Gorgeous skull-shaped implant

I really love the way this newschool-style skull implant, done by the folks at BodyTunning in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has turned out. The level of definition and detail is great — let’s hope it doesn’t freak people out like the brass knuckles implant did!

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51 thoughts on “Gorgeous skull-shaped implant

  1. Where is the removal picture ??? lol ur the closset thing i have 2 a friend my mom says u can come over after i finish sanding her corns down ~_+

  2. The detail showing through the skin is amazing. I’m new to all of this and can’t help but believe that bumping this on a hard surface has got to hurt. But as we have seen through the years, with beauty comes a certain amount of pain. It looks great.

  3. Like it. Where can i get it in Germany? This one really looks sick in a good way :-)

    Are there any other, more asia/japan themed Implants like this? They look really 3d under the skin.

  4. Very cool, the way the definition shows under the skin is really impressive. Its interesting that there is quite a fast growing mod scene in Brazil these days. Next time I’m there Ill have to check things out.

    Oh and where is the implant? Im assuming wrist/forearm.

  5. I think the reason the brass knuckles went overboard is that it was one of the first (identifiably) shaped silicon piece (at least, in such a central place) that was linked all over the damn place. I remember seeing it twice on my livejournal friend’s list.. I wasnt a fan (I love me some chestpiece tattoos though), but to each their own.

    Paging through the comments, did it get linked on Fark.com or something?

    I went back and read “get a life’s” post… man. If his opinion on body modification only counts as to how screwable a person is, not only does he not understand what it can mean to modify oneself, he also doesn’t realize that a lot of us think that tattoos are hot.

    I usually don’t enjoy insulting people but that level of close-mindedness (and theres a lot that makes me squick too, but again, to each their own) really made me mad. Sure, there’s a lot of “I like that idea, I’ll do it too!” or desire to be accepted in the modification community (such as with all communities), but its also a medium, in my opinion, that allows for self-expression, personal symbolism, and communication through imagery. That’s what it is to me, anyway.

  6. elena- yeah people are obscenely closeminded when they get linked from outside sources. i like that people are trying to spread this, but i hate outside linkers because they oftend dont realize why a lot of things are done (for instance the wolverine surface piercings that were posted awhile back, there were TONS AND TONS of trash talking comments meanwhile noone understood they were temporary, and just for fun)

    i love this so much
    i never wanted one until now.

  7. This is probably the best-defined implant I have ever seen!

    But I do need to know…

    …Does it hurt if it gets knocked? Say, if you brushed into someone?

    And how long could it last for, assuming it’s teflon? A lifetime?

    Cheers mateys :D

  8. That is way cool. My question is exactly where that is on the body. A limb, obviously…but a hand? Leg?

  9. oh reading all those comments on the brass knuckles post made me so sad =( i dont know why people are like that. its so disappointing.

    but this is pretty cool.

  10. Yeah the brass knuckle comments were pretty shitty.. But that got linked EVERYWHERE and this is the internet with millions of people who have never left there homes or comfortable conservative ideas, so it was bound to attract some odd people.

    The skull implant is awesome tho! congrats for going ahead with it. Does anyone who’s had experience with implants reckon it will lose much of its definition as time passes?

  11. Brass knuckles were linked from Fark, yes. That’s where I read about it first. Some of the comments were honest question, though, about having a brass knuckles on your chest rather than the shape of the scar you’d get from being HIT with a brass knuckles on your chest.

    About both this AND the brass knuckles, though – these flat weird shapes with holes in (finger holes, eye holes) – I assume when it’s first put in, the holes part wouldn’t be visible, because the skin hasn’t grown back together in the middle part? If you’re cutting a sort of pouch under the skin and putting it in?

    If so, how long does it usually take for the shape to get more defined and the holes to show up clearly?

    Just curious…

  12. Yeah whatever i read that the real reason people get these type of things done to themsleves is to have a topic switcher to use 4 when they have a herpes outbreak.

  13. i wane see a whol arm fuul of of this like a demon arm wher skulls ar trying to get ot
    a whol arm ful of random skulls:D

  14. completely agree with #31

    #40 you’re just a dumbass.

    why do ppl come to body modification sites when they hate the idea of it. If you dont like it, fine, but dont go around trashing it.

    “The body belongs to the spirit that lives inside. And to no one else.”
    – Fakir Musafar

  15. beautiful!!!! just love it, much better than the knuckles also, in my opinion ;P

  16. BRADLY WHAT THE FUCK, i am not going to say that twice.

    i love the amount of detail and the asymmetrical eye sockets, it looks really sharp. implants are one of those double-take modifications.

  17. #38- it looks too smooth to be carved… i know it is possible to get the materials to mold your own shapes with silicone… i’m not sure about molding your own teflon, but i’m sure it’s possible.
    anyway, the implant looks good…

  18. eu sou suspeito pra falar alguma coisa, pq nos ultimos tempos as pessas e os procedimento do Sick tem sido minha inspiração! hehehe…

  19. maybe i just need to read more, but i would really appreciate it is someone could help me get ahold/find one of these implants… i have read a decent amount about them and i am VERY interested in getting one… any help would be appreciated thanks! oh yea and the picture looks awesome!

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