah not for small dicks but for fingers and fingering.

  108. I’ve seen people, who are scared shitless for needles, getting their tongue pierced and they didn’t even make a noise. So why is it unjustified to call him a wuss ? He still could ‘ve backed out if it hurt too much …

    But, maybe we don’t have to call him a wuss, maybe we just have to call him stupid for doing it this way.

  109. i know people have different pain thresholds and everything but seriously!! and i want to punch the “piercer” so hard for being such a moron.

  110. IT’s so very sad to hear so many females hear putting him down and the dudes are just whack, good 4 u u can take some pain I read about this group of pioneers that the Indians captured they tried evryt type of torture on thier leader but couldnt get a squekk from him so they ground him up into untracable peiceis and spread him through out the fields after that they went and got all the screams they wanted from all the women and children.
    And assi23 im busy fucking ur mom but when im done ill send her back to feed u bitch..

  111. It was funny enough that the piercer wore finger condoms instead of full gloves, but that dude seriously sounded like he was constipated tryin to shit a brick while the needle went through lmao.

  112. About the finger “condoms”.. i’m about 90% sure I’ve never, ever seen finger cots labeled as “finger condoms”, but then again I’m in canada so I guess it might be different.

    I really wasn’t sure if the people calling them condoms were serious about it being made for fingers if they actually thought they were condoms.
    However mentioned that there is such a thing as finger cots for “fingered” or for sexual purpose.. I’m gunna go out on a limb here and say its probably the exact same thing as a regular finger cot.. I have just never heard them called “finger condoms”.

  113. Seriously waht are all u peeple thinking .he did the exact right thing b voicing his mind in the situation.I would hope you would do the same thing .respect the pain if it’s not the right tieming it’s just not right.Th video shows to me that the shop(or room ) that he was in was not conductive to t he peircing.Just stop and then breathe in .2… the count of ten and then exhale slowly until u have no air left in your lungs and once again breath in concentate on your breath now is there where you want to be if so lets tweek some knobs …otherwise stand up and walk out…~_+

  114. ah, hell. i thought this video was shot in the doorway next to the old BW3′s on short vine.

    i think i need some of those rings, though.

  115. Thank you for saying what you did in comment #146. As awful as this piercing was and all the problems that we can all find in the video there was a time when things were done substandardly and there will be a time in the future when the process we use today will be considered awful and barbaric.

    It is unfortunate that in places around the world things are still done in this manner, but all we can do as a modified community is try and educate and not belittle the piercer and the man who had the piercing done. I mean honestly, what good comes from comments saying that the guy getting the piercing done is a “pussy” or a making fun of him for yelling.

  116. 185: I was wondering the same thing. I thought it was being down with an X-acto knife. A dull, dirty X-acto knife.

  117. Yea that was really annoying.. sounded constipated… and that was just wrong.. but i agree with #146

  118. This appalled me so much that I couldn’t even watch it the whole way through.

    It truly makes me appreciate all the talented and professional piercers *so* much more.

  119. i feel safer knowing smart intelligent people with good common sense are protecting my country.

  120. If I wan’t to scream and cry, that should be my choice. If I pay someone to put a hole in my body, they are not allowed to tell me to shut up. That being said… ICK!

  121. oh man ………………….!!!!
    thanks for giving me the best laugh of the day =D
    that was sooo funny

  122. Im thinking to myself what the fuck is so funny about’s a fucked up procedure thats not funny.if u think it is ur stupid.I blame Shannon for the title heading he gave this one.If he would have headed it fucked up procedure all u fucking monkey wan a b’s would be crying wanna be a foul baller shot caller..0_+

  123. P.S> & eye hate half u monkey mother fuckers and .despise the rest @_$ except U…

  124. I don’t know that this guy is really a wuss, I mean look what he’s getting pierced with!

    I’d probably see the thing and start screaming, and then run out of the shop/hut/room whatever.

  125. Hey bradly you sure seem very upset over the way this guy is being laughed at.Are you sure you aren’t the guy in the video?

  126. To me the piercing object looks like a soldering pick, they have a point on the end, but nowhere near sharp enough to pierce with. His lack of common sense is laughable but I would say even though he vocalized his pain a little much he is far from a pussy. How would you react to having a blunt object forced through your tongue? About the same I’m sure

  127. Dear Bradly,
    Are you stupid? Why can’t you type anything that makes sense? Why do you bother posting when you ramble about nothing and can’t even spell out “you”? And what’s with the whole “monkey” insult obsession?
    I don’t like you.

  128. Yes I agree there were a few things that should have not been done. However, he was a pussy before they even got started… he needed “ithe”..

  129. The sad thing is I’m only 16 and when I got mine done I laughed. In my opinion it felt funny, like going through sheets of paper or something. I don’t understand how someone his age and just being a male in general could be such a pussy about getting a tongue piercing. Not to mention the fact that nothing looked like it had been sterilized nor had any health precautions been taken…Sad sad little people…

  130. Posted by copper_wire Posted by Shean666
    I have nothing to say to eiather one of u stupid people except maybe that this hole thing is just wrong and If i wear u i wouldnt be me then things would be really really differant so that if i ordered mexican food at the mall and asked for duck sauce.stupid !!

  131. Lets just make sure 4 any mother that thinks im stupid u might be right in ur own head …The only problem we all have here is that you THINK ….ur right.& I know that I am. u think- I dont -but I do -*_&



  133. It appears that this is being done somewhere in Iraq possibly, look at the map in the background. I wouldn’t put it past some bored ass guys in the military to pull some shit like that.

  134. Hi dear sir.

    we want start our career in body pearcing special genital pearcing.

    please tell us where we can be learn it and how much money need for it we are a group of five people.
    Thank you

  135. I like Bradly, it’s always nice to see that inbreeding is alive and well. Say “hi” to your sister/mom for me! LOL Oh, sorry, I mean… Sai hi 2 ur sistur/mom 4 me, k thx.

  136. Was it just me,or was the piercing not even straight?it looked like it was on an angle when he stuck his tongue out at the end…fuck

  137. Wow, How many things were wrong there? I just want to mention the finger condoms…lol…As if only your finger tips should be protected. Wtf? At least she got it in the middle of the tongue. :| I really do suspect he was on some kind of mind altering drug, he had to be right?

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